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  1. About to make a level of a ship orbiting Mars, and I need a skybox of space, with stars, and Mars somewhat close by. Any ideas on where I could find that Maybe someone has already made one or do I need to make one? Also, how do I bring that into GZDoom Builder?

  2. Hey guys, with all the excitement about the upcoming DOOM release, I figured I'd do what I always do and go back to DOOM(1). I plan to get through at least the first chapter today, then maybe take a break and play some of the popular megawads, i.e. Winters Fury.

    I'm trying to get started on Twitch, and DOOM being among my top 5 games of all time, I figured I'd start there.

    Here's the link if you'd like to join us: https://www.twitch.tv/countzandor

    As a fairly new member of the Doom world community, I will also be open to advice and request.

    May even move over from playing DOOM to editing one of my maps!

    Come hang out, going live now!

  3. I'm sure most of you Classic Doom fans have played Star Wars: Dark Forces. A game that pretty much was Star Wars copy pasted onto the Doom engine, which made up a large portion of games at the time.

    But my question is, has anyone ever seen an editor for Dark Forces like we have Doom Builder?

    I know it being Star Wars and all this is highly unlikely, just curious.

  4. wesleyjohnson said:

    You should look at some maps with 3d-levels. It is more than room over room.
    The most impressive use of 3d floors are bridges, walkovers, steps, and walkways.

    Yeah, part of what I was planning to do for the current level I'm working on includes floating platforms, anyone seen that before?

  5. Canofbacon said:

    Yo I'll mentor you for free

    I've always wanted to be mentored by jesus, lol. But for real, I've got this level I'm working on where I'm gonna be trying some new things I haven't done before, and really just need someone I can go to when I hit a wall. Someone willing to say "hey send me the wad, and I'll take a look at it" testing the level all the way through with me.

    I've got some big ideas, some things, most of them are pretty logical and seem like they would work in the engine but I just don't know all the best things to do when I need this to do that, or because I set this up now thats broken.

    My first map went pretty smooth and everything works the way its supposed to. Other then my bland textures.

  6. So what I've taken from all this is I should use GZDoom Builder (I've been using Doom Builder 2), with the Doom2 wad file as a resource (I've been using ultimate Doom) and GZDoom as a test platform. And with it all set up that way I should be able to get the most out of it.

    I'm not into coding, or re-writing things because I'm not skilled in that area. I just want to use the program to the best of its parameters.

    About to get started again this week.

  7. So it's been a while since I did any of this stuff, but I just looked and i've been using Doom Builder to make my levels, and I think chocolate doom to play them.

    Everyone here is talking about ZDoom, so i downloaded ZDoom, but that just lets you play the game. I thought ZDoom, or GZDoom was a builder? Really confused right now, sorry for the total newbness but I just need an explanation.

  8. My friend and I have decided to work on a Megawad together, I'm gonna start fresh so we both use the same programs that way we can transfer the maps between PC's without issue.

    We plan on making levels with multi floor areas, where rooms will be stacked on each other. I made a post about this recently and they said Doom Legacy, or ZDoom would be a good editor for that.

    Is there a difference between ZDoom and GZDoom? and i've never heard of Doom Legacy before, I have been using ZDoom should I change to something better? Is there something better?

    So many questions

    Also, the last map I made I got a lot of complaints about using the vanilla textures, are there texture packs out there that are better/cooler/more current?

  9. Voros said:

    to the original post.

    so... Planning a megawad with vanilla Doom? Good luck in making a immersive campaign, cause I could only make maps with no doors (for a good reason!).

    I hope you succeed in getting this mentor...
    Have you checked out the Doom Editing Tutorials forum? Lots of help there.

    Yeah, planning a megawad. Ive had great success with my editing, everything has worked, just as I wanted it to. Doors are a little trouble before you figure them out, but I've got em down now.

    I use the tutorials a lot, very helpful.

  10. Voros said:

    Brutal Doom isn't something SO special, that everything that's not Brutal Doom wont work. Brutal Doom is a GAMEPLAY mod, not a MAP mod.

