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  1. That's a very interesting thing to look into. It gets tiring to hear the same tracks over and over again, I didn't think about this before. I am using the only instance of In the Grip of Madness for Hell Keep and one of the instances of Mind Massacre for Warrens, although I wanted Malignant (which isn't even on the list) in place of Mind Massacre, but apparently it isn't possible to use it? I'm not sure. Now that I check the tracks that hasn't been used, I think Hopeless Despair would be a better fit for Warrens than Mind Massacre. Mind Massacre has this claustrophobic feel, while Hopeless Despair seem to be more of sounds bouncing in open space.
  2. Yeah, depending of the GPU of the computer, it does happen, you don't get the contrast effects, and no sprites in Doom 64. I'm almost sure I pointed that out in the GZDoom Master Edition thread. EDIT: Here, I documented it, with screenshots and everything.
  3. CoTeCiO

    Doom Levels In The PS1 Version?

    I actually have all the maps already done for quite a long time and I'm happy to say that the PSX can handle every single map with its original geometry without crashing (although framerate suffers quite a bit more at some places than with the Jaguar mapset) except for Spawning Vats, that crashed when respawning. After simplifying some stairs, it worked fine. I'm just waiting for @Erick194 to release the tools to build a custom PSX image to release the whole thing. My project uses Final Doom instead of the original PSX Doom because of the mouse support and the fact that has 30 maps (I have three special maps to fill those extra slots as well) and it's more than enough to have the entire original game. I didn't touch Thy Flesh Consumed since I consider that those maps are close enough to the originals and the rest are being worked on in the Master Edition. The maps can be easily converted to standard PSX Doom if anyone wants to convert the whole thing to that game and replace the Jaguar mapset with mine, good luck finding a spot for Slough of Despair, though. Textures were a massive pain in the ass, though. I'm not very happy of how some maps turned out in that department, but considering the limitations, they are as good as they can be, I suppose. None of the maps had any problems with sprite limitations. Considering the small bestiary from the original games, that should be no surprise. Of course, a project like this one would require more testing, but I burned a CD for each map (30 CDs!) and tried each one of them, one by one, on my console and managed to go through them with no problems.
  4. That tool is used only if you have the official album. For the downloadable music here, I just put the PSXTCMUS.PK3 file in the same folder I have gzdoom.exe. It should work right out of the box if you run it with PSXDOOMTC.exe, otherwise you can try adding PSXTCMUS.PK3 to the customizer in the MODS folder and see if that works.
  5. CoTeCiO

    [v1.5] Doom 64: Retribution

    Hopefully nothing will happen, and it would be a pity if it does. I really want to see D64R get released with the Doom 64 lighting effects eventually.
  6. That's fucking awesome!! I can't wait to see what else you guys come up with! I gotta agree with @Nevander though, that the spider is too bright. It might even be fixable on the sprites themselves instead of rendering every frame again, but I'd reduce the highlights and the whites to reduce how bright the head is, and I'd reduce the gamma just a liiiiiittle bit to bring it down to the brightness level of the rest of the sprites. The art style is spot on and I love the art direction you guys went with! I see lots of potential here! Keep the good work!
  7. Yeah, but it's different to how messages are handled in vanilla GZDoom, in which they are placed at a certain distance from the top left corner of the frame, regardless of the resolution, aspect ratio and scaling options, unless you activate the option to have them centered. In GEC it appears to have a fixed position in the viewing area that is unaffected by any of those things. Still, I think it's better to have things closer to the center so you have to look away less from the center of the screen where most of the action is taking place. That's what I mean with the text position in vanilla Doom worked fine in 4:3, but doesn't work very well (at least for me) in 16:9, it's too far away from everything. For example, it happens to me from time to time that I accidentally press the T key without realizing and I start wondering why my keyboard doesn't respond anymore and then I see in the bottom left corner of the screen a "SAY: 3WWWWWWWW" message. It would be a lot more noticeable it if was in the position of the text in GEC.
  8. Isn't that supposed to be like that? I mean, if they made the text to stick to the very left of the screen, I think it would be too far away from the status bar and look out of place. It's just my opinion, I actually like it being right above the status bar instead of the very left. I always use the messages centered in GZDoom for that same reason. It worked to have them on the left in 4:3, but it's just way too at the left in 16:9.
  9. CoTeCiO

    Early and unused DOOM 64 Level Designs

    This is something I'd like to see too. As I mentioned before, someone made E1M1 in Doom 64EX and it worked really well. I'd love to see the rest of the game done in that fashion. The hell maps with the gothic-influenced texturing of D64 would look great! Mt. Erebus, but a lot darker... Man, I can imagine that! Whoever embarks in porting the maps should be careful with that, though. I don't want another Knee Deep in ZDoom. I mean, a couple extra things here and here would be fine, like PSX, but adding entirely new areas to the maps just for the sake of doing so and abuse macros, I don't know... A similar problem happened to a couple of maps in Doom 64 for Doom II, and something similar bothers me with Andrew Hulshult's IDKFA, too much stuff that wasn't present in the original songs that frankly don't add anything to the originals.
  10. CoTeCiO

