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  1. ManthonyHiggs

    E3 exclusive Cyberdemon "mystery mini"

    Yup, the Astral Dreadnought
  2. Honestly, I think they will release the tools at some point. Snapmap looks fun to mess around in, and will be great for the console players out there, but releasing regular modding tools alongside snapmap would just overshadow it. They probably want a little bit of time for people to get to use bethesda.net and to show off their stuff before letting users go nuts on their own.
  3. ManthonyHiggs

    E3 exclusive Cyberdemon "mystery mini"

    For sure. Slapping him next to the new mancubus really shows it, too.
  4. ManthonyHiggs

    Short vid on Doom 4 combat

    Those crowds of people is asscreed are (essentially) mindless drones though, just milling about with no real intelligence other than "walk to here, run away if a fight breaks out". Same with the serious sam goons, most aren't smarter than "Run at sam while shooting". having that many enemies onscreen while also having them behave and move in an intelligent manner would be much more difficult. now, that being said, we haven't really seen the Doom 4 monsters act all that smart...
  5. ManthonyHiggs

    New singleplayer screenshots

    I just hope the Revs still walk around all herky-jerky like, that animation is probably the thing I missed the most from them in doom 3
  6. ManthonyHiggs

    Nothing New On idgames Lately

    RIP ty