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  1. CoTeCiO

    Best MAP01 Track?

    Thank you so so much for the kind words!! I'm really humbled you think my song ranks up so up there! I'm really proud of how the song turned out as well! Initially I wanted something that had an "alien" sound to it, but I didn't really achieve that sound in the end. The "full length" song from which I created this "game version", has more of a "space exploration" sound, according to some people who've heard it. I wrote/recorded it all the way back in 2015 and released it on an album of mine back in 2019. The main riff came from me playing different kinds of chords through an Ibanez TB-25 amplifier. An amp that doesn't have a very good distortion, but that some specific chords sound very powerful when played through it, the ones from this song are among those. This OPL version you posted is a different one from the "real" MIDI version in the WAD file, this one was simplified a little bit so notes didn't cut off since the OPL2 chip only has 9 note polyphony for all intents and purposes. I proposed that idea for the WAD based on Doom 1 including D_INTRO and D_INTROA, the second one being played specifically when you used OPL for music playback. I know you didn't ask for any insights, but I figured you might like to know a bit of it!
  2. CoTeCiO

    How many Vanilla-like DOS ports are there?

    I mean, he might have meant that, I don't even know, I might have misunderstood it myself xD One interesting thing about Allegro is that it also has the hanging note bug issue with some SB16 cards that DMX has. I have a SB16 card with that bug and I was hoping I could play on Boom without worrying about that bug, but nope! I wonder if any of these DOS ports do something about it?
  3. CoTeCiO

    How many Vanilla-like DOS ports are there?

    Yeah, but Allegro deals with the OPL chip in a completely different way to DMX, the sound patches are completely different and the music sounds completely different, there's no comparison, and I think that's what the OP means with "I'm not the biggest fan of midi running through OPL3 like it does in Boom. I prefer how midi is done via the Vanilla EXE". You can load custom patches to Allegro and I tried tinkering with that once for a bit but I couldn't reliably port the GENMIDI patches from the Doom IWAD to Allegro and get it to sound exactly as DMX. Maybe someone more knowledgeable than me could achieve that, but it seems like Allegro is a bit limited in what you can do with the OPL patch customisation.
  4. Holy shit!! And the BREW version!! I gotta check this out at one point!
  5. Thank you so much both of you for that comment!! I'm really, really glad you guys enjoy that song of mine, it's really one of the best stuff I've come up with and I feel proud about how that one came to be! In case you don't know (and excuse the shameless plug), that MIDI was a rearrangement of an actual song I wrote for a solo album I released back in 2019, you can find the "real version" of the song here: https://cotecio.bandcamp.com/track/extradimensional-beings-2 I hope you enjoy it, and thank you so much again for the comments, it means the world to me!
  6. CoTeCiO

    Known lost WADs of our history?

    Oh hi there! Yeah! Unfortunately once I entered university, it was impossible for me to find time to work on it. I had a whole design document for it (a la Doom bible) and some work done in some maps, none of them finished (except for a couple of boss maps). I've been thinking on reviving the project as a community thing and get people to make the remaining maps while I finish the soundtrack and I polish the design stuff so there's more guidance for the people who decide to participate, but I haven't really gotten around getting that started. I feel The Infestation would've been a far better mod than Town Infection was, I had a lot more experience and I had some pretty awesome ideas for it, it was just too ambitious for one person with very little time available. Thanks for the interest though!! I also spoke about it in more detail on this video, at the 10:13 minute mark. That video also has the design document linked. So yeah, with all of that stuff being available, I'm not sure if the mod is "lost" per se, the files are still around and I am still around too, heh! Also, about the link being private, blame Google for it, they changed the settings for all my links because they expired or something like that. I do get emails when people try to download them and I grant them permission to everybody! So yeah, if any of you want to take a look at what I got to work on before I had to drop the project, it's all there! Again, thanks for the interest! It's mindblowing that over 10 years after that got canned, people still talk about it! Speaking of actual lost WADs, there was this dude, his name was Jack. He was working on a sequel to Town Infection. I don't think he got very far with it beyond some concepts and incomplete maps. I think I might have the WAD he sent me back then somewhere...
  7. CoTeCiO

