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  1. Imperialism

    Brutal Strife

    And yet there is still no fix for robot enemies attacking peaceful players...:(
  2. Imperialism

    Your avatar is dumb

    I guess I'd better jump on this bandwagon with some Strife stuff. Most of the images have black borders though. http://imgur.com/a/BNGDi
  3. Imperialism

    Fallout 4

    I am not a graphics snob, but the graphics and UI in FO4 just look bad tbh. The UI looks incomplete and the graphics are a bit too cartoony for a post-apocalypse. It's a Bethsoft game, so bugs aren't that much of a concern, the graphics are.
  4. Imperialism

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    Meanwhile, I have never completed a single level of Heretic nor Hexen. They just seem to boring to me.
  5. Imperialism

    Favorite wall texture

  6. Imperialism

    (Solved.) Is it possible to make Strife wads in (GZ)BD2?

    Uh... thanks. I realize my mistake: I was using the wrong game config. EDIT: The texture glitch doesn't apply anymore - I was using the Doom 2 config instead of the Strife config.
  7. See title. Textures work fine for me but I usually can't get actors to work.