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  1. Well the first half of this year was a rather epic waste.

    Couldn't find a new roomie for the Streamwood townhouse after essentially going broke paying for 2 people for 8 months straight. (No it had nothing to do with the sink.) Had to move back to the greater Action Heights area in July with little notice.

    At least everywhere I need to go isn't 30-45 minutes away anymore.

    Got a decent 1-bedroom pad. 3rd floor, finally. Took a few weeks to get everything situated and ready to go, then the PC died. Need a new one ASAP; help here plz.

    Also missed the community college registration. Guess that gives me more time to work. So happy I could hang myself. Insurance; the most worthless occupation ever. Been there 2 years now and I don't even know what the company does. At least I can listen to the MP3 player all day uninterrupted.

    In other news, I'm starting a serious album for once.

    News as it progresses.

    Check back in 2010.

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    2. Lüt


      Sure, go ahead.

    3. AndrewB


      How did you survive the crash?

    4. Lüt


      I've gotten pretty good at that whole resurrection thing over the years.