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  1. Floof & Sap Art Images presents:

    3 Steps To Nowhere

    A photograph of mine...

    A photoshop of Espi's...

    And a complete reliance on a picture being worth a thousand words for the sake of avoiding another long drawn-out introduction:

    (10 steps short of a Pantera song, but I don't think it would suit the scenery very well anyway.)

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    2. Grazza


      You can also get it on flat terrain, where a very old building tends to subside as time goes by. In fact, it is quite a characteristic feature of medieval churches.

    3. Patrick


      uhhh... where's the focal-point?

    4. Lüt


      printz said:

      Hah, so it was a riddle and I was almost there (no lake, just nothing). Indeed a public place not one's house.

      Heh, I suppose that counts, but the only riddletastic intention I had was a spin-off on the Pantera song 13 Steps To Nowhere.

      Grazza said:

      Yes. It's at Colesbukta on Spitsbergen, which was originally a whaling station, and later used by the Russians as a port for the mining settlement at nearby Grumant and for exploratory coal drilling.

      Heh, should've known, you've only photodocumented like half the world :P

      Grazza said:

      I've also had some problems with trying to take photos in very bright light recently. The more manual control the camera gives you, and the bigger the range of settings it is capable of, the better. And of course you can use filters too.

      Yeah, the one area digital have always been severely lacking in (at least up to the point I last looked) is aperture control. Mine was one of the top models 3 years ago and it only has 2 aperture settings. It's often been a hassle for taking shots of indoor action in large open arenas, but for once I could have used a smaller size instead of larger. Still, I suppose the snow-burn is accurate of the lighting if nothing else.

      I don't have any filters either. The first thing on my purchase list for camera supplies is a tripod. I've been having a lot of fun taking nighttime pictures the last few months - only problem is the necessary exposure time for such shots makes it impossible for handheld photographing, so I've gotten more than a few odd looks walking around town at night carrying my laundry bin to use as a makeshift camera support.

      insertwackynamehere said:

      First off, I love bright days whether they are in summer or winter (summer especially since I like warmth but if there is snow then winter also). Also, I love the picture and it's photoshopped one.

      I could go without, but they do make for great pictures. I'll get some of the other pictures posted later - there's much better ones in the series, I just thought the dead-end steps were the most amusing.

      insertwackynamehere said:

      The photoshopped one actually made me just sit there staring for a few seconds.. it's like some sort of surreal heavenly place or something. It also reminded me of the album art for Supertramp's Even in the Quietest Moments.

      Heh, so I wasn't the only one who thought 'album cover' when I first saw it. After Espi sent his version to me, I told him that I hoped he realized he was going to do the entire album art for a winter EP he just inspired me to record. He was a bit D:, but I know he'll pull through :D

      janitor said:

      uhhh... where's the focal-point?

      I'm sure it's in somebody's pants somewhere.