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  1. PikaCommando

    Spoiler Discussion

    Yes, I find that weird too. I don't see any date cards showing what year it in the game but in one of the trailer it's 2151. I'm trying to find where it says the game took place 8 months after Doom 2016 but all I get is Doom Wiki which didn't cite where they got that 8 months thing from.
  2. PikaCommando

    Is Doom 3 rushed?

    Interesting. However, the Spider Mastermind (Arachnotron's, actually) role isn't really filled by any other demon in Doom 3/RoE because no enemy uses a Plasma Rifle against the player or have an attack pattern like that.
  3. PikaCommando

    Is Doom 3 rushed?

    But Doom 1 had Spider Mastermind as the last boss, and Cyberdemon as the second boss. There's also how Spider Mastermind seemed to be in the plans for Doom 3 at one point too.
  4. PikaCommando

    Is Doom 3 rushed?

    With a cliffhanger ending like that, you'd think they'd save it for a sequel, but then it turns out the entire plot is resolved in an expansion pack, leaving no room for a sequel in the Doom 3 storyline. Could it be that Doom 3 was rushed and that RoE was the planned final quarter of the game (since it began in the excavation area, where Doom 3 ended) that was finished later and released as an expansion pack? After all, Maledict's model was already shown in the ending cutscene and combined with the fact that RoE enemies are all cut from Doom 3, could this mean that he was planned to be Doom 3's final boss but couldn't because his AI wasn't finished yet or something else?
  5. PikaCommando

    Rare unused monster in Doom 3 files.

    Did it have any existing animations, or did you add them yourself?
  6. PikaCommando

    About that old Doom 4 videos

    There was 2 videos in that thread; one is the one that's everywhere now, and the other one is https://vimeo.com/117437076 . The second one is supposed to be a cinematic or something, but I can't find it anywhere on the web. Did anyone save the second video?
  7. PikaCommando

    Why was the Pinky officially named 'Demon'?

    I think it was just a game designation sort of thing more than a military rank. For example, all enemies that has variants in the first Serious Sam are internally (as in, codewise) classified as Soldier (the weaker variant) and Sergeant (the stronger variant) even though the only difference between them is health and damage. The "Demons" in the Doom Bible appear to work in the same way.
  8. PikaCommando

    Why was the Pinky officially named 'Demon'?

    He was joking lol
  9. PikaCommando

    Why was the Pinky officially named 'Demon'?

    Imps are a type of demon, but not all demons are Imps. For example, Hell Knights are a kind of demon and not a kind of imp. It's like if you have a game where all the enemies are humans and they all have specific names like 'Human Trooper' and 'Human Sergeant' but then there's an enemy just named 'Human'.
  10. PikaCommando

    Why was the Pinky officially named 'Demon'?

    Barons/Hell Knights and Cyberdemon are more bull-like than the Pinky though. It looks more like some sort of dinosaur to me. The Doom 3 one does look like a bull, if only because I've played too much Serious Sam.
  11. PikaCommando

    Why was the Pinky officially named 'Demon'?

    When I meant internally, I meant within the developers and not in the game code.
  12. I know it was originally named 'Demon Sergeant' and internally referred to as 'Pinky', but why was it given the incredibly generic 'Demon' as its official name even though every monster (excluding zombies) are technically demons? They could have picked anything but 'Demon'.
  13. PikaCommando

    Looking for a Doom 3 multiplayer bots mod

    Omnibot is set at the highest difficulty by default, so you should tone it down in Doom 3/omni-bot/user/omni-bot.cfg. 0 is easiest, 6 is hardest. Also, the chat keeps printing out whatever the bots pick up. Anyone know how to stop it?
  14. PikaCommando

    Looking for a Doom 3 multiplayer bots mod

    That's not it. That's the one for v1.3.0, so it doesn't work. Alpha 7 is dated March 2005, so 7x should be later than that.
  15. PikaCommando

    Looking for a Doom 3 multiplayer bots mod

    There is currently one available on the Internet called Sabot 7, but it only supports Doom 3 version 1.3.0, which is the one before Resurrection of Evil came out. In other words, this is will not work with any Doom 3 that has updated to v1.3.1 (AKA both BFG and non-BFG Steam version and retail versions). However, according to this site, there is indeed a Sabot 7x, that supported v1.3.1/Resurrection of Evil. But the file seems to have been deleted on the file sharing website it was hosted on and there seems to be no mirror link or uploaded anywhere else on the web as far as I can google. Does anyone have this version of Sabot, or know any site still hosting that file?