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  1. So here's the deal. I'm going to apply to teach at every school posted in this thread. What do I want from you? I would like the following; find a local elementary school near where you live and provide the following information...

    Principal's name
    School's name
    Mailing Address Address (Address, City, State, Zip)

    Finally... just a little background information on where you live and what it's like.

    Then post them in that order in this thread. I will mail out an official copy of my intent, resume, recommendations, license and transcripts. And who knows... maybe I will be moving to your town sometime soon. Stipulations...

    • It CANNOT be a catholic school
    • It MUST be a K-6 school, my license only covers those grades
    • I would PREFER not to live in a podunk town of 50 people. (if YOU hate the town you live in... please don't ask ME to join you in misery)
    • I WILL apply to out of country schools... but my chances of being hired are much slimmer
    • You MAY list more than one school if there are a couple near you
    Let's find me some work!

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    2. Creaphis


      Okay, why not.

      Elmwood School

      West Park School

      Podunk town of 4000.

      Hope to see you here soon buddy.

    3. Cardboard Marty

      Cardboard Marty

      There's a ton of schools around where I live (Humble, TX). You might have to do some looking around on the website because I've never attended the elementary schools around here, but I figured, "why not?"


    4. Nuxius


      40oz said:

      man i thought this was a thread about employment opportunities FOR ME

      I thought the same thing.

      As for the thread topic, I know Katy ISD (Houston TX area) has a bunch of openings, their page that shows what jobs they have available and how to apply is here: http://www.katyisd.org/hr/Pages/ActiveVacancies.aspx