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  1. SledGeHammer

    New Lightwave image (remade)

    its quite easy if you understand the program.. i neverworked with lightwave.. i work with 3dmax so i really dont know how hard it is..
  2. SledGeHammer

    Interesting New Preview of Doom 3

    whoi.. pretty high fps.. i wont need more fps then that @ highquality
  3. SledGeHammer

    Alpha Keypad #?

    sigh.. one word.. edit your posts!!! sjeesh.
  4. SledGeHammer

    can anyone...

    there was an article on the net about an id guy saying that the "Frames Per Second" was maxed at 60fps in doom3.. does anyone still knows where to find this article.. i cant find it anywhere
  5. SledGeHammer

    DAMN - I can't wait for Doom3

    hehe.. yeah.. show your cheapest doom3 pre order sites
  6. SledGeHammer

    ua-corp updated

    yeah.. he is the one who makes the messages.. and maintains the site
  7. SledGeHammer

    What should stay, what should go? ::MAJOR SPOILERS::

    its no bug.. id already stated that the zombies stand up after some sec, only some zombies dont stand up again cus it could form a problem if they follow you trough a door and totaly messing up a cutscene
  8. SledGeHammer

    Trent Reznor no longer looking after the soundtrack?

    thats what i ment with "exept in some cutscenes or so to make it more creapy" i like the fact that there is olmost no music.. its way scarier like that.. i mean every background ambient is created by the level itself.. alle the sounds from machines, steam filled pipes and the enemies etc makes it way more scarier .plus. some cryes and screams of wounded victems can built up a pretty scary BG sound
  9. SledGeHammer

    Trent Reznor no longer looking after the soundtrack?

    ehh.. if i am not mistaken.. there is NOT going to be any background music in doom3.. exept some stuff in the cutscenes or so, or to make it even more creepy.. : thats what the pc gamer article said
  10. tis is a pre-aplha.. next id is going to make a alpha, then a pre-beta, beta, test beta (fixing eroors for full release), fullrelease (may or june), demo.. and then the patches will come. so its a long way to go. i hope nothing gets leaked anymore after this pre-alpha (altrough it was fun fiddling with it)
  11. SledGeHammer

    Interesting DOOM 3 discovery (spoiler alert)

    hehe.. thats cool :D