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  1. The subjects; old. Propinquity; consanguinity, commonwealth, and principalities. Egalitarianism; kindred, heirarchy, gender, and fidelity. Dichotomies; social ethics and material acquisition. Rectitude; liberty, justice, virtue, and armistice. Humanity; the origin, antecedent, contemporary, imminent, and lattermost posterity; indeed the consummate purpose of existence, within the multitudinous frameworks of lineage, community, society, the prevalent domain of this world, and the omniverse as a whole. Immortal souls conceived of transmundane spiritual faculties underlying physical reality, or mere byproducts of a thermodynamic system, striving to maneuver through their fleeting lives with maximal delectation and minimal affliction, all spiraling collectively through recurrent paradigm shifts into matrices of dynamic activity in persistent yet deficient attempts to define their simulacrum of capability and effectuate an incorporeally exotic purpose in pursuit of indubitable enlightenment and the quintessential society, either a future destination yet unvisited or past Golden Age purportedly realized long ago.

    Yet the take; new. Through abstract art and symbolism within the dialectic interactional parameters provided by the hermeneutical synthesis and total transitional flexibility of the motion picture, Espi and I shall attempt to explore the nature and identity of humanity and its palpable and platonic constituents and their derivable capacity with functional differentiation of classifications within a variety of contexts and essences ranging from the modern distinctions of the psychological and the sociological to the ancient cultivations of the philosophical and the theological. To begin, we present our first look at the dichotomy of volition and destiny, choice and fate; free will and predestination, as it were:

    Molasses: Equestrian Bravado II: Knights Of Further Distance

    While by no means an exhaustive analysis, it does, as the description states, quench any ambiguity regarding our elucidation of the subject. At any rate, we trust we have provided you with an informative, insightful, enlightening, edifying, arousing, impelling, and inspirational presentation. And join us, as we continue to unveil and traverse new mysteries in our enduring social exegesis.

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    2. Gokuma


      Lüt said:

      Your insight is deficient.

      Damn! So is my regular sight.

    3. Bloodshedder


      exp(x) said:

      Yeah yeah yeah, patience. How long will that take?

      Time has no meaning. To a true student, a year is as a day.

    4. Csonicgo


      This thread would make Einstein's head hurt