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  1. As active tumblr user I found it sounds great, especially about NSFW. :D
  2. I love DLC maps but not all of them. I like Cataclysm, Molten and Ritual... and yeah, maybe Argent Breach. It's enough for me. But I trying to don't play on maps like Orbital, Empyrian and Boneyard for some reasons: Orbital - I hate games with gravity, goddamn jelly; Boneyard - don't like architecture, at least this map looks too cartoonish for me, Empyrian eating memory of my GPU like a beast and doesn't looks like game named Doom at all.
  3. I loved Daikatana multiplayer beta... and it was enough for me.
  4. Might & Magic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. This game really need third gun in loadout. Dot. Two guns on wheel and one on button.
  6. My personal top 3 album in last year. One of the best album ever writted by Meshuggah.
  7. Say goodbye to combat shotgun, now I'm not interesting to use this weak shit anymore. Only SSG, only hardcore! When I'm playing with my new favorite combination it feels like I'm butcher or something! Really wow. BDIZSHSHSH! *sounds of dripping bowels and blood* >:E I'm more happy with runes and useless hack modules too. It's really BETTER. Noobs now more agressive with rebalanced guns. But after day it's still doesn't matter at all for me. I'm fragging, fragging, fragging them by tons! Now Doom is simplier to understand, more friendly for players, but it's still Doom. Because really agressive must be only PiZz4! :D Vortex isn't same anymore, you can't hit by -84 percent for ~2,5 seconds. Without charge it's only -20 hp in body. Competely diffenent gun, more mobile. But I need to learn how to use it maximally effective. In this situation more simplier Static Rifle looks better. But with assault rifle vortex still can be really dangerous too. Vortex was amazing gun to kill goddamn Demon's Rune, but now I better use teleport with RL+SSG to kill the demon for maximum damage per second rate. I must record some videos for few days. Check my channel at sunday. ;)
  8. Don't give a #$@! about it, I bought Season Pass from release and I got everything from months ago. No problem at all.
  9. New Doom needs sequel so bad! Everything is ready for bigger and better bad ass killer FPS!
  10. Beatiful music. Elder is really awesome band. Too much progress from album to album!
  11. Great piece of sludge/doom. Shroud Eater are back!
  12. Win XP, of course.
  13. Personally I was a HUGE Quake fan, Quaker to the core. Since first Quake was released to Quake Live. But Quake Champions defenitely isn't my cup of tea. 1) I hate that idea of FPS with heroes, because Quake was very personal, individual game. 2) Now you can see all these rocket-rail spam. It's absolutely nothing new! This mechanics isn't something special than anything else, than any other Q3 wannabe FPS game! 3) I'm totally not satisfied from shooting system. All these impressives from rail doesn't feels like right. Rocket Launcher ist's like fkn spam weapon, really weird gun! Now I'm waiting for next Doom with better multiplayer. They must change little to make Doom great again, but now we must waiting for new Wolfenstein and play QC. Shit! I don't like that situation at all! I need Doom add-on or thing like mod editor, or something like that! Two steps from perfection, but id has no plans for 2017 for Doom! I don't care about QC at all.