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  1. Nice stuff! Dark fuzzy shit!
  2. I hope Bethesda will buy them. Because they are really good developers, Dead Space has atmosphere, close to Doom 3... and Dante's Inferno was a pretty good game about hell, for sure. I think they still can made something really nice for next Doom game or add-on.
  3. It's forum about Doom? Right? OK, it must be top of doom metal(mostly sludge-doom / stoner-doom) albums! My current top 5: Top 3 best stoner/doom bands with female vocal: Also must be mentioned:
  4. Lack of doom/id software fans.
  5. QC sucks alot, because shooting system is really terrible and I don't like idea to make Quake with heroes. At another hand Quake lost alot of drama with all these rounds. I still don't like this game and don't wanna play. Yeah, Quake 1 sequel must be alot better than nothing or QC. For multiplayer fun I prefer sequel of Doom '16 than some kind of bullshit like QC.
  6. Prince Of Persia on sovet computer when I was 5 or 6 years old.
  7. I don't care about halloween.
  8. At father's work PC in 1994. It was not my first FPS game, I played in Wolf 3D alot at home. But it was very amazing expirience for me, for sure. One of the most memorable moments in my gamer's life.
  9. At this moment Doom Metal album of the year(for me).
  10. This game needs multiplayer so bad. Whatever, it's Starbreeze or not. I need new something like RTCW!