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  1. luckypunk

    Scrooge: a Freedoom mod

    I love it! Obligatory minor criticism: You shouldn't name your wads .pk3. If you do another version, you might consider turning the cybers into Christmas trees. Great job.
  2. luckypunk

    Controller Support?

    This is a forum about freedoom, the game data. If someone has named an app freedoom, we're still not qualified to talk about that. Maybe someone here knows the answer, but you would have a much better chance contacting the author of the app.
  3. luckypunk

    Controller Support?

    Freedoom is just game data. You should try to figure out what source port is running freedoom on your phone, then contact these people.
  4. luckypunk

    Change episode in modding

    For prboom-plus: prboom-plus -iwad freedoom1.wad -file DTWID.wad Maybe it's similar for gzdoom?
  5. luckypunk

    Freedoom Crashes in OpenGL Graphics Mode

    I know, that you should probably talk to the prboom-plus developers. Freedoom is just data.
  6. luckypunk

    Freedoom Inspired Novel

    That sounds suspiciously like Aliens. Anyway, can we use your story as background story for FD, if we like it? Cool with me.
  7. luckypunk

    Tweaking Freedoom guy's face

    I'd really like that as a part of freedoom's backstory. There's a huge party at AGM, everyone gets extremely drunk and the next day everyone but freedoomguy has turned into a monster. So FDG grabs a pistol and an empty liquor bottle (instead of fists) and starts shooting and beating the monsters.
  8. luckypunk

    Make Freedoom Great Again

  9. luckypunk

    Having trouble getting wads to work?

    It looks like you're supposed to select an iwad there, but you're selecting a pwad.
  10. luckypunk

    Raymoohawk's sprite edits

  11. luckypunk

    New name without "Doom" in it?

    Boots made from cow skin? Or boots a cow wears? Or just boots that randomly go "moo?" SCNR
  12. luckypunk

    New name without "Doom" in it?

    Krizookazo Esperanto, means something like crisis-situation. That title should work for any Doom-like game and it has two Os in the middle for that nice infinity sign logo. Edit: That was a typo in my word list. It should really be krizokazo, and without the double-o, I don't really like it.
  13. luckypunk

    New name without "Doom" in it?

    Nothing Left Too Loose (Freedoom's just another word for...)
  14. luckypunk

    You want to both iwads shares the same textures sets?

    But you can add just the textures, that you actually need. Right? So why add a huge amount of textures that probably won't be used? Maybe I'm missing something, then please explain it to me.
  15. luckypunk

    Should PrBoom+ be a recommended port?

    May 14 apparently: https://github.com/freedoom/freedoom.github.io/commit/2df194aca972850f063c7b3f38d9f552c1e24c5d