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  1. After more than 3 years and 10,000 posts of reading, moderating and participating in textual imitations of the Goatse man, praises to Glitter, AYBABTU jokes, Fnord references, Boyband erotic fiction, bestiality preferences, WTC related jokes, kill Usama flash minigames, loveletters, hate mail, obnoxious advertisements, chain letters, 2 decades-old jokes, StarTrek vs StarWars geeky discussions, 3dfx vs Nvidia flamewars, absurd top musical bands lists, chatbot/chatbot philosophy, sex tips, lyrics, drugs references, warez requests, crappy website pimpage, ALoDs, hideous grammar, failed HTML attacks, classical copy/paste spam, John Romero/Derek Smart/George Bush bashing, consoles discussion, furry conventions photos, absurd political points of view, failed sarcasm, mancubi/mancubuses wars, porn reviews, fanboy orgasmic declarations, any REoL post, penis enlargement ads, 9/11 conspiracy theories, failed comedy performances, 1337 speaking, imp sex, JeffK imitators, NIN flamewars, blatant ripoffs, doom-related sexual behavior, bitboys praise, fake DNF release dates, first post cries, 2nd grade level verbal abuse, poor imitations at flirting, blatant to-rape-you demands, novels reviews, personal e-mails, out-of-nowhere nonsense posts, RTFM-worthy submissions, Rotten links, reply/new topic confusion, IP ban gaps, software exploits, fake death reports, Uglypeople picks, DWJ3 requests, new Millennium release dates, Doomserv ads, movie reviews, absurd requests, postcount achievements, Flynn Taggart references, sig tests, and at last but not least Username's cryptic gospels, I should probably have something profound, insightful and fathomlessly sagacious to say...

    But I don't.

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    2. Naked Snake

      Naked Snake

      You beat me! :-)

    3. DooMBoy


      /me spanks
      I thought you'd never get there, but you finally did.
      Now for 20,000 posts! ;)

    4. Job


      BBG, your title is teh c001