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  1. Whymes5


    Weird thing about the time limit is that sometimes Joel takes sidetracks to talk about various things instead of playing the wad (which isn't a bad thing really, sometimes it's about interesting stuff, but bad for a time limit on a contest). Seems like it could get into some weird territory there, either making Joel feel bad for not knowing whether the time limit settled on was followed faithfully enough or not. Not sure the time spent in the map on the minimap would be accurate. Honestly I'm having trouble thinking of a good way to even do it, even map size alone isn't the best way (e.g. limited to 1024x1024 pixels, obviously way bigger than that but as an example only) but it might be more fair than a time limit. But maybe there is another way not thought of yet. Best faith would also help things along, but since it is technically a contest still best to try to keep things as objective as possible... I think it is a bit of a conundrum for future contests.
  2. Whymes5


    I think he's basically encouraging releasing submissions on their own at this point, and a few already were released before they were streamed now anyway. Well, the only reason I do wish it was over was so that the submissions would be released so we can play them since they won't all be released individually by the authors. You know, I think he has been streaming them for about 8 months so far? Even at that long time, if the original amount of submissions was around 250 (some denied), that's still around 30 wads a month. Doable, but... not that crazy to see that it's still going on, only if it's been well over a year would it even start to get into bad territory. My point is that just by the nature of the competition there's not much reason to be annoyed, lol.
  3. Whymes5


    Dang, there's some mega saltiness in this thread. Mostly coming from a couple specific people. Honestly I'm glad someone at least somewhat relevant is even streaming OG doom, and even better that it's user made content. "Winning" the contest is really only a side thing. Honestly if it wasn't even a contest I would still like to submit content for it, and if you see it like that you will be far less annoyed when things don't go quite as planned. Could it have been done better? Yeah, but the way some people are reacting over it.. seems kinda messed up somehow. The amount of submissions is over double the last contest, that could have been hard for anyone to guess, and even with the new rule of 1 map people go way out of line and make these boring 1 hour long levels. I'm thankful for the contest and glad he hosted one this year.
  4. Whymes5

    PS4 Doom with Mouse/KB

    I know this has been asked before and probably is a dumb question, but does anyone know any way to get mouse and keyboard working on PS4? I reckon you could probably bind things with a keyboard with some sort of third party device/software, but the mouse escapes me. Can anyone think of ANY way for this? I don't care how much I'd have to spend, shady things I'd have to do, or what. I want to play Doom, but will not unless it's on keyboard/mouse. Only for SP. And I cannot run this with my current computer. By the way... does anyone know some absolute minimum specs that could run the game at 30 FPS steady at low settings? And low resolution. Not super low, but low. None of this 4k shiit. EDIT: If anyone has an older computer and a PC copy of the game, maybe you could run it on there and let me know how it runs? And what specs it has?
  5. Whymes5

    Cheat codes revealed

    To be fair even in original doom some damage could still kill you :D
  6. Whymes5

    My thoughts on the game!

    Another example of those animation bugs, the game seems full of them ><
  7. Whymes5

    My thoughts on the game!

    I echo the others. Game honestly looks pretty great! but really not sure how I feel about the drops and chainsaw. Glory kills.. ehh. Lol.
  8. Whymes5

    Bugs and other issues so far

    Don't get me wrong, the game seems cool and all but I still see buggy animations and things like that. If there isn't some sort of hotfix very soon after release for these sorts of things it'll be dissapointing... not that the original doom was without its bugs. Lol
  9. Whymes5

    Bugs and other issues so far

    I'm definitely worried about this being a buggy piece of crap. On beta I saw so many visual bugs. And we are talking open beta. Which they had no time to fix.
  10. Whymes5

    Possibly new trailer? (GONE NOW, SPOILERS AHEAD)

    Anyone able to pm this trailer still?
  11. Whymes5

    Doom Beta Personal Thoughts

    Oh yeah! Another tbing, there's no pain noises. Like when you die. I think it was very characteristic of the original games and it's sad to see it gone. Someone mentioned it in another thread and reminded me that I forgot to mention it.
  12. Whymes5

    Doom Beta Personal Thoughts

    I really like it. Some comments: 1. Yeah, demon rune and gauss rifle are a little too op. Or at least spawn too often. 2. Hack module announcement gets really annoying every respawn. Actually the announcer in general sucks. 3. A few of the guns seem a bit underpowered. But overall weapon balance is good. Big one: 4. No music... Wtf. Maybe the music isnt done? If Im right its usually done at the very end since it takes little time to develop.
  13. Whymes5

    Scariest Doom Wad/Map?

    Oh yeah, some of these are pretty great... I don't really know that many wads like this. The thing is that it's pretty hard to draw on good suspense an horror for more than a map or two without it getting dry too. You can't really have 10 maps full of bodies and jump scares without some "...ok?" going on. Well, this isn't just to make a new project, but also just that I love playing through these sorts of maps, with either creepy aestheics, tense gameplay, or both ;p
  14. Whymes5

    Scariest Doom Wad/Map?

    Hi there. I'm considering starting a horror-themed wad (or episode, for an upcoming project). Anyways, I'm just wondering what sorts of maps people find the most disturbing, and why. Clearly this topic has been posted before, but I think over time that people's opinions change. My vote obviously goes for Ghoul's Forest, but many people seem to think it's overrated, or cheap jump scare horror. If I had to pick one, it would be the first one, mostly because it seems a little more unbaked which I think adds to the vibe. I don't know. What do you think? Oh yeah, and I don't just mean aesthetics wise. I think certain gameplay can add to the intensity. I think one of the reasons Doom seemed so scary was due to the gameplay, that really was very hard and tense. Especially if you were new to the game.