    Say, you made a map for vanilla Doom II, and load it with Brutal Doom... It. Works. Fine. It depends on you whether the map...suits

    Maps and gameplay are two elements of Doom. They both can run with each other no matter what.

    So... Your answer?
    A normal Doom editor, like Slade, DoomBuilder and etc.

    Remember: GAMEPLAY MOD. Any map can have that gameplay and any gameplay can be in any map.

    NOTE: unless you are talking about editing the game logic of Brutal Doom, Then at least try Slade.

    See RayZik? Same thing he's/she's saying.

    PS- Yes. Brutal Doom maps are just plain Doom maps. Literally

    Hope remains! No I don't wanna change game logic, just load up a map that I make in the Brutal Doom mod.

  11. Looks like I've got some testing to do tonight. I wanna make a chapter of 9 levels. Already got 1 down, but I'm still trying to decide which version of doom i want to use along with setting rules and whatnot to my map making.

  12. I'm fairly new to all this, and one of the biggest problems I've run into is how many different ways you can do things (programs etc.) My goal is over the next couple years to make a series of levels, as my own interpretation of DOOM. Just like many have done before me.

    I've been looking for someone in the DOOM world community, who has been here for a while, and knows their way around most of the level editors. I have made a working level, and the general public think that I did well, just need some work. Would you, or do you know somebody that would be willing to work with me through this, so I wouldn't have to keep coming here getting mixed answers from people who think they know what they are talking about but really don't? Last thing I wanna do is listen to the wrong person. I don't mean any of this in an offensive manner.

    I want to stick closely to vanilla DOOM, while adding minor things for ease of access and playability. One thing I'd like to add are text logs, for those interested in story, so I'm curious is that is able to be implemented and how difficult it is. I have a lot of ideas about things I want to do with levels, but lack the knowledge on how to do them. I've seen some pretty awesome things on here that have really inspired me. Not to mention the countless hours I've logged into watching people go through original and player made levels, talking about level design.

    Looking forward to hearing from any of you.

  13. I recently saw in some really old DOOM wads, this guy made an elevator that could go up and down between like 5 floors, so basically the elevator would be at whatever floor you were on and the elevator would act as your hub to move between the floors.

    Obviously to pull this off you would need to be able to stack floors, as in have a floor, then have another floor directly above that, I don't know if I'm just missing it, or using the wrong editor, but I can't put floors above or below other floors.


    How do you make a multi functional elevator that can go up and down, and stack floors?

  14. Has anyone ever replaced Doom's sprites with Alien sprites? I remember playing an Alien game when I was growing up that seemed somewhat similar to DOOM, but I feel like Alien would fit really well into the DOOM engine and would be a really fun megawad

  15. Alright guys, so I'm home now and I'm about to get to work on this thing.

    In "Game Configurations" I've got Doom 2 selected, with the DOOM2.wad as my resource. Because I think going vanilla is gonna be my best bet.

    I've downloaded chocolate doom, and I'll use that as my test port.

    I still have some other questions about level design as far as trying to accomplish very specific things, but I'll post that in the level design forum.

    Other than that, I would like to add my own music to my levels, can I still do this going vanilla like I am. Whatever the case can someone give me a crash course on that? Uploading my own music is gonna be kinda important to me.

    I'll get other questions as I'm working, and I would like to try and give you guys updates on my progress as I will most likely be up all night hammering this one out if it goes smoothly.

    Also, I noticed I can not currently upload images to this section of the forum through my post. Is there a way around that or whats the deal?

  16. AD_79 said:

    Also, I recommend making maps in limit-removing Doom 2/boom format. PRBoom+ is the port to use for that (-complevel 2 for limit-removing, -complevel 9 for boom).

    Where is the best place for me to acquire those things? And are you able to direct me to a guide on how to set it up for that?

  17. gaspe said:

    In what format are you making your maps?
    If you dont plan to use exclusive zdoom stuff/features it would be better to use other ports to test. If someone plays your map with another port he can spot errors, homs and maybe some bugs too.

    How do I know what format it is?

    I'm new, the only reason I use zDoom is because it was the first thing I saw suggested. If there is a better port to test I would like to know. Perhaps there is a list of ports somewhere with their features listed?