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  1. v1.2 is now out, with the update to the Sword of Aguni. It'll now swing as soon as you click fire, and then start charging up if you keep holding down. Hopefully it should be much better for when you want to fight up close with the melee strikes. Download (v1.2): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1d0YxgaqhjMUt_ShYoQzsBIMff_mD5T2f/view?usp=share_link Mirror: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ao6e7cmy68no48n/BAaaCA-v1.2.zip?dl=0
  2. Been working on a change as to how the sword works; it'll now immediately swing its uncharged melee strike as soon as you click mouse; and if it's held down it'll begin charging up for its fireball. I'll test it a bit more before releasing another update (sometime tomorrow?). Thank you! As for the railcannon, it'll be more effective against monsters with large hitboxes due to how rippers work lol. Maybe an ammo nerf might be in order? Hopefully not. :P
  3. I don't think MBF21 stuff even has alt-fire stuff like ZDoom does? For charging up, there also doesn't seem to be a variable/counter pointers from what I could find(?), at least for anything other than ammo and flags, so I had to try and hack a way to have it charge up. I might look into it more. Fun fact: I was originally going to have it so that the sword would fire out a fireball as long as you had full health (200) ala Zelda, but then found out that A_JumpIfHealthBelow doesn't work on weapons in MBF21. Glad you liked the Super Shotgun replacement! It was one of the first weapon concepts I came up with, and thought I wouldn't be able to find sprites for it until I looked around on Realm667 where I found a perfect fit for it.
  4. It's a bit tight but I did manage it. I did just discover that one of the linedefs on this ledge is flagged as impassible (possibly by accident?), which I missed while looking at it in Doom Builder.
  5. This is an amazing map set! It's been decades since I played the original KDiZD, and I love how well everything was demade for vanilla, and I gave it a few playthroughs. I have found a bug(?) that I don't think anyone else has possibly pointed out yet(?). In Z1M5, there's this blue armour on this ledge, with no obvious way of getting to it. Looking at it in Doom Builder shows a teleport landing Thing on this ledge, and the sector itself is all tagged up, but there doesn't seem to be any linedef actions pointing towards it? At least not any I could find.
  6. BAaaCA is a simple weapon replacement mod for MBF21 supported source ports, to spruce up your gameplay playthroughs. Start off wielding a basic shotgun (no pistols here!), and then obtain more powerful weapons including a gun that shoots hitscans in a plus-shaped pattern, a railgun that shoots powerful piercing bolts, a sword that can be charged up to throw out a fireball, and a few others too. Should work with most map packs, but some (particularly ones that provide a custom palette) may mess some things up, and will need the assorted patch loaded alongside. See "Compatibility" section in the readme file. Weapon Information: Screenshots: Download (v1.2): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1d0YxgaqhjMUt_ShYoQzsBIMff_mD5T2f/view?usp=share_link Mirror: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ao6e7cmy68no48n/BAaaCA-v1.2.zip?dl=0 (Remember to use -complevel 21!) Old Versions: Have fun!
  7. I have some feature suggestions, though they're more or less cheats: Add the noclip cheat in the cheats menu? Right now the noclip cheat is only accessible on PC with the usual keyboard input, and it would be handy if you're playing an addon on console and you end up getting softlocked somewhere. Add an infinite ammo cheat? I did experiment with an infinite ammo DEHACKED patch, and while it works the first time round (aside from corrupting the ammo counters like it does in vanilla), it seems to be very prone to crashing if you try starting new game sessions in other levels. A rewind feature, to quickly reverse mistakes? Though I'm not sure how feasible this will be, though? The new Duke 3D port actually has this, but it's only usable if you die there.
  8. This is so nifty! I have a suggestion; have an option to show items on the map, with a toggle to show either all items or only ones that count towards the percentage? Would be very handy.
  9. Just bought and tried the Switch release of the first one. It's very good so far! A few suggestions: -No noclipping cheat? It would be handy if you end up getting softlocked somewhere or want to skip the TNT MAP30 death teleporter maze. -An ability to show the monster, item and secret counts during gameplay, perhaps on the minimap somewhere? -On the level select menu, perhaps show the level number in addition to the level name (i.e. E1M4: Command Control)?
  10. I might highly consider picking these up on the Switch now! But I should ask; is it mandatory to create a log in to Bethesda.net to download add-ons?
  11. That's not my video; it's someone else who's done a playthrough of DUMP 3 and uploaded it to YouTube.
  12. There's this level I made for DUMP 3 a while back that can probably cause motion sickness in some people:
  13. I just beat it. It took me a while to figure out the puzzles, and it took me an hour and an half of playtime, oddly enough (according to my total time on the automap at the end). Also, my only gripe, is I can't seem to fit through this gap here (in GZDoom, at least), but otherwise, good work! Was quite different from what you would normally see in a Doom wad. :)
  14. Beed28

    Cacowards 2017 Mentionation Thread

    +1 to Randi for Espi Award.