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  1. robotdog1

    Freedoom Monster Discussion

    I was bored, so I tried polishing up a frame of the Deadflare myself as a proof of concept. mirroring around certain bits, fraying the fire more, and adjusting contrast on the skull. I dunno if I have the skill to follow through on this but maybe someone else could use it if they want to attempt.
  2. robotdog1

    Freedoom Monster Discussion

    Maybe when they finish that new Cyber, we could use the current Cyber as a Mastermind replacement? It's already pretty similar in design. I'm not too keen on that Gargoyle thing being a Lost soul replacement, I'd be interested to see how HMG polishes the Deadflare first.
  3. robotdog1

    Should Freedoom guy wear gloves?

    If you checked the latest version of freedoom, it was changed to a more "Ultimate Doom-esque" Pic with Freedoomguy fighting off an Orb monster and a giant Worm with an Angle grinder
  4. Cross-posted from Zdoom. From John Romero, uploaded just a few hours ago. Showing off footage of the first world with only 1-1 being a carbon copy of the NES original. (And this is not the Dangerous Dave version some people know about) https://vimeo.com/148909578
  5. robotdog1

    FreeDoom maps still needed

    I just wanna go ahead and say that I think "MAP13: Return to Earth" should go aswell for most of the same reasons (sacrificing gameplay for realism). Although they're done to a somewhat lesser extreme in comparison to MAP09.
  6. robotdog1

    Stuff that should be committed before new release

    I know its probably a little too late, but those two grinder firing frames are supposed to go with the other frames I already edited in Soda's wad. Just saying though. Here's a wad with some flat's that I did some edits of. A few I felt were nessecary and others I just did to see if I could try to help them stand out. https://www.dropbox.com/s/9s7sfj9tg8ia9cv/flat.wad?dl=0 An alternate version of the current titlepic that uses Freedoom guy's in-game colors (His visor is more blue, helmet is entirely grey, and leggings aren't all green) http://i.imgur.com/4TMSgpb.png Also I just wanted to bring Freedoom's explosion graphic to attention, I feel we could use a better one as the current one has some nasty nearest neighbor resizing on the third frame and is inconsistent since it's used for the slug fireball explosion. http://i.imgur.com/0O7aQ4i.png
  7. robotdog1

    Stuff that should be committed before new release

    All of the muzzle flash frames and other things should be included in the wad in the same post. EDIT: I'm an idiot too, Didnt see that SuperSomariDX pointed out the same thing.
  8. robotdog1

    Stuff that should be committed before new release

    I should've probably specified. The not-scratch parts were some edited parts of the SSG pickup's barrel.
  9. robotdog1

    Stuff that should be committed before new release

    Some more stuff I edited for Freedoom. https://www.dropbox.com/s/3hv03os8xp7obb0/MoreFDStuff.wad?dl=0 Slightly better fist sprites (Arm color adjustment and anti-aliasing on the gloves) More consistent muzzle flashes (Chaingun's is from the older Freedoom sprite, Shotgun's was edited from SSG's) Slime fall (to match the other liquids, the current one is kinda iffy on quality) Dropped pistol sprite (for ports that allow it like Zdoom, made from scratch mostly) Also has a small fix to the Angle Grinder firing frames and an updated version of my GLDEFs to include Raymoohawks new Armor Bonuses. Also, I would like to suggest that we use the older DSPDIEHI for the normal Player Death sound (the one before the wilhelm scream replaced it).
  10. robotdog1

    Stuff that should be committed before new release

    The newer sound effects sort of sound quiet to my ears compared to the most of the older sound assets, maybe amplify them a tiny bit so they match in volume. And the newer SSG feels really tiny in first person view. It should be raised or be made about 20-25% larger.
  11. robotdog1

    Updates and Tweaks to older assets

    I think what really bothers me about the SSG is how the pickup sprite doesnt face left-to-right like all the other weapons. it's a small nitpick but it's trivial because almost all other doom and doom engine weapons do the same. The SSG HUD graphics could use more polishing to look nicer but other than that I think it looks fine IMO.
  12. robotdog1

