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  1. *Hits quietly*

    I hate think about it but last these years I feel a little depressed and not so alive as i wanted.
    Absence of purpose a little distort me. (i have no idea how to describe it in English)
    I already 4-5 years living without any purposes, living just for nothing.

    So i would like to hear your thoughts about this. What are your purposes and how you holding up with it?

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    2. GoatLord


      If we're looking at purpose in terms of what the universe has in store for us, one has to assume that there is some kind of entity looking down on us, who has plans we apparently are not privy to, and that frankly is a very strange way to look at things. Subjectively speaking, I could say just about anything as to what our purpose is. I've thought immensely on the subject, and my conclusion is that the purpose of life is to love. Love is literally the answer to all of life's problems, because when we suffer, it is often because we are not willing to love, either ourselves or others. The reason to live is to love, because love helps to create that wonderful cosmic balance we see when things are going well and people are happy.

    3. TwinBeast


      To get more experience points and level up our characters... for someone else.

    4. Maes