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  1. Nineball

    AMD or NVIDIA.

    OC'd 980 Ti 4k @60 with most settings either on high or ultra (no aa)
  2. Nineball

    Doom 2016 already marked down to $40 on Amazon

    I wanna say "I called it!" because i said before release that lack of true mod support will kill the game early on and lead to price drop in a pathetic attempt to recoup the massive losses from their stuttering cluster fuck of a failure and that deniers and apologizers were nutthuggin id/Bethesda hard core, but i wont. I don't need to at this point.
  3. Nineball

    Already moved on

    Actually i really enjoyed the campaign. But once thats over and done with whats left? nothing. i even stated in another thread that if judged solely on its campaign (AND if you also take out dooms mod history) the game is a solid 8-9/10 but when you factor in everything else, like how shitty snapmap is, how terrible MP is, how great mods for older doom is and the impact it has had, AND if you factor in what was promised to us, the single player gets dragged down and the game as a whole its a colossal fucking failure. Mod support would easily fix everything wrong with the game, just like how mod tools for the original doom not only fixed any issues it had but also gave way to all sorts of replay ability. Could the same be said for new doom? So i did give it it's fair shot, we just weren't given what was promised. If i was wrong if i was truly wrong MP would be going on strong (its not), Snapmap would be flourishing (it's not), and the number of active players would be high. The numbers for Doom fell faster than Battleborn lol. I would love to hear your explanation as to why doom isn't doing so hot for a DooM game.
  4. Nineball

    Already moved on

    I've been saying this since the announcement of the game. "no true mod support means this game will be dead within a month." and looky looky. the game is dead at this point. I know that not everyone uses twitch as a means to measure a games popularity but twitch encompasses both pc and consoles and is a decent indicator to how popular a game is. as i type this there are only 322 viewers for doom.i mean ffs Blade and Soul, FFX re-master, and even kerbal space program have more active viewers right now. And steam numbers are even more pathetic by comparison. No matter how good the single player was the game is bargain bin garbage overall without true mod support (the very thing that kept old school doom alive and allowed id and beth a market for new doom in the first place). But hey keep saying we are wrong.
  5. Nineball

    Things You Thought Would've Been Cool to See

    idStudio and not the stutter cluster fuck of a mess we got.
  6. Nineball

    SnapMap Wishlist?

    The release of idStudio anyway hell themes and more the ability to place of the demons including bosses the ability to modify the weapons removal of the two weapon limit But most of this isn't going to happen.
  7. Nineball

    So where does it rank on your list of DOOM ?

    There where so many things done different yet done right in DooM 64. The music was perfect The environments and level design were spot on and while some demons where missing the designs of the demons where amazing. The horror elements where spot on and overshadowed that of doom 3's.
  8. Nineball

    Oops. Someone sent me an extra Collectors Edition....

    lol nvm. dont post when drunk. congrats
  9. Nineball

    Polygon and Doom...

    [cucks, feminazis, etc]
  10. Nineball

    What would you want added from an expansion?

    -Archnotrons and Pain elementals (doom 64 variants) -the unmaker including the keys and the motherdemon -Different skins of current demons especially an old school cyber demon skin (ie the cyber mancubus) -Better ambient music than what was given to us. (doom 64's ambient music is pretty music the best in all of gaming) -A complete and FULLY UNGIMPED, non-consolized update to snapmap. (no two wep limit, hell environments, outdoor environments, cyberdemon and other bosses allowed to be placed)
  11. Nineball

    So where does it rank on your list of DOOM ?

    1. DooM 64 2. DooM 2 3. Ultimate DooM 4. DooM 2016 (if you don't factor in snapmap)* 5. Final Doom 6. DooM 3 *Factoring in snapmap and that its a gimped console cancer piece of shit. And that id bold faced lied to the community. 1. DooM 64 2. DooM 2 3. Ultimate DooM 4. Final DooM 5. Doom 3 . . . 99. Call of Duty 100. Doom 2016 Seriously, those at id that thought Snapmap would be a suitable replacement for a real mod tool needs to have their heads opened up with a crowbar.
  12. Nineball

    Cheat Codes or Console Commands so far?

    so far only 'god' works been trying other things like giveall etc and nothing yet.
  13. Nineball

    Bugs and other issues so far

    Herpity derpity the pc version is 100% identical to the ps4 herpity derpity /s Please stop typing. I'm not talking the console cancer version of the game.
  14. Nineball

    Bugs and other issues so far

    So after unlocking the game and giving it a go i've already noticed some crappy bugs that shouldn't exist in todays games. 1. Holy hell the texture pop-in (the same shitty issue that Rage had) is back and very noticeable. 2. resolution settings seemed to be fucked. Full screen is broken if you try to play in fullscreen outside your native res. im on a 4k monitor and wanted to test out 2k at ultra settings and see if i could keep a steady 60 fps and the screen wont actually full screen. also Ultra Violence is too easy so far. might get harder later in the game but right now im not satisfied with the difficulty (this hopfully wont be an issue later in the game) Also in testing snap map you can only hold two weapons. unless there is some hidden feature to change this, this was a huge fucking mistake. Probably going to refund the game and wait for a bit. My Rig for reference: 6600K @ 4.7ghz EVGA GTX980 Ti Hybrid OC to 1544 16 gigs of ddr4 2400 840 pro SSD running at 4k i can get some what stable 60fps running on high with some settings turned to ultra (no AA) and v-sync locks the game to 30 fps... wtf??
  15. Nineball

    Spectre on SnapMap

    This video makes me cringe and the only thing i can saw is "90's kids"