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  1. I really love such genre as YTP/RYTP and MLG on Youtube... I've watched it since 2014 year and that's all are gone.
    Now i look at these channels who created MLG and YTP videos with a millions views and thousands followers and they all are gone. It's so sad. Only stupid 'let's plays' and 'lifehacks' videos are popular now. I guess it's everything because of copyrights.. arrr.
    Really... So much quite interesting channels on Youtube are closed or forgotten.

    1. SavageCorona


      It's because they're not popular or considered funny by the majority any more, as well as the fact it's too much effort to put out a montage parody that nobody will watch. It's all about putting out clickbait commentary videos that are 10:01 minutes long daily for maximum revenue.

    2. gaspe


      MLGs had a cool time but it's really over now I guess, content and jokes are stale and I saw that many people who used to make the better videos quitted, or just do other stuff now. #ripsnipars:(
      About the YTPs I mostly follow the italian scene, I feel it was more prolific in 2014 and before but it's still up today, even if a bit more slow.

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