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  1. The 1st Gamer

    Input Lag Help?

    So this doesn't pertain to Doom exclusively, but whenever I play a game on my laptop there seems to be an amount of input lag existing with the mouse and keyboard. Sometimes this isn't the biggest deal and even seems non-existent (Half Life 2 Lost Coast, Killing Floor, and CS: GO have relatively low amounts of input lag but it is still noticeable. Other games such as Alien Vs. Predator Classic 2000, Doom 3, First Assault, and Quake Live have a much more annoying level of input lag. My computer should be able to handle these games and I have tested such things as a usb mouse (currently use wired), unplugging the mouse and plugging in only after the computer is turned on, turning raw input on, changing dpi, turning off v-synch, all to no avail. Does anyone else have experience with this problem and perhaps know a fix? I've heard this could be an issue with Windows 8.1 but I am not sure. Thanks! Specs: MSI GP60 Leopard Pro Laptop Quad Core Intel Core i7 2.6 GHz NVidia GTX 950M Also you may remember me from my post questioning whether the new Doom marine could be a girl, a post which quickly turned into an angry argument amongst members. I'm proud of that post.
  2. The 1st Gamer

    Windows 8.1 Performance

    Thanks! Any possible knowledge about how to fix my slow mouse problem in doom 3?
  3. The 1st Gamer

    Windows 8.1 Performance

    I just installed Doom 3 and ran into the same problem. After restarting (even with 1.3.1) the resolution changes beyond 640x480 do not stick. To fix this you can apparently force a resolution by going into the console and typing: r_customwidth 1920 r_customheight 1080 r_mode -1 vid_restart This forced the resolution change for me. I do have another problem though. The mouse movement feels a bit behind and it is tremendously annoying. Does anyone know a fix to this?
  4. The 1st Gamer

    Windows 8.1 Performance

  5. The 1st Gamer

    This is now the official skeleton thread

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PeHc8m-Eu_g Less than three months until Halloween!
  6. The 1st Gamer

    Windows 8.1 Performance

    Sorry, I haven't installed it yet. I was meaning to tonight, but I got distracted. Anyway, I should have it installed sooner rather than later hopefully and will get back to you with my findings. Cheers.
  7. The 1st Gamer

    Windows 8.1 Performance

    Thanks for the reply!
  8. The 1st Gamer

    Windows 8.1 Performance

    Hello everyone. I recently purchased a new MSI laptop with windows 8.1 and I was curious if anyone here knows how Doom 3 (retail, non-steam) works on it. I could just install the game as I do own it; however, if it is known to be buggy I would prefer not to. In particular, I recall a freeze/crash that would occur in Alpha labs when I walked into a room with gas in it I think. Does anyone know if that crash is still present when running in windows 8.1? Thanks!
  9. The 1st Gamer

    E3 discussion [outdated]

    Man, this thread reminds me a lot of my Doom 4 Girl thread.
  10. The 1st Gamer

    Doom 64 on Steam petition?

    *clears throat I... I... I LOVE YOU DOOM 64! *drops mic and runs out of auditorium
  11. The 1st Gamer

    Post your Doom video! [but don't quote video]

    Very well spoken. This needs to make its way to Romero himself. Would you mind if I shared this on a gaming facebook group I manage?
  12. The 1st Gamer

    Share some wierd, yet amazing Doom ports you know.

    Behold, a printer making the E1M1 tune: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pG8RAbWs1yo
  13. The 1st Gamer

    Doom 2 as a single episode?

    I've always felt that Doom 2 would be better with episodic splits. Just split the episodes where each "cutscene" with text happens and maybe add in some boss stages. Then again, the whole one episode thing makes Doom 2 unique compared to 1.
  14. The 1st Gamer

    Bethesda Store Now Open with Doom, Quake Swag

    It's not a statue, but the Bethesda store offers a cute plushie Cacodemon. http://store.bethsoft.com/brands/doom/cacodemon-plush.html They are quickly becoming my favorite classic Doom demons.
  15. The 1st Gamer

    This is now the official skeleton thread

    Doom 3 Skeleton