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  1. Zemini

    25 Years of Doom and the all-new Slayers Club

    So this is available for Invasion AND the campaign? I hope that doesn't mean we fight Normal Doomslayers for invasions since that would break the Demon killing immersion. Not sure what significance a campaign skin has other than what the the Invader sees. Another theory is that the Undead skin becomes a Marauder skin.
  2. Zemini

    25 Years of Doom and the all-new Slayers Club

    How cute. So Doomguy can become a zombie? He was the demons all along.
  3. Zemini

    This is what dark Seraphime entities are...imo

    I really want to know what these figures are. What we do know is that the statues are found all over Sentinel Prime/Argent Breach. In the new concept art; it appears that some of these beings were corrupted by hell which means they might be the evil priests mentioned in lore.
  4. Zemini

    Bethesda.net issues

    I do not blame Bethesda for wanting their own launcher. It just needs to fucking work! Kinda worried that IF Bethesda.net is the only source for Doom Eternal, then it is going to run like shit.
  5. Zemini

    Bethesda.net issues

    FO76 looked like trash when it was announced - most likely because you also had Rage 2 and DE gameplay revealed already. It just looks like another Oblivion game with the shitty combat that hasn't changed since like forever.
  6. Zemini


    I do not want to see Doom 3 style horror. However, I would welcome the foreboding atmosphere found in Doom 64 and parts of the Inferno (mainly Limbo and House of Pain).
  7. Zemini

    Bethesda.net issues

    No but I got a phone!!!
  8. Zemini

    Release date reveal on Doom's 25th birthday?

    It has been a long drought for new information. Maybe we get something but I doubt even Id knows when the game will be complete. My guess is October 2019.
  9. Zemini

    Bethesda.net issues

    My gut feeling is that the upcoming beta will be offered for people who pre-order on the Bethesda.Net launcher.
  10. Zemini

    Diablo Immortal

    Yah I had the virtual ticket and part of me wishes I didn't buy it. This is trash. However the PR disaster feels good and deserved.
  11. Zemini

    There.. there are no hell razers are there :(

    Well the Hell Razer were to Possessed Soldiers like the Unwilling were to possessed scientists. We might see them just in the hell maps from now on.
  12. Zemini

    The Doom universe? Anyone else interested?

    With some retcons all the games can be canon. Doom 3 can technically be placed in the same universe as Doom 4. Just need to change the dates a bit and call it UAC's first attempt on Mars/Hell that was covered up. If you paid attention to Doom 3, there is a story about the Martian race that was conquered by Hell. That race could be the night sentinels ... and you know the rest. It would of have to happened Eons ago when Mars and its Moons were more habitable. Maybe Mars existed in another dimension and was spewed out into our solar system in the aftermath of war? This could be the story of Classic Doom, Doom 2 (Hell on Mars) and 64. Far fetched but it kinda works ...
  13. A good project is to find the best "remakes, tributes, ect" of the classic doom maps. Typing in ExMx (or the refinery) gives you just too many results to choose from and most are crap.
  14. Zemini

    Favorite primary weapon from reveal

    So the new Chaingun and Pistol have yet to be revealed. I wonder what changes we can expect.
  15. Zemini

    Demonic corruption

    Well the first level we saw was pretty much one massive gores nest. They come in all sizes!