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  1. Yesterday, I e-mailed a girl in my Teacher Education class about her final presentation. She had accidentally placed it in the public folder for everyone in the class to see. I wrote her and told her it was accidnetally in there...

    Hey Janine, it's Stephen from class. I wasn't sure if you were aware or not, but your final presentation paper is located in the /coursefiles/final presentation folder for every to see. Not sure if this was intentional or not, but thought I would make you aware. Have a great time for the rest of your field experience.

    Here's the response I recieved...

    oh gee! What the heck is it doing there!? Lol.. what is my deal? Well... whatever guess that I have to try get it outta there! What now. Well nobody else made that mistake I take it! Cuz I sure am feeling like a dimbulb.. so did you enjoy it? Lol... ya thanks for the update!

    Never in 23 years has anyone used the world "lol" in an email towards me. What's more bizarre is that in class, she's a rather bright woman who speaks quite fluently.

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      That was hardly a super bump. This thread isn't even 6 months old. I think the record is about 4 years.

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      Scuba Steve

      I have an addemdum to add to this page, stay tuned!

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