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  1. TheGamePhilosophe

    SIGIL - New Romero megawad for Feb 2019

    I thought the warm-up was the map he released a year or so ago. This just seems like treading water to me. I also don't think he is capable of more than what you're seeing. I highly doubt there will every be a "Blackroom" game.
  2. TheGamePhilosophe

    “Doom: The Fake Outrage”

    OK, I didn't say that all art had a self-conscious political agenda. My point was that all art is political, regardless of the intentions of its creators. In fact, ideology is unconscious by definition. That's what makes it ideology. As for the Doom Eternal trailer, I think there is a perfectly rational explanation for why the racist tropes about immigration made their way into the trailer that has nothing to do with some secret political agenda/message. It is hinted at in the end of Shaun's video but I'm not sure he's completely aware of it. The fact is, the whole trope of alien invasion (broadly defined), and even the fight against monsters is a classic racist fantasy that draws on racist tropes of the "other" as an animal/beast (Trump: "they're animals"). That's the underlying structure/tradition (a very old one) of the Doom narrative. It was automatic and almost inevitable that when making the trailer they would be drawn to the most recent incarnations of that racist fantasy of the invasion of foreigners, which has to do with PC language and America being overrun by immigrants. These bits came to the makers of the trailer almost magnetically without any effort, preprogrammed as it were by the very starting point of their task. That's how ideology actually reproduces itself. The only way to prevent it is to become highly aware of its cliches and tropes and be self-conscious of your own ideas/talk with other frequently who can help you spot your blindspots. I don't disagree about the commodification of politics. The recent Nike campaign is a perfect example. But there's a BIG DIFFERENCE btw. critiquing that and just yelling about "politics in mah vidyagames" like all the alt-right youtube edgelords.
  3. TheGamePhilosophe

    “Doom: The Fake Outrage”

    Exactly! It doesn't require you to have an explicit or conscious political agenda. You can make political statements without even realizing you are doing so. Just like you can make racist and sexist remarks without even consciously realizing they are such. More often than not, racism and sexism is unconscious. Politics too is often unconscious. When people say, "keep politics out of my games," what they are really saying is: "I want to remain naive, childlike in my relationship to videogames." Ignorance is bliss, right? The desire is understandable. Games are a form escapism and if you remind people of real social strife you undermine the escapism. But the thing is, as Goatlord said, games can't help but be political. So the only way to maintain the escapism is to become a total hypocrite: screaming about how libs are ruining videogames by imagining them as having made-up politics, and ironically making them right by politicizing games with the very arguments you are making against them.
  4. TheGamePhilosophe

    DOOM Eternal Gameplay Reveal Impressions

    Doom was a truly authentic work of art. It was sub-cultural, counter-cultural, cyberpunk, the product of adolescent misfit minds that never fit into the dominant culture. It was a raw expression of anger and frustration and took perverse pleasure in subverting religion, morality, and conformity. I'm not saying that Romero, Carmack et al. did this intentionally. It was rather because there was no filter between themselves and the work they made. They controlled the whole process and no one was telling them how to make it or what it should be about. And so the game, like all good works of art, ended up expressing what was latent in the minds of its creators. That was something authentic to the time and that is why the game was such a powerful force. When Carmack, totally defying the infinite greed of the corporate world, released the source code to the public, it was like the final brushstroke that brought it all together. Doom 2016 and "Eternal" are utterly disconnected from that kind of creative environment. These are games (read: corporate products) that are focus tested to the umpteenth degree to ensure that no one experiences anything while playing them other than a bland sense that time has passed. Yes, some people here will get something out of the lore and what not, but for the vast majority it is an utterly disposable experience. And that, believe it or not, is the actual aim of its creators. Their main goal is for you to quickly finish the game and then start pining after the next installment so they can sell you that too. Which is exactly what happened here. It amazes me that people actually thought they would provide modding tools for this game. Why do you think they called it Doom? Because they actually wanted it to supplant the real Doom in people's minds. Why? Because the real Doom doesn't make them any money. When people can make their own levels and stories they get to entertain themselves and friends purely out of a desire to create and share. That doesn't provide much profit for Bethesda's stockholders, however, and in fact, threatens them because people learn that they don't need them to play great games. Solution: replace the real Doom with the new profitable Doom. Thankfully, people here didn't let that happen. But they're trying again. Doom "Eternal:" as in, the Doom that will be remembered and played forever. Give me a break! I will call it Doom 2016 2.
  5. TheGamePhilosophe

    id tech 7 confirmed?