    Doom 64 is flawed

    Yeah, that's true. I'm sorry if I came out as arrogant on my earlier post. I just was quite disappointed with the soundtrack and the game in general. I didn't have a capable PC back in 2016, so it took me four years to play the game for the first time, and I avoided spoilers, videos and even screenshots, because I wanted to experience it fully and discover the game by myself. In the end it was kind of upsetting because it felt underwhelming in various aspects, but my main issue was with the soundtrack, but yeah, it is indeed a matter of taste. I am just more inclined to the old school brand of metal than this newer djent/dubstep or however it's called stuff, and it just doesn't cut it for me. Man, I could do my own post like the OP here, but about Doom 2016 xD
  8. Oh god, I didn't expect to see myself in a thread like this ever, I am very humbled to be included in this list, seriously!! Regarding that, no, I have never released maps after Town Infection. I did, however, provide music, demos and beta testing for Doom 64 for Doom II. I also recorded the entirety of the Doom soundtrack with my guitar and bass back in 2009, then I redid the project in 2014 alongside the Doom II soundtrack. I have that stuff uploaded in my Bandcamp, but I am not sure if that justifies its inclusion in the post? If not, that's alright, the sole fact that you mentioned me at all is more than enough for me. Seriously, thank you! Edit: Grammar
  9. CoTeCiO

    Doom 64 is flawed

    The Baron spam, true. That would be my one issue with Doom 64. Maybe the fact that the palette swap between Zombiemen and Shotgunners is indeed almost indistinguishable, but there's an actual difference. I made a mod for Doom 64EX that changes the Shotgunner palette to a black shirt instead, with that the problem is that the game is so dark you can barely see him now, that's why the palette swap is originally so subtle. In regards to level design, I feel Doom II is FAR worse, like the city levels are absolutely atrocious and nothing in Doom 64 comes close to be as annoying at Downtown, Industrial Zone or The Chasm can be. The lack of enemies, yeah, I miss them too, and I feel they tried to compensate with dart traps for the missing Revenants. With that being said, I thought the traps are pretty cool and add an extra element to it. The deadly traps at the end of levels are not a new thing for Doom 64, remember Tricks and Traps from Doom II? The art style, it's pretty good and I like the new approach, although yeah, I'm kind of conflicted with some of the enemy design. About the sound effects, yeah, I like the original PC version ones more, but from what I've seen, there's quite a large audience that favors what Aubrey Hodges did for the sound effects for the PSX version of Doom and Doom 64 over Robert Prince's work. To the point that I've been criticized because I dared to mod the PSX version to have the PC version sound effects instead. Unlike PSX Doom though, where I feel they're completely out of place, I feel in Doom 64 they work really well alongside the new art style, and it feels fresh. And yeah, the demons active sound is almost identical to one of the zombies wake up sounds on the PC version and it's VERY confusing at first. I love Doom 64, it's my second favorite Doom game after Doom 1. Also, about Doom 2016 and Doom Eternal. The one thing that's vastly overrated on those games is the soundtrack. Yeah, apparently everybody loves it but I really dislike it. The game wasn't released THAT long ago (compared to the old ones at least) and it already sounds dated as hell. I wasn't really enjoying Doom 2016 until I decided to mute the music and play the Doom 1 soundtrack instead. Also, the fanservice is cringy.
  10. Pardon the language but that is absolute bullshit. I agree with the rest of the comments that they shouldn't dictate what you do on your free time and that it should be illegal. Either way, thank you so much for the incredible ports (because PhoenixDoom is fantastic as well) and I hope you can get this situation sorted out somehow, I can imagine it's a huge hit to be deprived of working on your projects.
  11. That's due to a limitation on vanilla Doom that Pain Elementals won't spawn Lost Souls if there are already more than 20 of them in the map. You can see that same limitation on Doom II's MAP09 in Ultra-Violence, there's a Pain Elemental near one of the lifts that will be unable to attack you.
  12. CoTeCiO

    The Army of Insanity

    I was a bit confused since I'm credited here but the HUDs from the video weren't made by me, then I downloaded the latest version and saw you used my old beta Town Infection status bar haha! :D well, I'm honoured!
  13. I tried the networking feature with my brother a while back, and it worked perfectly fine! We played through Knee-Deep in co-op. Unfortunately we couldn't keep going because of time issues, but we had no problems with lag or desyncs or anything noticeable actually!
  14. There's also the thing with the technical aspect. How are you going to handle the map slots? Replacing some of the originals, replace the first ones, replacing the last ones? Since this is tailored towards Vanilla Doom, there's a lot of things and limitations to think about when compared to modding to, let's say, GZDoom. It would be interesting to see it happen, but I don't see it happening in the near future.
  15. Got a question. If the game crashes due to a problem with a map, do you get an error message like the original PSX version or the application just closes? Because I've been testing the mod I did of the Doom 1 PC maps conversion (which I noticed had A LOT of texture alignment problems, naturally, since PSX is very picky about that) and PsyDoom crashes without any message whenever I try to go to E1M9. If this is the case, I think it would be very valuable for mod development to have some sort of way to display error messages in case of internal game crashes.