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  1. The Doommer

    Doom-like level stats in ECWolf

    Nvm it seems like this is due to overlay being used. And it looks terrible
  2. The Doommer

    Doom-like level stats in ECWolf

    This is what I see with that enabled
  3. The Doommer

    Doom-like level stats in ECWolf

    Is there any way to have a kill/treasure/secret counter at the top left when opening up automap? I remember seeing something similar in TravGuy's video on Wolf 3D He mentions using ECWolf so I know it's this engile (Tho ngl the automap for ECWolf is hard to read too)
  4. The Doommer

    the DOOM UAC arena

    UAC after the embrace the fact that they let the demons in and start profiting from it:
  5. The Doommer

    Things about Doom you just found out

    The one that essentially was a "Kill Hitler" message on E3F1? Man, that track was smart.
  6. The Doommer

    Games you never dared to play on hardest difficulty?

    Ultra-Nightmare for 2016/Eternal would be a forever no-no for me. I wouldn't have the patience or time to die and restart the whole game again and again. I've given Classic Doom Nightmare a chance but never went far because I tend to backtrack. (DOOM 2 on Nightmare is insane even on MAP01 because of that imp room) As for others, in most games I play I try the hardest difficulty these days (unless it's legit BS)
  7. For a COD clone even the Doomguy would likely talk ngl Regardless, it can be an interesting concept if discussed more tbh
  8. When I first played UB the farm level creeped me out a lot. I just chalked it up to a creative and imaginary writing plot that can tell such a terrifying story. But now that I've recently heard about Robert Pickton, I wonder if the character Hugo was loosely based on the guy. The looks don't but the whole concept of it being on the farm and having a slaughterhouse gives me that vibe. I'd say the Missing Persons posters are also quite interesting. For reference, this is the one I'm talking about:
  9. Bit of an off-topic point but I feel like if we ever got Doom 4 instead of 2016 we'd have something like the 2009 Wolfenstein. Good game in a bad era. Back to the original topic at hand, wouldn't this require voice acting?
  10. The Doommer

    The Doom Game We Never Got (Sort Of)

    Aren't those some of the most favorite punching bags for the community?
  11. The Doommer

    how to stop decalcification as a femcel?

    Which one is more worth it? Your hygiene or some random dude's conspiracy theory? This doesn't even need to be said. Brush your teeth, have proper hygiene, and go to a dentist unless you want to be a people deflector.
  12. The Doommer

    What are you playing now?

    Brutal Wolf 3D Pretty underrated game tbh, it fixes a lot of Wolf 3D's aged map design,
  13. The Doommer

    The Doom Game We Never Got (Sort Of)

    I disagree with Carmack's "Story in a video game is like the story in porn" quote but I feel like in this case, the story would need a change to be good. Multiple characters would be an elegant concept tho imo and would make Doom even a bigger hit.
  14. The Doommer

    Worst official level?

    Gate to Limbo, I was super confused when I first played it and it suffers from a BS level design. For Doom 2 probably Suburbs because it looks much worse than downtown and that final elevating blocks segment. Final Doom TNT: Most of the maps except Wormhole because that one rocks Plutonia: Didn't like Aztec too much
  15. The Doommer

    Why doomwik.org than fandom doom?

    Back when it was Wikia, it was a much better platform Now it's a website you can't visit without an adblocker because ads will make you go nuts. It also has questionable decisions made