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  1. Darkfyre

    Scariest Moments In Games

    I remember the Jaguar version, and holy crap that was scary. Trekking through the Predator ship, all silent, then all of a sudden that damn bird clicking noise and the "over here" whisper... Sphincter clenching time.
  2. Darkfyre

    Scariest Moments In Games

    Oh noes, that was the end! That part was a bitch to get right anyways, super trial and error. That and of course the fact that once you beat the game it deleted your savegames. Bastardish. Never played the second one. It looked like it was the physical manifestation of 'ball cheese'. I didn't like Scratches very much, it had 1 or 2 creepy moments but was overall blah. If you enjoy adventure games try the Penumbra series, the first two are Thief style first-person sneaking with the adventure style gameplay, and you can't face creatures or you start breathing heavy and go into panic mode. The third Penumbra is sorta like a twisted gothic version of Portal, no monsters or anything, but more 'watch your step'.
  3. Darkfyre

    Scariest Moments In Games

    Phantasmagoria: The final chapter, when you're stumbling around the house in a panic and you don't know where the demon is. Silent Hill 2: The first time one of the wrapped fuckers screams out from under a car in the street. Resident Evil 2: Catching glimpses of the Licker before the first encounter. Doom: E1M8. Those barons scared the shit outta me the first time. Doom 3: For some reason, I'm more scared of the ominous 'use your imagination' lighting than of the actual encounters. FEAR: As above. Dead Space: Playing it for the first time on the hardest difficulty and having no knowledge about limb-shooting. Jesus Christ. Penumbra 1: The first Dog and Worm encounters. Penumbra 2: First encounter with a Mutant. Theif 3: Ascending the stairs to the attic in The Cradle.
  4. Darkfyre

    Atheist, Agnostic, or Religious?

    Not actually in response to your beliefs or whatnot, but that line just reminded me of a church sign I pass on my way to work. The latest entry: "don't be so open minded, your brain might fall out". Always gives me a good laugh, since it can be taken in a good number of ways.
  5. Darkfyre

    Atheist, Agnostic, or Religious?

    I believe wuss-atheist is my new favorite definition. Awsome. But yea, I'm atheist. Creaphis' journey through the moral-obligations-of-faith looking-glass is pretty much the same boat I'm in. I actually got a lot of laughs from my friend's wedding I attended; she asked for a non "preachy, ya go God!" wedding which ended up with the minister giving almost the exact same speech as a normal wedding, only replacing "God" with "love". Not kidding, said it atleast a five times a minute for the entire thing, "we must cherish love, because love loves us", "without faith in love...", "seeing two people who love eachother and believe in love", and so forth. Horrific. I have to keep reminding the girlfriend that my only option for marriage is to have a matter-of-fact courtroom wedding. "You may now, sign the papers."
  6. Darkfyre

    Doom on Piano

    I can say I like a piece of art only to have some art buff tosser tell me that actually it's nothing impressive because the brush strokes are done poorly with horrible palette transitions or some shit. I'm not an artist so I wouldn't notice flaws like this, I just like it as I see it. Ditto for this. Granted I played as I kid, I had to stop because I couldn't get past, ironically, tempo (have to play everything as fast as possible, metronome or not). Asides from TNT's map30 I'd never be able to pace a song nearly as good as he does. :p
  7. Darkfyre

    Dead Space

    Hah, same here. Need a PC release for both before I can bother investing. Still, love the monster design.
  8. Darkfyre

    Church sign contest

    Okay I'm done.
  9. Darkfyre

    Zero Punctuation

    Brilliant :D
  10. Darkfyre

    What have you read lately?

