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  1. Isn't that kind of the only option, if we want to replace doom2's wolf textures?
  2. @raymoohawk: Sorry, that was all my fault. I couldn't stand looking at the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man anymore, and decided that even your unfinished Pestmeister was a huge improvement. @all: All praise about the sprites should go in raymoohawk's direction, all blame in mine. I tried my best to make the situation slightly better: Peace to all my brothers of the double barrelled shotgun!
  3. Some quick and dirty screen shots of doom2's levels 31 & 32 with some quick and dirty SOTWB textures. I haven't done anything about the sprites yet. Comments? Suggestions?
  4. @MSPaintR0cks: You rock! Thank you.
  5. Forgive me, I think all those bones put a revenant in my head. I still like the idea of that one hand strike though, I just think it would be hard to do.
  6. Freedoom: Yes, things are just moving slowly. Prboom: AFAIK no, but there is a fork called Prboom-Plus that should be alive.
  7. @Jayextee: I don't think that was the intention at all, but I love your interpretation. But I imagine the attack frames would be kind of hard to do. Standing on one hand and striking with the other?
  8. Sure. Why wouldn't you?
  9. I like it.
  10. The lines relevant to titlepic: cp wivctms.gif ../ make[1]: Leaving directory `/media/usb0/git/voros/freedoom/graphics/text' make VERSION=v0.11-54-g5efe26a -C graphics/titlepic make[1]: Entering directory `/media/usb0/git/voros/freedoom/graphics/titlepic' convert -transparent '#00ffff' ../m_doom.gif m_doom.gif convert -transparent '#00ffff' ../t_phase1.gif t_phase1.gif ./create_caption titlepic.gif m_doom.gif t_phase1.gif fd1title.gif cp fd1title.gif ../ convert -transparent '#00ffff' ../t_phase2.gif t_phase2.gif ./create_caption titlepic.gif m_doom.gif t_phase2.gif fd2title.gif cp fd2title.gif ../ ./create_caption ../captainw/fdmtitle.gif fdmtitle.gif cp fdmtitle.gif ../ make[1]: Leaving directory `/media/usb0/git/voros/freedoom/graphics/titlepic' make -C lumps/playpal make[1]: Entering directory `/media/usb0/git/voros/freedoom/lumps/playpal' Is that sufficient, or do you need the complete log? Edit: titlepic not tilepic
  11. The Phase 1/2 images are created, but somehow they're not inserted into the titlepic.
  12. If you can talk MSPaintR0cks into releasing the graphics we'd need under the BSD license, I think this would be a good idea.
  13. @Voros: bottom left
  14. done