    Except idtech6 was a fairly unimpressive upgrade when compared to the cutting-edge tech that was introduced in previous versions. idtech6 is very similar to any number of other modern game engines in terms of output. There's just nothing revolutionary in it. In the past, a new idtech engine meant Carmack's latest research project, which often pushed current hardware to its limits. But I have a feeling that id is now exploiting that older association to generate excitement about their next game when all they're really doing is making some modest improvements that are just par for the course in terms of game development.
  6. TheGamePhilosophe

    Flaws in Doom 16'

    I don't know how much of the originals they played, but they certainly didn't take much inspiration from them. The intricate level design, labyrinthine maps, unique combat scenarios, survival elements, and occasional jump scares are all gone. Doom '16 seems to be inspired more by, yes, Brutal Doom and the comics, like @D88M said, but also by a certain vocal group of fans who kept saying Doom was about kick-ass power fantasies, which I think was a result of a) Brutal Doom taking over the popular imagination of what Doom is and b) an overreaction to Doom 3 and its direction.
  7. TheGamePhilosophe

    Rage 2 leaked?

    Anybody got the July issue of Official Playstation Magazine? There's a RAGE 2 article in it and it'd be great to get a summary. Scans would be even better!
  8. TheGamePhilosophe

    What is the worst movie/movies you have ever seen?

    Worst worst or best worst? As for best worst, there's quite a few in contention for me, but if I had to pick just one, it would be Samurai Cop: As for worst worst, that might be The Curse of Count Chocula (which you'll have to write to the director to get a copy of): I'm what you might call a "connoisseur" of bad movies.
  9. TheGamePhilosophe

    Rage 2 leaked?

    @jupiter_ex Wow. That's pretty compelling evidence. My question now though is how much of this is already in the earlier Mad Max films, which is obviously a common source for both? If not too much, then I think this is pretty good evidence that MM:FR was directly influenced by RAGE. Which would be quite a tribute to the skill of the artists who made RAGE. I'm currently replaying RAGE, and I've got to say--and I know this won't be a popular opinion--but I find the gunplay in it infinitely more satisfying than that of Doom 4, which I also tried again recently and I found myself bored, once again, by the glory kills (which they push on you) and disappointed that they didn't make the enemies react as much to being shot as they did in RAGE.
  10. TheGamePhilosophe

    Rage 2 leaked?

    I'd like to see them!
  11. TheGamePhilosophe

    Rage 2 leaked?

    No, probably not the best engine for open-world games. But keep in mind that the low res, compressed images in RAGE are in part a product of the fact that the game had to run on PS3 and Xbox (PS3 had like 256MB dedicated VRAM). So they had to design around those limitations. Also, something else that doesn't get appreciated I think is the fact that id tech allowed for more than just lots of unique detail. The fact that each screen was just one large texture meant that artists didn't have to assemble a bunch of rectangles and line them up but could just draws seamlessly into a single texture. That's why RAGE looks so "organic," for lack of a better word. A lot of the game was cut. I found an interview where it was revealed that there was going to be a whole other stage set near the ocean where heaps of washed up ocean liners and such formed the canyons.
  12. TheGamePhilosophe

    Rage 2 leaked?

    Yes, they did. Specifically, they altered the rendering pipeline in such a way that artists could not simply go in and draw whatever all over the geometry. This was coupled with a move away from having a large number of artists working on unique stamping that they had for RAGE. This is revealed by Tiago Sousa in a presentation on id tech 6 and an interview with Digital Foundry. But without even going into those technical details, one can just look at the level of unique stamping detail in RAGE and see it far exceeds anything made with id tech 6.
  13. TheGamePhilosophe

    Rage 2 leaked?

    id tech 5 was more about the big picture. I've been re-playing RAGE and took some pics: I think it's a shame that they didn't get to keep developing the unique stamping feature of megatextures. Id tech 6 essentially did away with it.
  14. TheGamePhilosophe

    Good Horror games

    If you want something truly exceptional, try Anatomy by Kitty_Horrorshow: https://kittyhorrorshow.itch.io/anatomy
  15. TheGamePhilosophe

    Rage 2 leaked?

    There's a disconnect I think between the lavish detail of the world (places like Wellspring and the character designs) and the subdued and somber performances of the voice actors, who all come off as a bit dead inside. The Wasteland itself, with its dreary music and (at times) silence, also imparts a kind of hollowness to the world. It's actually kind of a weird mix of Pixar and post-apocalyptic nihilism. The sequel looks kind of boring. I'm getting a very strong Doom 2016 "arena" vibe from the combat scenes shown, except even more repetitive. I can't really get excited about fighting a bunch of guys standing on randomly placed shipping containers in the desert.