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  1. I have no idea why but i actually putted myself into quite extremely bad position - i left my job... Forever.
    This was bad job - cleaner where salary is 16000 rubles or 250$. It's quite really low salary. I... I just tired of it. Better would be took a vacation but i decided to put an ultimatum to myself.
    I got only one month to get a job in my big city. My purpose is to get job with salary within 30000 rubles or 470$ aaaand it's quite hard because i haven't any educations or degrees.
    *sigh* But i had to do it because everyday i felt worse and worse. I want get better job, i want to afford more than i have now and i want to have my personal flat or house otherwise i don't see reasons to live.

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    2. PureSlime


      KFC makes me queasy just thinking about it.

      Between KFC and Taco Bell, I don't know which one I think is nastier.

      personal hell is the combination KFC/Taco Bell

    3. Azuruish


      Shit... I'm again without job... ehh I'm so tired all of this... I just want to rest but I can't... For resting i need money but for money i must work...

    4. Voros