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  1. Today, I subbed for the EBD (Emotional Behavior Disorder) social worker. There are a number of high risk and emotionally disturbed children who come to the room throughout the day. Most of the time the students are fine and just need to be removed from the general classroom for a while. Today just happened to be one of the craziest days of work I've ever had. I had the usual student that I have to go to the classroom and remove because they are being unruly and not following directions and disrupting class... but one kid made the day worthwhile.

    This student, a 5 year old Kindergartener, is now on half days because of severe emotional and behavioral problems. He comes at noon each day and starts from there... and the day REALLY started from there. His teacher sent some reading and work for him to do in our room, so he and the Paraprofessional that works one on one with him start reading a story.

    He starts out drawing transportation vehicles that Fly/Roll/Slide on a piece of paper... but he gets frustrated drawing a helicopter and starts to throw a fit. Now, I should add that this kid is a runner... so the Para blocks the door to prevent him from running. After Throwing a little fit, he starts putting on his jacket and backpacks (he put 2 on at once). He says...

    "I'm done with this, I'm going home. Don't try to stop me, I'm outta here."

    Obviously the kid can't leave with an adult blocking the door... but it's at this time that one of the Special Education teachers that works with him, comes down to the room. She talks to him for a while but he's still not hving it. He throws his backpack across the room and throws off his jacket. He traipses across the room to the corner... near the Special Ed teacher and myself.

    At this point things start going wild. He strips off his sweatshirt to reveal a blue wife beater and tells us he has some "powerful moves" and will kick our butts. He looks at me and says...

    "Back off old man!" ...and proceeds to mutter something again about his skills.

    Before I can start laughing under my breath, the kid grabs a long metal rod, about 6 feet in length and begins swirling it around like a bo staff and making kung fu sounds. At this point the Special Ed teacher and I move in slowly as to not get ninja'd by a 5 year old Donatello. Unfortunately for him, Mr. Browning is slightly stronger than a 5 year old, and I move in and grab the bar with both hands as he struggles to ply it from me.

    After being disarmed, we managed to calm the student down and get him to quietly work on his project again. He arrived at 12:00PM and it was now 12:30PM.

    Later in the day, around 2:00PM, I was on my break period talking with the women in the office. They said there was a kid rolling down the hallway. Being the replacement for the social worker, I stepped out to see what I could do. So there was my kung fu student, rolling down the hall with 2 teachers standing by him.

    The technology instructor and I pick him up and haul him back to the classroom. He calms down and asks if he can have a snack. Yeah, sure kid.

    The end of the day rolls around and he's still here. He decides that he's going to lay down on the floor and not get ready for the bus. The principal comes down and tries to get him up, then says he's just going to call his dad and tell him to get him. Apparently startled by this revelation, the kid lurches from the floor and walks out the door to his bus.

    So... how was your day?

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    2. Lüt


      Jim Rainer said:

      The idiot opened one of these doors the wrong way:

      Ahahaha, how is that possible? I mean, the last one of those doors I opened had some kind of block at the end to prevent it from being opened like that, it would have taken some major effort to break through it.

    3. Jim Rainer

      Jim Rainer

      It's about 10 years old, and over the years the block kind of broke away. Hooray for poor maintainence.

    4. AndrewB


      Scuba Steve said:

      So... how was your day?

      I spent the day fixing about 2 lines of code in my program, and got paid $172.50 for doing so.