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  1. I just realized my registration date is 7 years ago this month. I've been here nearly twice as long as I was in highschool.

    I should probably do something retrospective, but I tried that at 10,000 posts and I don't seem to have gotten more insightful since then.

    Though, looking at the date on that thread, only some 15% of my spam was posted during the second half of that time. That's probably an improvement.

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    2. Lüt


      printz said:

      Besides, Danarchy's posting lead goes to danger because of Lüt, Fredrik, and Naked Snake, all having over 11000 posts and less than 12000. Let's see if Lüt can finally end Danarchy's lead. ;)

      Heh man you're new. I retained the lead from within the first year until this, which I just noticed is actually 2 years ago from this topic O_o

      myk said:

      Your stay here (not literally, unless you're Max Headroom's cousin) has been longer than that, if you count Team Insanity, and the previous news comments and forums.

      Yeah but I think that was around the time I was boycotting DW because it was moderated. Plus I never actually had access to the TI or Millennium sites until a fair bit of time after the forums came up. I wrote some content of course, but it was all webified and uploaded by Chief.

      But actually, I do remember posting in news comments occasionally. I think there were separate forum and news comments for at least a year. I remember AndrewB made a toast to somebody for a project they did, and Chief and I alternated posting as AndrewA - AndrewP making toasts to various things, and reposted the entire collection as "The Andrews" when they got deleted :P

      Bucked said:

      Does this account for people who had their postcounts changed to -666?

      If you mean pritch, I reset that like 2-3 years ago.

      GGG said:

      I'm sure it's healthier not to be posting on average of nearly ten times a day for three years.

      Or using 7% of the entire site's bandwidth.

    3. GGG


      Gotta wonder how much bandwith Casecool_baby would've used if those 800+ posts per day weren't mod-fairy-tale.

    4. Sharessa


      WTF was Casecool_baby anyway? Was it just some excuse to usurp me from the lead since I wasn't posting at the time? :P