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  1. Zemini

    Doom Eternal Pre-Order & Deluxe Edition Trailer

    Bald dude with black armor? Seems pretty close to me other than missing the blood splatter which will be remedied the moment you blast him ass. FYI - the chaingun guy had red armor and darker skin.
  2. Zemini

    Doom Eternal Pre-Order & Deluxe Edition Trailer

    Nope it is the shotgun guy right before he raised his shield. Commando's have yet to be OFFICIALLY seen.
  3. Zemini

    Difficulty Modes

    From Doom 2016: I'm too young to die: Enemies are much weaker with less aggressive AI. Hurt me plenty: Normal Mode with no changes Ultra-Violence: Enemies are stronger and more resilient to damage. Nightmare: Enemies are significantly more resilient to damage and hit much harder. Enemy AI is also more aggressive. Ultra-Nightmare: Same as "Nightmare", but if the player dies, the game is over. Saving possible only after the end of levels. One of my few criticisms of Doom 2016 was that the difficulties felt uninspired. In classic doom the biggest change between difficulty was monster count and/or placement. I always felt that different monster encounters made the game more immersive and repayable. Nightmare did have FAST monsters and that was a flag I turned on manually every time I play Classic Doom. Which goes into my next point; maybe the difficulties can be further adjusted by the user? My hope is for custom difficulties. I would prefer to play Ultra-Violence with the more aggressive AI imo. Getting one shot by the SAME monster when at nearly full health isn't my idea of fun or immersive gameplay. Having a single life to play is another feature I would like to try on the easier difficulties. Basically I want to define my own difficulty like I could in Classic Doom. This lets users define his/her play experience to their liking. Here are some of the parameters that each player could set. Most of these can have 2-3 different levels of difficulty. Demon Count: The amount of monsters that are spawned in the level, just like classic. Expect higher ranked monsters earlier on in the campaign! Demon Rank: A new dynamic difficulty that involves new classes of demons that in turn give out more damage and have more health. For example; Instead imps spawning in a arena, you could get a stronger class of demon (hell knight) or a stronger imp variant such as Black Imps. These throws purple fire balls that damage you like a normal imp would on Nightmare mode. He look! A ingame reason why the imps hit twice as hard instead of a lazy damage increase! Having the same Demon doing the same damage would also make balancing Invasions simpler since invading player health/damage will be standardized and not convoluted by the Doom 2016 difficulties. We do not know how they plan to balance "I am too young to die" invaders versus "nightmare" and this remains to be seen. Aggression: This could determine the monsters attack speed and movement speed. This could also be adjusted with demon ranks. Toggles: Invasion: Toggles turning invasions on or off. Super Invasions: Invading demons can use their summoning abilities! Lives: Toggles turning lives (from in game items) on or off. Hardcore: Toggles ironman mode. One life! I played the Mars Core Demo 5 times at QC. I was able to play on both difficulties (medium and easy). I couldn't tell if the monster damage was the same or not but there were more shield guys on Medium than easy. So perhaps there is some different monster placements in Doom Eternal. Finally, the Remix levels announced for Deluxe edition will have some of these features already.
  4. Zemini

    Doom Eternal Pre-Order & Deluxe Edition Trailer

    I am still hoping to see the Spider Mastermind as a regular enemy!
  5. Zemini

    Doom Eternal Pre-Order & Deluxe Edition Trailer

    So we will be fighting 2 cyberdemons tyrants, a marauder, archviles, Doom Hunter, barons and a handful of pinkies all at the same time? Is Id mad? Bring it one!
  6. Zemini

    I played the Mars Core demo ... a lot

    I have been wanting to play this demo again. I need it!!!! I pray for a public release but we all know that won't happen.
  7. Zemini

    Eternal release date...i bet u...

    Yah Doom 64 should still come out this year regardless. Give us some new skins as additional preorder bonus instead. My guess is crunch time came knocking and the developers didn't want to live through that nightmare again from Doom 2016.
  8. A classic style slayer FFA would be welcome in my opinion. But I think we should see how battlemode works out first. What I really want though is some type of MP Coop mode .... with potential opposing player invasions and mini-bosses. The Doom 2016 MP maps could be refurbished for this purpose.
  9. Zemini

    The Art Of Doom Eternal (Book)

    I always speculated that indigo was originally going to be one of the marine colors esp since you have those blues on the palette. Maybe at some point the developers didn't like it and never bothered to change the name.
  10. Zemini

    baron of hell dislike?

    I thought it was okay. It would of been better if they properly gave it green blood.
  11. Zemini

    New Doom Eternal Stream

    Well that was a false alarm. The tweet was removed so not sure wtf that means.
  12. Zemini

    New Doom Eternal Stream

    Right now it is on the french Bethesda_fr twitch account. No word yet if there is a English version. Starts 09/24/2019 19:00 hours (or 10 AM PST) Prepare yourselves! The Doom Eternal Promotional Hype Train has started!!!
  13. Well I am a entitled spoiled doom fan. I want them to be working on DLC for Doom Eternal while making the third chapter to the series. I am guessing it will probably end after the 3rd (Doom 666) entry.
  14. I think that the much BIGGER question is; does a Year One DLC imply that there will be a Year 2 DLC? Right now the stories take place before DE from the perspective of someone else. I speculate it will be the Doomguy.
  15. Zemini

    Playtester for Doom Eternal leaks

    That was a good one!! I hate to admit but I love all the fake leaks and nonsense that people post. With that said I still hope we see the Chaingunner. The pics where taken down at the request of Zenimax apparently but I can't confirm that.