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  1. I tried the networking feature with my brother a while back, and it worked perfectly fine! We played through Knee-Deep in co-op. Unfortunately we couldn't keep going because of time issues, but we had no problems with lag or desyncs or anything noticeable actually!
  2. There's also the thing with the technical aspect. How are you going to handle the map slots? Replacing some of the originals, replace the first ones, replacing the last ones? Since this is tailored towards Vanilla Doom, there's a lot of things and limitations to think about when compared to modding to, let's say, GZDoom. It would be interesting to see it happen, but I don't see it happening in the near future.
  3. Got a question. If the game crashes due to a problem with a map, do you get an error message like the original PSX version or the application just closes? Because I've been testing the mod I did of the Doom 1 PC maps conversion (which I noticed had A LOT of texture alignment problems, naturally, since PSX is very picky about that) and PsyDoom crashes without any message whenever I try to go to E1M9. If this is the case, I think it would be very valuable for mod development to have some sort of way to display error messages in case of internal game crashes.
  4. Interesting, now that this supports Final Doom I can see if my PC map conversion thing actually works. I'll give this a try whenever I get some time! I am pretty excited about this!
  5. Is there any way to optimize that futher? Using 5 rotations instead of 8? Sacrificing a bit of the animation? It might be useful for maps that have plenty of enemies.
  6. HO LY SHIT!!!!! I'm loving this!! This project, at this point, has already surpassed the expectations I had when I first heard of it, and it's about to get even better. You are an insanely talented programmer! I was chatting with a friend the other day and I commented to him about this and we're definitely trying that multiplayer feature once you get it working and whenever the quarantine is over. I got one question at this point though. Do you plan on implementing options regarding the video output? Like resolution and aspect ratio? I'm a sucker for playing stuff in their native resolution and I do that with Phoenix Doom, and I'd like to do that with this one as well. I know the aspect ratio of this port is a bit weird in that the console output stretches it horizontally, and if I remember correctly, this port ran in the "real", non-stretched aspect ratio at first and then you switched it to the output aspect ratio. And another question, do you plan on porting or working on something else after this is done?
  7. CoTeCiO

    [v1.5] Doom 64: Retribution

    It's really up to you, but Doom 64 originally had no interpolation and it ran at 30 FPS. Now, GZDoom without interpolation runs at 35 FPS because the original Doom ran at that framerate, but it's closer to the original than with interpolation, which runs at whatever refresh rate your screen is running, usually 60 FPS. Try the game with both options, and pick whatever you like better. I personally prefer running it with interpolation, it looks a lot smoother.
  8. CoTeCiO

    [v1.5] Doom 64: Retribution

    Yeah, I know that, but what I mean is that DZDoom would get more recognition if it had a more frequent update schedule, at least when necessary. Maybe it was a bad move to try to do v3 as a big update and hold any other updates before that instead of fixing immediate bugs that appeared shortly after v2 came out with smaller bugfix updates. But hey, you're right, this is not up to you. I've seen you've been working on the missing Doom 64 monsters, so you're doing your own stuff, and doing it well.
  9. CoTeCiO

    [v1.5] Doom 64: Retribution

    Yeah, sorry, my bad. I got carried away by the whole thing.
  10. CoTeCiO

    [v1.5] Doom 64: Retribution

    Wooooah dude, not cool at all. I expect that kind of wording from Sgt. Mark IV or Graf, not you GEC guys. You know, I'd understand your frustration if only you guys bothered updating your port instead of saying v3 is coming "soon" for over a year...
  11. CoTeCiO

