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  1. luckypunk


    I'm pretty sure that Freedoom's license not only allows but actually encourages derived works. If you need more, there have been several attempts in the past to keep old assets around including an official attic repository. So I think it's safe to say that virtually everyone who has contributed to freedoom for quite some time must have been okay with that. For what little I have contributed you have my permission. I also think that this is a cool project and I would be happy to see it come to life.
  2. luckypunk

    help with prboom+

    I'm a Linuxer so take my advice with a grain of salt, but I don't see why the command-line would be any different. Try: prboom-plus -iwad freedoom1.wad from the directory where you've installed the files. For running mods on top of it try: prboom-plus -iwad freedoom1.wad -file mod.wad I hope this helps a little. If not, I'm sure someone with more knowledge of Windows will stop by soon. Good luck!
  3. luckypunk

    help with prboom+

    I don't think anyone here can help you, if you give such a vague description. What's your OS? What version of prboom+ did you install? What installation method did you use? How did you configure it? If you wrote or edited a configuration file, post it here. If you configured it with a GUI post some screenshots. Then I think you might have a decent chance of getting a helpful reply. Just to be clear: This isn't meant as some form of attack on you. If you want help, you really need to give more information.
  4. luckypunk

    I am leaving freedoom behind

    You will go to hell for eternity for pirating it, but after that you'll go to heaven for buying it.
  5. luckypunk

    Freedom's story

  6. luckypunk

    older cyberdemon sprites

    The CREDITS.txt file mentions an Urric Hammersong.
  7. luckypunk

    what is the status of development

    The Pestmeister still has incomplete shooting and death animations. Almost anything could use some polish. With your talents it really shouldn't be a problem to find a corner of Freedoom where you can improve things.
  8. luckypunk

    Playing Freedoom maps with vanilla Doom assets?

    You could try loading freedoom1 as iwad and doom2 as pwad. Or freedoom2 as iwad and doom1 as pwad. That should give you most of the doom assets with the freedoom maps. I can't test this right now, so I cannot guarantee that it's working.
  9. luckypunk

    Two rhetorical questions

    There are legal problems with copying Doom's monster designs.
  10. luckypunk

    GZFreePunk - a FreeDoom fork for GZDoom

    That's flattering. Thank you.
  11. Maybe someone could write a digest of what has happened on discord every once in a while? I feel very out of the loop. And no, using discord is definitely not an option.
  12. luckypunk

    GZFreePunk - a FreeDoom fork for GZDoom

    gzfdoom? Essentially the same name, but avoids confusion of the two projects.
  13. luckypunk

    Freedoom speedruns?

    Perfect! A bit too quick for my tired brain right now. I'll have to give it another look tomorrow.
  14. luckypunk

    Freedoom speedruns?

    Thank you. It still doesn't work though. Could you maybe extract the level from the wad and post it here? Should be as easy as 'deutex -levels -xtract freedoom2.wad' and then attach levels/map01.wad.
  15. luckypunk

    Freedoom speedruns?

    On what build did you record this? I tried it with 4 different versions including the latest nightly build and cannot get it to work.