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  1. Could you please help me with the ACS part of this? Trying to have a sound play when I enter a sector but i can't grasp on how to set up the script. This sound needs to play every time I enter it or at least have a delay. Thanks
  2. UDMF GZdoom! Yes Okay I got the sector damage to work and the carry fast! Thanks I am trying to play one of the player death sounds (DSPDIEHI). Just need it to play one time. EDIT: half way there. I made a invisible thing in decorate so it gets telefragged and makes the sound. But I need the creature to respawn shortly after. Can you set custom respawning on a thing? Can this be done using a demon spitter?
  3. Sorry if I didn't make myself clear. I need 3 actions within a sector. -Damage -Play sound when entering -Scroll or Move player forward (240 seems to do the job) I think I can do at least the two actions with ACS but I need help writing it. I think this forum should include a ACS guide or a person that helps writing them. I learn best from seeing examples. Cheers.
  4. I would rather see a overhaul much like what Blizzard did with Starcraft Remastered. Still 2d Sprites, but higher 4k resolution. We would have to break the color barrier though. It may even ot work on the doom engine. https://starcraft.com/en-us/
  5. The next thing I am trying to do is probably the most advanced yet. I need to attach multiple sector properties to the same sectors. I need sector damage and Carry North Fast. Entering in the damage under properties doesn't seem to work. Is there a easy way to do that? I suck at scripting so I will need some help there. Reading about it atm but additional help would be appreciated. I also need a sound to play when the player enters the sector.
  6. okay i pressed another button and made it so I can't preview in visual mode 3d floors. This makes it hard with having to trial and error.
  7. Pretty much all of my levels are outdoor moon bases. I am making a 6 Episode (6 levels each episode) megawad atm. I even have a level dedicated to "flesh mazes" and a Ice Cavern. Far from done however but I hope to be putting the levels up by the end of this month on Wads In Progress.
  8. Same issue is happening with me. I need a magnifying glass to see the font.
  9. Okay for the life of me I pressed some button that made it so I can't see the highlight in visual mode. What did I do? And how do I put these settings back to default? It took me a month before I figured out G turned gravity back on ...
  10. I think the community should just remake a Brutal Doom like engine that is more mod friendly and optimized. That would be nice.
  11. It is all up to debate really. There isn't anything that suggest he is the same or not. Personally, he maybe from another Multiverse UAC and is the guy from Doom, Doom2 and 64. Hell just links these multiverses together. As for Doom 3, I always felt it happened in the Doom (2016) but was covered up. The marine you play in Doom 3 is the slayer for this universe. He probably eventually retired and suffered from PTSD. Died years before the UAC tried again.
  12. Snap Map for us scrubs There could also be a intermediate level editor where you can create your own prefabs, monsters and stuff for other people to use. A small goal of just creating a room is much easier then taking on a entire level. I think most map dreamers would at least attempt this. Then a real map editor tool kit where only Elites could use. Is it possible to have a editor read blue prints and create a map based on that? Obviously it will be missing props and animations, but it would be a great start.
  13. I really REALLY wish there was modding and real map making for Doom 16. Snap Map only gets us so far.
  14. I agree about the Vulgars. They need some redesign. They were only different so players could grab onto their larger projectiles. If they add them in D4; their attack should change into something like the Vortigaunt in HL1.
  15. I haven't played MP for weeks. Kinda lost interest when hearing nothing regarding SP DLC.