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  1. Russian rap & goddamn eurobeat!
  2. qdash

    Doom vs Half Life: Alyx

    Doom Eternal is utter crap, they ruined everything good... and on another hand - Half-Life: Alyx is top quality VR product. Half-Life: Alyx, for sure!
  3. Official maps - q3dm17(The Longest Yard) and all maps with low gravity.
  4. qdash

    How would a modern Blood game look?

    I don't like Build Engine at all, with higher FOV it all feels like shit. Darkplaces engine must be awesome for this.
  5. qdash

    What's the best movie you've ever seen?

    Scarface & Evil Dead 2
  6. qdash

    Halo Infinite Gameplay Reveal

    Looks like shit. Halo 76. Brrrrr. Goddamn todays game industry. (
  7. qdash

    Quake 2 Or Half-Life 1?

    Quake 2 because of best multiplayer!
  8. qdash

    Whoooo wanta some Wang?! | Shadow Warrior 3

    Looks better than Doom Eternal because of lack of stupid resourses managment, it's all about shooting and I LIKE IT!
  9. qdash

    Favorite Duke Nukem Game?

    Duke Nukem 3D, of course!
  10. qdash

    How will DOOM 6 work?

    I just wish for 3D version of original Doom, with modern graphics e t.c. stuff and hundreds deaths by BFG and rocket shots on one map! Something like that. Don't wanna (not too) "smart" game mechanics and mobs with tons of HP, just rip n' tear to the max!
  11. Haha, Marty trying to spit in portfolio of Mick when Bethesda's reputation in total minus. Nice try. LoL. Where's Mick with his named know around the world and where's you - just recruited (d)effective managers.
  12. Bethesda's bots is answering: "Yes! Yes! Yes! We do!", "it doesn't matter if popularity still falling and sometimes is about ~2K players in Steam, but it's REPLAYABILITY IS GODLIKE, IT'S BEST FPS GAME OF THE CENTURY!". More agressive bots is only on Bethesda's forums. Not all of people who like DE are bots, but bots is here for sure. Others can decline or accept how Frankenstein Eternal is good or bad - game is almost dead now. I'm done here. Will return if mod support will be added... or normal multiplayer. 99% it's impossible and I don't give a flying fk about how DE is hardcore or not, this not my cup of tea and many and many of real people in my friendlist in Steam/Discord.