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  1. Hello this is Wrameses! I just want to you guys my webpage that's right here!


    This webpage has tons of things such as my Doom section that has my doom wads sounds and graphics and people's hosted Doom wads and resources. It also has a anime section that is kinda ok and much more.

    Tell me what think about it in a reply or E-mail me!

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    2. Armaetus


      The nukage flat wallpaper conflicts with the blue link text. Consider a texture or floor that contrasts better, such as the RROCK03 flat or ASHWALL2/3/4 textures.

    3. BaronOfStuff


      Oh god what the fuck.

    4. Wrameses


      Ty guys so much for the nice comments. Yes I know the nukage is kinda annoying a little bit I will fix that in a bit

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