    For graphic novels I've just read The Dark Knight Returns, and am re-reading Watchmen. As for books I'm reading a very boring Dark Tower book and have 1984 (a crime I haven't read it yet) next in line.
  11. Darkfyre

    video game hater Jack Thompson disbarred

    He should be offered then subsequently denied his cake, because Portal made you do it.
  12. Darkfyre

    Zero Punctuation

    Hmm, after all this I suddenly have an urge to re-play American Psycho, maybe on the hardest difficulty this time. Oh, and perhaps I'll re-read the storyline to Half-Life, couldn't put that one down the first time around! :p
  13. Darkfyre

    Zero Punctuation

    Yeah, that pretty much sums it up nicely there. He tears on something I like, I take no offense given it's humerous approach at doing so. Then again I enjoy the dryest of British humor, so....
  14. Darkfyre

    Better than Cloverfield

    I think generation has nothing to do with this. I honestly can't think of any one good parodying porno. Asides from hilarious names they're generally garbage, especially when CGI is added :D But then again, it probably is still better than Cloverfield :p
  15. Darkfyre

    Better than Cloverfield

    "Better than Cloverfield" Yes. Cleavagefield. That kid's video's pretty hokey though :p
  16. Darkfyre

    Trash Apartment....

    Hilarious :D I'm OCD tidy, that would probably end up being my version of Hell. Seriously, why is the ironing board clear? No way she would actually iron clothes? Perhaps she used it to cook. That would make more sense. Of course I really wouldn't doubt her dead body bloating in that pile in the bedroom. I hope he had a really really good damage deposit :p
  17. Sweet, looks like something I would make. lol :D
  18. Darkfyre

    Aww crap.

    We obviously have nothing to worry about, it's when they build one of these baddies in space and try to pull the same shit that everything will go to hell. Earth is immune to monstrous mechanical disasters anyway. Except Chernobyl. Still, watched a few vids that were hilarious (mainly due to the fact that the people were serious), mostly describing how it's operated by Masons and is actually a portal for Satan to cross over.
  19. Darkfyre

    Doom 3 novel. Update.

    Thank you, so much, for bringing this to my attention. :D Awsome.
  20. Darkfyre

    Chip's Doom Challenge

    Oh God, I got super addicted to that game before. Ended up getting to level 100 or 101 and realized the amount of time I had wasted listening to the same 2 midis over and over again :p Nonetheless, freakin' awsome idea man! Can't wait to check it out.
  21. Darkfyre

    Phantasm TC Mod (1970's "Cult" movie classic!)

    I played that awhile ago, apprently he (Bladeghost I believe his name is) updated it not too long ago with a new version #. Havn't tried that one but the original was pretty solid as a movie-to-map coversion. I'm more excited by the 13 Ghosts mod he's working on. The map screens and models look awsome. Still, Phantasm is one of the best bad movies :D
  22. The happiest man I've ever met was a homeless guy in downtown Vancouver. The guy was a shorty, and had both arms missing at the elbows. The dude refused to take money, and instead sat with his synthesizer, and played music (including "Axel F") for everyone and just chatted about how grateful he was to be alive. Every time I hear of something tragic happening to someone I think of that guy and the sheer positive outlook he had on life and wanting nothing more than to pass it on to others. Espi man, I wish you all the best and am glad to hear everything went well. Hope you have a speedy heal, and am glad to hear you are well supported. Take it easy duder, and keep your chin up.
  23. Darkfyre

    your ringtones

    I prefered the funeral march for work calls, but damn if that isn't right up there. Nice choice :D Granted, now, I refuse to activate my cell phone, I can't stand the bloody things anymore. But silent, vibrate, or 'ring' were definitely my favorites.
  24. Darkfyre

    Watchmen **SPOILERS**

    The open end morality (and yes, many other things) is what makes it such a great read. No clear right or wrong, just what certain people's morals would allow or not. Really though, they've stated how they're adapting everything possible from the book, so I can't help but wonder how they're going to transfer the, uh, giant 'choose your own adventure' monster. The guy doing the CG for that thing must be getting a riot out of it.
  25. Darkfyre

    Games with good game play but worse voice acting

    Oh yes. The acting is more soap opera than anything, but still awful. The script just helps accent it. "I just wanted to fill her dark soul with liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight!". Shudder inducing. Or I'm just crazy. :/ Either way!