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  1. deltasquad10804

    I made a short little wad for Doom 1

    I really do love this. It feels like there was a ton of effort put into these levels; I know I could play another 30 levels like this. Shit, I bet I could play another hundred levels like this. Even though I didn't get destroyed trying to finish them, something about the feeling of how I just glide in and out of the goofy architecture, the off-source weapon sprites and the fun atmosphere really made me love this. I know the author will probably never read this but damn I had a blast playing these levels. Shit like this is what still makes me smile after all these years.
  2. deltasquad10804

    AutoDoom available to download

    Hello, so I'm not much of a poster here, but I do think this is a really neat idea. I was just curious if you ever had any intention to create a 'report' file, or any sort of statistical document that would provide us with interesting metrics for how well the bot interpreted a level. I think things like deaths/attempts, damage taken, damage dealt, weapon usage numbers, distance run, etc. depending on how you configure AutoDoom would be particularly interesting. Sorry if this seems like a waste of a post. Keep up the good work! P.S. As you develop this, I'm going to start 'speedrunning' different wads to try and capture competent (or nearly human-like) times. I'm super excited at the possibilities and the idea that some runs could accidentally optimize themselves to an almost impressive level. Hopefully, as the programming improves the times will as well! Best,