    [v1.5] Doom 64: Retribution

    If that's really what's causing the problem, then now they require the music lumps to be addressed directly in MAPINFO instead of using strings, or something like that. I haven't checked the changelog. Try changing $MUS_MENU for D_D64MNU and see if that works. You could try playing this with an older version for the time being since this was released a while back, before GZDoom 4 came out. I have the mod in a folder of its own with GZ 3.5.0, which I think was the latest version at the time this came out and it works perfectly fine. I don't think you get any benefit by playing this mod on a newer version.
  12. It does! That flat on top should not be that one, and it is static, it doesn't animate. This only happens with flats, I've never seen it happening with wall textures. Interestingly, E1M3 exhibited no wrong flats, and the game crashed when trying to enter E1M9, but I wrote down the password and I'll play more later to see if I see more of these things happening. Although it kinda defeats the purpose, since resetting the game brings everything back to normal. I might know why this happens on these maps, though. Because the Jaguar mapset use fairly different textures compared to the original PC versions, I had to use textures that are not present in the cache file for the maps. Unlike using sprites not present in the map, which crashes the game, or sounds not present in the map, which are just ignored (it actually happens in the original Hangar with the Lost Souls from the Pain Elemental, they're completely silent), the game actually load the textures not present in the cache from the WAD file. It takes a lot longer to load when using on a console, but the textures appear in the map and mostly work fine, except for those flats. I could have tried limiting the textures I could use in the maps by keeping them within limitations of the cache file, but that was not what I wanted to do with that project. Apparently PSX Doom have a 16 flat per map limit, it might be that the game loads all the flats into memory, including the ones in the cache that were not actually used, and overflows or something like that. That's quite interesting! You are really good at explaining this kind of stuff!
  13. I got it working! It's playable and works fine! The in-game music runs quite slow, but the game runs at normal speed. There's noticeable input lag here as well. I don't know if that's a problem of my laptop being an old crappy thing or something else. Now, the main issue for me... Is there any way to resize the window? Because it's so big even in 1080p that I can't see the whole screen. Unfortunately I don't have a 4K TV around to try there. I'm sorry to be such a pain in the ass bringing up problems constantly! Now, as @Lollie said, my image is multi-bin and the Redbook audio doesn't work. Although, about that... I had some images laying around from some modding I was doing to the game, those images are not multi-bin (and the music works with them) and they have modified graphics, sounds, music and one even got maps. They run natively on PsyDoom, just place them instead of the original cue+bin and they run perfectly. I expected them to work fine, since they were made keeping the internal structure of the CD table of contents intact from the original. I posted about how I did it here, except that was just for the first thing I did that was the sounds. I can run them in the console by physically swapping the original CD after the game started running for the modded one and it doesn't even realize it has a different CD in it... Except for the one with modified maps. In the console, after some maps, some textures start appearing in places they shouldn't and it just gets worse the longer you play, I don't know if the same thing happens in PsyDoom because I can barely see the game in my 1366x768 laptop screen (at that resolution you can't even see the status bar or messages at all) and I didn't keep playing. One thing of interest for modders is that PsyDoom exhibits the same behavior as the original with sectors taller than 256 units, with the textures stretching vertically or turning upside down, so it serves as a great tool to test maps and fix bugs without having to rely on running an emulator! EDIT: Those modded images are from a completely different project than the one I mentioned the other day of the maps done for Final Doom. I still have to try that, but I want to see if I can resize the window of the game to something a bit more acceptable for my screen first heh
  14. I'm getting an api-ms-win-core-libraryloader-l1-2-0.dll missing error. I tried installing the redistributable and nothing, and a Google search led me to shady dll download sites and error reports with specific fixes for each program, so I'm stuck. EDIT: Apparently that DLL was added in Windows 8, and I'm using Windows 7, so I guess I'm SOL.
  15. This aims to be as faithful as possible to the original thing, and I think (I might be wrong here) this is built, just like Phoenix Doom, with the console codebases expanded to the PC, and not the other way around like the PSX TC and the GEC port (which is more of a really elaborate TC more than an actual port) are. That means this is as accurate as possible to the original version, whereas the TC will never be 100% accurate, and the GEC GZDoom TC won't be either (unless the GEC guys really go their way to do tons of tweaking to the source code) because GZDoom internally behaves a bit differently to Doom 1.2, which is the version Jaguar Doom is based on, which in turn is the codebase for PSX Doom. Yeah! But they have to be in native PSX Doom format, so your everyday WADs won't run here.