    Updates and Tweaks to older assets

    Those two SKAG edits are the same, I just registered under a different username here. Also bringing up the subject of edits, there is also an additional Energy Cannon frame by Minigunner here that is interesting: http://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=15080&p=541127&hilit=freedoom#p541127
  13. robotdog1

    Raymoohawk's sprite edits

    That's fine. I just felt I wanted to pitch in my 2 cents on the matter. I guess I'll just have to wait and see how things turn out. I do like all the other sprites you've done so far though, including those torches.
  14. robotdog1

    Raymoohawk's sprite edits

    I don't really like the lizard-esque power-ups either. And I don't quite understand why the Zamanthytes we're being forced on FreeDoom in the first place. They literally seem like they came out of nowhere. Maybe they could be a good concept in some other creative piece, but not so well here. And it seems the community turn-out has been negative so far.
  15. robotdog1

    Photographed weapons (WIP images)

    I think the muzzleflashes and hand (possibly a glove like the other sprites) could use a little more attention, too. But other than that, I think you did a pretty great job with these.
  16. robotdog1

    Raymoohawk's sprite edits

    I think just "Technosquid" sounds fine or at least something along those lines. And now it could go hand-in-hand with the Octaminator.
  17. robotdog1

    Raymoohawk's sprite edits

    While it does look cool, I think it doesn't correspond with the current name of the creature (the Techno"spider"). The design we have right now is more accurate to how real spider legs look so either a name change is in order or we keep the design the same IMO.
  18. robotdog1

    Love for Doom GBA

    I remember borrowing the first Doom for GBA numerous times from a friend and I was amazed about having Doom anywhere at anytime for the short period I had it, Although since I played it on a GBA SP model, I usually turned the gamma down to 1 to match the PC default (The GBA port defaults it to 3 for the non-backlit models), A few years later when I found out they had Doom II on GBA, I picked it up immediately and I agree that it was a vastly superior port than the first one except for the custom palette they used IMO. To be honest, I do have some fondness for the music from the first GBA Doom even though it was oddly substandard for the GBA's power and I do sort of like the green blood.
  19. robotdog1

    Problematic textures

    Those double key icons are not actually from Doom but provided by various sourceports such as Boom or Zdoom (vanilla doom only shows the skullkey icon if both keys were acquired of one color), I did make some custom ones in my wad I submitted a while ago but it's not exactly a fault of Doom directly. And yes, I agree that those textures (and the other handful of similar looking textures) should be replaced with something newer,
  20. robotdog1

    online texture reference

    Here's the one from Doom Power that Xeriphas mentioned. http://iddqd.ru/textures?typ=any
  21. robotdog1

    Raymoohawk's sprite edits

    One of the hanging corpses still uses outdated zombie sprites. The Invulnerability Sphere has been up for debate several times. And the Electric column/Techpillar looks like a straight model rip, and I find it odd because it has 8 angles when only one should be required for a decoration. I still think there are alot more decorations and sprites that should be improved on but these are some of my personal stand-outs.
  22. robotdog1

    Doom 1 and 2 Icons

    I extracted these right from my steam directory if these are the right ones you're talking about, they should be already in .ico format. https://www.dropbox.com/s/po47l3gk5ii8okj/Doom%20Icons.zip?dl=0
  23. robotdog1

    Unique Quit Message strings?

    Maybe something not very important, but I always thought that it was weird that Freedoom still uses the vanilla Doom II Quit message strings. Maybe we could change them to something more fitting for Freedoom using DeHacked.
  24. Something I noticed while playing Freedoom is the gun mounted on the Arachnoton replacement seems to strike a familiar chord... http://i.imgur.com/YXqgvlS.png?1 I'm not sure how big of a problem this is, but I felt it should be brought up to attention.
  25. robotdog1

    Some submissions

    I haven't actually tried either of those ports TBH. But that's good to hear though if that's the case. Usually I play GZDoom for almost everything.