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  1. If you play any good maps/projects this year, list the following...

    * Name of the Wad
    * Author
    * Download Location (idgames link, preferably)

    Do not post other crap in this thread, only post about wads. If you would like to post about something OTHER than a good wad, enter a TITLE like...

    * Best Mapper
    * Worst Wad
    * Best Multiplayer Map
    * Mordeth Award

    This will help me keep track of worthy projects. Thank you.

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    2. MegaDoomer


      Xtroose said:

      Nominating for Mockaward

      TurboCharged ARCADE! - The Sequel Episode! - Xaser & Jimmy

      Probably too late...it's 12/10 on GMT. Maybe it'll go to 2011.

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