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  1. Me too, because I don't wanna see Doom Eternal as "game service" with co-op and lootboxes.
  2. qdash

    Prodeus [retro FPS]

    I don't care about low resolution, pixels e t.c. if it will be FPS game with old school dynamics and really TONS of enemies, way more than in Doom '16. Prodeus looks very promising, but I know I'm optimist.
  3. qdash

    What are you listening to?

    Probably best stoner/doom album in this year.
  4. qdash

    Ballista vs Gauss Cannon

    Gauss looks better.
  5. qdash

    New Multiplayer Modes in Eternal.

    They tried with demons vs. players in one of multiplayer modes in Doom '16, but it was worst mp mode ever. I skipped this shit mostly. Left 4 Dead formula looks outdated after Evolve release. I don't care at all, guys. Players vs. demons because it's too limited fun for me, it's not pure copetitive, hateful non symmetric shit. IMHO.
  6. qdash

    What are you listening to?

    New album is coming!