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  1. Best instrumental stoner/psychedelic shit in this year.
  2. Fuck paedoElsagate. Dot.
  3. Game feels like it's complete is only for 70% or something. Nice design, gameplay, really cool AI, but feels totally uncompele. If id's new game will be rage, I will get real RRRRAAGE. I don't need RAGE anymore. Bethesda has Fallout IP and it's enough.
  4. Shadow Warrior 2 - not bad classic orchard FPS game with acid design tons of enemies and guns. It's cool too play, but very monotone if you playing by 5-6 hours. Will back in days. Now, it's time for Dooooooom again. :D And yes, first 2-3 hours of SW2 was really outstanding, because of new and crazy drive of this right vision of FPS in terms of gameplay.
  5. Multiplayer: QuakeWorld Singleplayer: Blood / Duke Nukem 3D
  6. It's better than New Order, for sure. Technically looks and feels delicions - thanks to idTech 6. This game is still about story and design, not gameplay. Everything is awesome to the max - 8,8/10, it's top for linear FPS game with CoD like gameplay and without mutliplayer. I hope Wolf isn't over and we will see 3rd game in series.
  7. Nice stuff! Dark fuzzy shit!
  8. I hope Bethesda will buy them. Because they are really good developers, Dead Space has atmosphere, close to Doom 3... and Dante's Inferno was a pretty good game about hell, for sure. I think they still can made something really nice for next Doom game or add-on.
  9. It's forum about Doom? Right? OK, it must be top of doom metal(mostly sludge-doom / stoner-doom) albums! My current top 5: Top 3 best stoner/doom bands with female vocal: Also must be mentioned:
  10. Lack of doom/id software fans.
  11. QC sucks alot, because shooting system is really terrible and I don't like idea to make Quake with heroes. At another hand Quake lost alot of drama with all these rounds. I still don't like this game and don't wanna play. Yeah, Quake 1 sequel must be alot better than nothing or QC. For multiplayer fun I prefer sequel of Doom '16 than some kind of bullshit like QC.
  12. Prince Of Persia on sovet computer when I was 5 or 6 years old.