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  1. *Hits quietly*

    I hate think about it but last these years I feel a little depressed and not so alive as i wanted.
    Absence of purpose a little distort me. (i have no idea how to describe it in English)
    I already 4-5 years living without any purposes, living just for nothing.

    So i would like to hear your thoughts about this. What are your purposes and how you holding up with it?

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    2. joe-ilya


      I've never known what made you get up and go
      And what pushed you over the edge,
      When we were up on the roof
      Was it the truth when you said
      You never made a single difference.
      Did you get it in your head
      That things are better left unsaid
      when you up and left town now?
      Did you need to rearrange
      Or did you need to make a change
      Rather than just rotting the place
      We used to hang around?
      I know that things have gotta change.

    3. Azuruish


      Voros said:

      What do you like the most in life?
      What do you hate?
      Why do you like that thing, and hate that?

      1) Ammm... Mmm.. ummm... hhmmm... Can't say. I'm not figure out this yet.
      2) Hollow/emptiness in my mind. it when I lose all ideas for thinking.
      3) I hate hollow because nothing interesting in the dark.

      Basically when I'm losing all ideas about what i can think - in my mind visit such stupid thoughts.

      I never tried and probably never will try suicide not because I'm too weak but because of that feeling what I will lose something really important.
      Feels like i will lose some stupid achievement from Steam like "to live more than 30 years" and so on :D .

      As i see purposes are personal to each other here.
      Also I didn't even expected... I thought that thread was immediately deleted. Hmmm

      If that doesn't work then jerk off to animes.

      Ha ha ha... There are so kawaii (^◕‿‿◕^)
      Best advice

    4. j4rio


      GhostlyDeath said:

      To be born, to reproduce and make sure your offspring reproduce.

      Absolutely disgusting.

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