    Early and unused DOOM 64 Level Designs

    Of course, but the Nintendo 64 doesn't use soundfonts per se. It takes a lot more samples to do it than the ones Doom 64 comes with, even the credits and intermission music is done with sample pieces taken from the PSX Redbook audio and not individual components. Maybe there's a way to add more audio slots to the ROM, otherwise I guess we're outta luck. Yeah, you'd have to change quite a bit to make it work. At least it's not going to take just a couple BFG blasts to end the fight. It's ridiculous, if the RNG is in your favor you could kill her with one BFG shot!
  11. CoTeCiO

    Early and unused DOOM 64 Level Designs

    I modified the shotgun guy palette to make him wear black clothing and it works pretty well, although it makes him harder to see. I mean if you're doing PSX Doom in Doom 64 reusing the sounds would be fine, but doing Vanilla? I know a lot of people prefer the PSX sounds, but it would be more authentic. Would it be possible to port vanilla music to Doom 64? Generally music in Doom 64 uses two or three samples, but vanilla music has many instruments, including a full drum kit. It would be an interesting challenge to try to make it work. About the monsters, again, for Doom 1 maps that's no problem (unless you want to include the Doom 2 monsters they put in the PSX version), except for the Spider Mastermind, which could be replaced with the Mother Demon, although I don't know if Dis would work with that monster in place.
  12. CoTeCiO

    Early and unused DOOM 64 Level Designs

    It would be interesting to see if Doom 64 EX maps can be converted into native Doom 64. That way, the whole thing could be done for the PC, and then available for the console as well. I think texture size in Doom 64 is limited to certain amount of pixels, although I'm not sure about that. All textures are either 64x64, 32x128 or 16x128, but none bigger than that, and of course, no TEXTURE# or PNAMES. There are some relatively big textures in vanilla like BROVINE2 that's 256x128 and I'm wondering if they could be ported as well, otherwise some compromises would have to be made. I'd like to see the original mapset in Doom 64 style, but your idea of porting the textures as well sounds intriguing. Then comes the question of porting the sprites as well, what to do with the music, or the sounds? If Erick can iron out enough off the Doom 64 engine, we could potentially port Doom in it's entirety to the Nintendo 64 but using acceleration, unlike 64Doom. That sounds like a pretty interesting idea.
  13. CoTeCiO

    Early and unused DOOM 64 Level Designs

    That would be awesome! Actually someone ported E1M1 to Doom 64EX and it looked fantastic! I'd love to see the original Doom mapset ported to Doom 64. I tried to port E1M2 once but I'm not very good when it comes to retexturing maps and I wasn't very happy with the results. I'd like to see the originals, though, not the dumbed down Jaguar maps. In fact, whenever modding starts for Doom 64 and the limitations start to appear, it might be possible to port far more architecturally authentic versions of the maps than the ones currently being done for the PSX.
  14. Yeah, I was not talking about adding support for PSX/D64, but the new features Erick added, that's what is actually not working correctly. The maps load fine, and they should because they rely on more GZDoom native stuff than the lighting effects. I remember seeing that thread. I've seen Graf being a bit unfriendly many times. I don't know his motivations for his rough attitude at times and I will not start question them. If I remember correctly, they didn't consider your brother's input very much for reasons similar to what I mentioned in my previous response that the implementation is not ideal. It requires a great deal of testing on different machines and configurations, and getting it to work in all modes including software to include such a thing in the main line, and even then, some features from 3.7.2 legacy don't work in my old computer either, like 3D mode and vanilla lighting mode. I don't want to put down Erick's efforts, though. He is on the right path and he has shown everyone that PSX and D64 can be indeed be ported very accurately to GZDoom and I really hope you guys keep working on this and iron out the bugs of the engine, this really has potential! The fact that it is buggy on certain systems is just a matter that this hasn't been tested very much and is new territory, and if you guys need people to test your new features, many of us got different systems we can use to test. I could perfectly try test builds on my machine and give you guys results on how the features perform, you guys belong to this community and we can help! I remember the first versions of GZDoom being pretty rough, they would crash my computer constantly, but throughout the years it has been becoming a lot more reliable. If you guys keep working on this, you'll follow the same path. Don't stop!
  15. I don't want to sound like an asshole, but it might have to do with the fact that the implementation of your changes was not optimal. I mean, first, none of your changes work on software mode, you even removed the option to change that on the menu. I also discovered that this mod doesn't like older GPUs that doesn't have shader model 4. I tried it on my mid-2000's PC running a GeForce 6200, which doesn't have SM4, and well... All sectors are fully bright, without color and all sprites are missing. If I load the lights and brightmaps, sprites appear and some sectors and walls look fine, others look fully bright just like the screenshots, it actually looks even worse than the screenshots. Doom 64 doesn't look so bad, but no sprites either, and no flash effect when taking damage or picking up a berserk. No matter if I load lights and brightmaps, it always look like that. I can force SM4 on the 6200, and it looks perfectly fine, but it runs on some sort of shader emulation mode and the framerate drops dramatically, almost to single digits when it gets too bad. I tried it on an old laptop running a GeForce 8200M G and while it has SM4, if I force SM2 or 3, the same thing happens. I get you might not want to develop your mod for that kind of prehistoric hardware, but that's exactly what the legacy branch is aimed at. I think I had to point that out since you mentioned wanting to merge this into the legacy branch of GZDoom.