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  1. Zemini

    Doom Year Zero coming from Bethesda

    Fucking with the court may not be in the best interest of Id or MS
  2. Zemini

    Doom Year Zero coming from Bethesda

    In case anyone thinks Doom Zero Year will just be a quick spin off or a tiny expansion to the D1/2 ports for the 30th anniversary, here is the projections. 455 million projected for Doom Zero Year. That sounds like a FULL Id project...at least it was as in 2020. Quake and Wolfenstein when?
  3. by complete "accident" i see the hub in the quakecon stream background right behind Hugo...
  4. It is a lot too take in. I did put a few HELP SCREEN within the game with the f1 shortcut. As far as Blursphere goes, it behaves like any other. But TBH, they are best used against monsters with projectiles and turret traps. "Hey. At map 04 (Ep 1), near end, on the yellow armor, if you stay at plataform, there's no way to go down." Whoops that platform should never go back up. Or just be removed since that is old architecture.
  5. Drop Box Link opened. I strongly suggest watching the preview video so you dont get lost.
  6. New Version is up. First Four episodes are complete. I plan on having EP 5 and maybe 6 next quakecon.
  7. Quick play of the first level of my megawad. I hope to release by quakecon.
  8. Zemini

    Share Your Sprites!

    It will be Doom. Basically Eldritch Demons and Doom Demons go to war and Doomguy gets caught in the middle. I hope to have a version done by quakecon but that is becoming a tall order.
  9. Zemini

    Share Your Sprites!

    MindFlayer WiP for my megawad "Eldritch Runes of Discord" Hope to have a new version up by QuakeCon.
  10. Zemini

    Monster Medics

    That is what i am using, problem is infighting. Right now i am having a monster spawn a invisible +friendly object that targets others to heal. It doens't look pretty but i cant tell if it works.
  11. Zemini

    Monster Medics

    I have been asking around and I haven't found a solution what works so far. Basically, I am looking for a way a monster can heal others AND continue attacking the player. Changing friendly flags around seem to have unpredictable effects such as infighting or remaining in friendly state. I am currently trying to do this in decorate. Does anyone know of any monsters that are already set up this way?
  12. Zemini

    Share Your Sprites!

    before i view 100+ pages here looking for what i need. Does anyone have a Merman/Dagon/Deep One style sprite sheet? I am making some Eldritch Demons in my mega wad and need a few more monsters. Already have the Xothian from Realm667 (which is called a DeepOne), Shoggoth (Duke Proto Slimer) and going to create a shambler like monster with a pinky or Hellknight. I think i can frankensprite the Stalker from Hexen but that seems like a lot of work...
  13. Zemini

    Doom Eternal II (aka Shadow Warrior 3) Rules!

    First one was great. Second one I never finished. However after looking at the third one I can't get past how stupid the demons look. Ill pass
  14. Zemini

    What do you want id to do next after Eternal?

    June 11th can't come soon enough. That will also mark 2 months till the next QuakeCon. My hope is that they tease the next game with a full gameplay trailer at QuakeCon. I want a return to the Doom hype more than anything.