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  1. Ah yeah! I forgot to mention that the other day. I think the reverb is broken as it plays only for a couple of sounds, but most play without it.
  2. Glad you noticed that detail! Actually, that would be fantastic! It would be a huge plus to have custom artwork for the CD cover. I can't draw at all, but as people mentioned, @Cage did some outstanding work for Doom 64 for Doom II.
  3. Hmm, if I use the normal version it would look way too similar to the original cover. I might try another color scheme for it, maybe a red tone instead of blue. I wanted to try a version based in the Ultimate Doom box cover, which has a grayscale cover with gold letters, but I don't think it would work without the real embossed gold text.
  4. Here's my take on a Master Edition cover for the NTSC version, inspired in the front cover of the Collector's Edition. If you guys like it I can do the inside and the back cover and even a CD cover.
  5. It looks too squashed in my opinion and the PlayStation font doesn't match the original. If you fix that, it would look a lot more professional. The idea is great, though, I really love the background!
  6. CoTeCiO

    Doom 64 for Doom II - /idgames link is up

    I checked Cat and Mouse on GZ 3.7.0 and it works perfectly fine. When you kill the Cyberdemon, another room opens up with the exit in it. You should try it without any extra mods before reporting the bug. An easy bugfix is to drop that brutal crap and play the game the way it should be played, there, problem fixed.
  7. No worries, here are some screenshots I managed to get using NO$PSX. The game runs quite broken (all walls are missing or black) and it was quite an ordeal to get it to run without crashing, but at least you get an idea of how it looks. The co-op intermission is the one with the items and secrets, the Deathmatch is the other one. The numbers count up exactly the same as in single player. Of course, Doom 64 doesn't have any multiplayer intermission screen, so you'd have to make one up, maybe based on the PSX version. The good thing about the screenshots is that they are in native resolution, so you know exactly the position of each item. And I don't think the guys at Williams considered that women would like to play Doom too! Haha! (in reference to that "him") In co-op, the game spawns only the items marked for single player, unlike Vanilla that spawn the items marked for Deathmatch too. I attached a Deathmatch gameplay screenshot as well since I noticed the frags segment doesn't appear in the master edition. That's how it's supposed to look like, and yeah, the "FRAGS" text is misaligned from the rest, a mistake Williams made when making the STATUS image. That's BIG!! I am really excited about that feature! I was making some maps and I wanted to play them in sequence, so this is going to be very useful to me! You're welcome!
  8. I was wondering what would happen if you try to play multiplayer on Doom 64. Well, actually, it works pretty well... until someone dies. Every time someone tries to respawn, game pauses and the red melt effect plays for everyone and then continues as normal. It becomes quite a bit annoying after a while. Now, I know the Doom 64 maps were not made with co-op in mind, and even less deathmatch, and there are many areas where you can get locked out if someone else presses a switch or you die and come back to the beginning after making some progress, but having multiplayer capabilities in Doom 64 is a pretty neat idea. I tried PSX Doom too and it works great with two players, but that comes with no surprise since the original game had two-player multiplayer built-in. I don't know about having more players, but I guess that depends on the maps more than the engine itself. Also, the intermission screen for multiplayer is broken in all ports, there are no numbers. Check the screenshots for reference. Also, in Doom 64, the light visor affects all players. I also made a skin pack for Doom 64, which is just Doom64guy in three different colors. Why skins and not just a translatable version of the sprites you may ask? Check the spoiler for a lengthy explanation. I made the skins on my own and then realized the four variations were already included in the game files, oh well... D64SKINS.zip
  9. Maybe you're playing with the wrong iwad? For some reason the PSX Doom TC ANIMDEFS lump defines the original animations for Doom 2 at the end, no idea what use it has, but I suppose you're loading the TC with Doom 1 instead of Doom 2 and that's why you're having problems.
  10. Well, why not just play using a 4:3 resolution?
  11. It is, they did it to compensate the somewhat erratic framerate that the port has. If you are running and suddenly the game reaches full framerate, you'll start dashing around, but it wouldn't happen too often because the game rarely ran at it's absolute maximum framerate, that's why you wouldn't notice that very easily.
  12. They aren't included, but they should work right out of the box if you copy the file from the TC, except that maybe certain things would not work as expected like the music, the skies or some monsters. It shouldn't be too difficult to "port" the lost levels, maybe you have to tweak the sky flats and modify MAPINFO so it matches the structure of the master edition and it should be ready. EDIT: Wait, are you talking about GEC version of the lost levels? If so, we will just have to wait. As I said before, this mod (should I call this a mod?) cannot read PSX formatted maps, so they have to be converted to UDMF to be played. I guess the guys will convert them and release them once the project is finished.
  13. That's cool! I'm really interested in having that tool, any chance of you guys uploading it? Thanks for the greeting! You don't know how much I've been playing with this thing today! I'm really enjoying it!
  14. Try this: bind joy10 "openmenu gamemenu" By the way, is there any way to make the menu backgrounds cover the entire screen when playing in 16:9? Or at least add black bars on the sides because it doesn't look very nice as it stands now.