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  1. If you play any good maps/projects this year, list the following...

    * Name of the Wad
    * Author
    * Download Location (idgames link, preferably)

    Do not post other crap in this thread, only post about wads. If you would like to post about something OTHER than a good wad, enter a TITLE like...

    * Best Mapper
    * Worst Wad
    * Best Multiplayer Map
    * Mordeth Award

    This will help me keep track of worthy projects. Thank you.

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    2. esselfortium


      Well, Chex Quest 3 won a Cacoward last year, so...

      Heretic, Hexen, Strife, Chex Quest, and Hacx, while some are clearly more advanced and differentiated from Doom than others, are effectively commercial Doom TCs when considered by the standards of what Doom mods can do nowadays. Tons of features that originated in Heretic, Hexen, and Strife are used all over the place in ZDoom mods. With advanced source ports, the only thing that truly differentiates modding for Doom and modding other Doom-engine games anymore is the set of resources used as a base and certain elements of gameplay that would be expected from each respective game.

      A modder could make a Doom mod that plays like Hexen.wad, or a Hexen hub consisting of Hell Revealed slaughterfests if they really wanted to. While they're undeniably separate games, when it comes to modding them they've all become so intermixed that it would be rather arbitrary to disqualify worthy projects from Cacowards due to their base IWAD.