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  1. Zandor

    My second map... help please?

    How do I know what format it is? I'm new, the only reason I use zDoom is because it was the first thing I saw suggested. If there is a better port to test I would like to know. Perhaps there is a list of ports somewhere with their features listed?
  2. Zandor

    My second map... help please?

    I was under the impression that mega wad meant the collection of several levels into a single wad file.
  3. Hey all, I'm new here but not new to doom. I've been playing on and off since my early teens. Now 25 I have set out to write my own chapter of Doom. I am currently using Doom Builder 2 with zdoom as my test platform. I have noticed that most people use Doom 2 for their source, but I wanted to start (mostly) classic. For this I am using to Ultimate Doom wad from Steam. I've watched all the tutorials the Doom builder website has to offer along with some others I found on youtube to cover what was missed. Still have a lot of uncovered ground, and more to learn. I feel though, that I have a firm grasp on it. My first map is almost complete, I'm sure that it has several rookie mistakes. I would like it to get some testing so I can have some feedback. Am I in the right place for this, and can someone direct me to a guide on how to properly export and upload my wad here?
  4. I think that I could design the textures to be more varied. But are you able to give me an image of what you are talking about so I can see? Perhaps I misunderstood you.
  5. I'm not saying you are wrong, but I'm pretty sure I did that. I think that through transfer the wad may have been corrupted or what you are using might not match up with my setup, which I would imagine probably causes some issues.
  6. So several people have complained about the textures not being properly aligned, I can assure you that I went through room by room and aligned every texture. Some of them I even did manually because the auto align feature wasn't working properly. That being said either I exported it wrong, or your configuration doesn't match mine. Also, someone made a comment earlier about changing my format to one that is compatible with more platforms. I would like to do this so that you can all have the same experience I do. As far as it being easy, I completely understand. You are all right, I can complete the level with 200% health and armor, and more ammo than you can shake a stick at. So I'm considering limiting those items for any difficulty over easy on a scale. I would also like to add more enemies on a scale. I don't, however want it to be ridiculous, but rather feel much closer to John Romero's style of the first episode from Doom 1. I still want the level to be reasonably easy and short.
  7. So, when I get home from work, I will reply to all your reviews and suggestions. In the mean time I wanted to respond to the current conversation, that should also cover some other subjects. When I made the level I was going for classic Doom, with classic controls, the ability to jump, crouch, strafe, and look up/down was not intended for this level(therefore use of those features would break my map and my overall design of the level). This may be viewed as a bad decision, but there is something to be said for the difficulty involved in playing classic. I feel having those other abilities detracts from the game and experience that makes classic Doom what it is. The wad's current state of running in zDoom, was an oversight on my rookie knowledge of how things work. I was under the impression that zDoom was a form of level tester to work with doom builder. I would like the wad to be able to function by someone buying Ultimate Doom on Steam, then loading my wad and using classic textures, and classic controls. Is this possible? and if so what do I need to do to achieve this? (Please don't tell me i have to scrap my wad and start from scratch) As clarification, I am using Doom Builder 2, with the Ultimate Doom wad file, from the version I bought on steam. zDoom is the platform I was using to test the wad because I haven't yet found a way to load my wad into my Ultimate Doom game's folder for play.
  8. If you run into anything that gets you stuck or a major glitch of some sort, PM me so I can get right to fixing it. Please leave as much un-censored feedback as you like. I like blunt criticism. If you are a level builder, or any other form of creative person and would like to work with me on a project please email me so we can talk.
  9. also, just as a side note, this is a fairly, short and linear level, which was my intention. I just wanted to see if I could accomplish something simple for what will actually be the second mission in my first 9 lvl episode. Mission three will be way more open and give the player freedom and the ability to chose his progression. For those of you wondering why I started with mission two instead of mission one, ask John Romero.
  10. Alright guys, I just finished my final clean up on the level. I had all my friends play test it and I'm pretty satisfied... Please keep in mind, this is my first map and my first time ever using a level builder for any game. this is the mediafire link, let me know if there are any issues: http://www.mediafire.com/download/zb8cn42jqddu86q/E1M2.wad