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  1. I just got a check from the United States Treasury for $396.00.

    Apparently they refunded my entire year's taxes because I'm now officially in the poverty bracket.

    Take that AndrewB >:|

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    2. Lüt


      AndrewB said:

      I think I might have found your problem.

      Yes, I realized that problem a year or two ago. I used to think that kind of greed was just a human condition that every society would have to deal with, and I suppose it is, but it's considerably farther out of control here than almost every other country I've looked at moving into lately. The huge focus on drug addiction here is amusing, because everybody puts so much effort and resources and laws into that but does nothing about wealth addiction, which I would argue is by far the bigger threat on a national level.

      myk said:

      Oh, I wouldn't understand this stuff; I've never seen anybody with any returned tax money over here.

      You tricked me! >:(

    3. Sharessa


      fraggle said:

      So what action are you currently involved in to help fight the problem?

      Oh I'm saving up my millions so when I hit $5 billion or so I can donate it all to fixing the problem. No more than that though, I'm trying to be realistic.

      Seriously though, it's like Lüt said. I'm spending nearly all my energy working and trying to not go into debt, so I have little time for anything else. The government itself is what's fundamentally flawed. Every third bill they sign into law only makes it worse and they pass the blame so the poor end up fighting each other, thinking its the other guy's fault. Revolution is the only way that's going to change, and that's not going to happen because they make it so fucking expensive to own a gun.

    4. GGG


      Video games are awesome job security.