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    Gentlemen, start your grammarenginges!

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    2. SYS


      fraggle said:

      What's tater wedges, precious?

      Potato wedges. Cut real thick, possibly battered, and deep fried. Think French Fries but alot bigger and titled by Americans. They take the tato in potato and replace the "o" with "er" so you sounds like a hillbilly. I'ms gunna go get some beers, you fry up dem tater wedges. Best be gitten 'er done before I get back.

    3. Csonicgo


      fraggle said:

      What's tater wedges, precious?

      A really fattening appetizer/side item. A potato "wedge' (just like an orange wedge) covered in any of the following: salt/butter/cheese/bacon/chives/sour cream/sauce. some are battered. they're alright. J wouldn't eat too many; I value the aorta.

      Also Catalina is awesome.

    4. Kyka


      Where I come from:

      Ketchup is known as Tomato Sauce.
      Cookies are known as Biscuits.
      Biscuits are known as Scones.
      Candy is known as Lollies.
      Jelly is known as Jam.
      Gelatin(whatever you guys call jelly) is known as Jelly.
      Peanut Butter is known as Peanut Butter.

      Thats all I can think of off the top of my head.

      Dammit... This whole thread has made me hungry. In spite of the poor grammar, most of that menu actually sounded pretty appetizing.

      Ands tatey wedgies 'r reeeal guud.