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  1. GazzaQ

    New Unreal engine vs Doom3s

    i have just watched a video of the nvidia screenshot you are all chating about, it has a creature walking around the statues. It look might close to doom 3 except there are SOFT shadows.
  2. GazzaQ

    Doom III's Explosions

    and the best fire is the hotel level in max payne
  3. GazzaQ

    max and lighwave

    beaucse some of the doom 3 objects are lightwave (*.lwo) files
  4. GazzaQ

    :: Question concerning D3's preloading setup...

  5. GazzaQ

    max and lighwave

    anyone know if there are plugins to convert max or 3ds files into lwo (lightwave objects)? i.e beacuse the objects are *.ase & .*.lwo. *.ase is fine, beacuse you just export in max. *.lwo is not, beaucse i dont have lightwave.
  6. GazzaQ

    What should stay, what should go? ::MAJOR SPOILERS::

    i think its a good idea beacuse you will have to watch your ammo and be more tactical or use other methods of keeping them away (using crates to block them etc)
  7. GazzaQ

    Spoilt Not

    getting the leak has not spoilt my anticipation one bit. Anyway how would I go about creating a link to a map i have created (only a test) for you guys to try out. Its a take/rip off of Unreal Tournement cark park with zombies attacking you from 3 points.
  8. GazzaQ

    Interactive Terminals

    no beaucse i have not been able to find it yet
  9. GazzaQ

    Getting started

  10. GazzaQ

    helping hand?

    Thankyou very much to the above. UT2003 has been out for a couple of weeks, but it will take me at least a month or two to even get a reasonable map out there in the cummunity. Now I have the editor working I can start creating some levels and when the game comes out it should only take a few days to get it finaziled. This will help sales as when you have finished to very short single player it will add some longevity to the game without having to wait months for mods/levels. P.S if my levels are any good send me some of the profits ID.. Thanx Q
  11. GazzaQ

    helping hand?

    to help with sales, as mods would be availabel when the game comes out giving more bang for ye bucks
  12. GazzaQ


    nope UT2003 doesnt have bumpmapping, then again there is a lot in the editor whats available to use but not in the game. Water effects and objects are not effected by weopons or actors, but can be if enabled (It works ive tried).
  13. GazzaQ

    helping hand?

    It's funny (in my opinion) how the demo has been leaked isn't it. Just as funny as when the UT2003 927 build was accidentely leaked. Anyway the leaked demo has the software development tools included. Now these have been leaked why don't ID support the leaked tools. Why? What's my reasoning for this? Well mods and the modding community will massively help sales (half-life anyone?), but it take months for any mods/maps to appear after a game comes out. Look at UT2003, its gonna take ages for any mods to come out and most people are still trying to learn the basics, the only new maps availabele from the community are old revamped levels. If ID support the tools now, by the time the game comes out people would have learnt the editor and will have maps/mods availabele. I know alot of things will change as the build the game, but the basics for mapping and modelling will not radically change.
  14. GazzaQ


    ill message you when i get home as i have the quake3 qe4 files and it should only take a few minutes to edit that too work with the leak cant wait to play with bump mapping. ut2003 should really of had that. If we make good models and maps shall we send them to ID and thank them for the tools and leak (or send to ATI)?
  15. GazzaQ


    ill be making the qe4 files available when i get home 8-9PM gmt