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  1. But when nothing comes from E3 then everyone says "well they would obviously do that at Quakecon!". It is just sad that Id Software will be a no show for 2022. As for Indiana Jones game - Did anyone ask for that? I hope the poor reception of Youngblood didn't put Wolfenstein 3 further out (which was announced/hinted long before Indiana Jones).
  2. Based on the schedule it looks like nothing will be announced. Has there ever been a no show at a QuakeCon in recent memory? Just seems kinda silly to do all this stuff and not announce a single thing. Is Wolf3 in deep in development hell?
  3. I know about RTX Quake 2, but I just hope Quake 2 gets the treatment that Quake got last year. Expansions, coop/mp browser and future level packs.
  4. Zemini

    The dark lord of the 4th age?

    Sadly the lore got kinda butchered during Eternal and especially after TAG. In 2016 we had four lords who each ruled during different epochs of Hell's history. 1. Serpent 2. Guardian 3. Chimera (mentioned only in older unreleased alpha codex entries) 4. Nameless One Whether the Dark Lord Davoth was actually one of these or if the Dark Lords themselves were above him or just lesser demons who acted as stewards remains unknown.
  5. Zemini

    The Elder Runes of Discord - BETA

    What difficulty did you select? Medium is about Ultra Violence
  6. Zemini

    The Elder Runes of Discord - BETA

    Added some more screenshots, i hope to post it tonight. Lovecraftian/Eldritch influence will start as a slow trickle but eventually (through environmental story telling) will be a bigger part of the later campaign (under construction). Demons are at conflict with one another whether they are from hell or another dark dimensions. The only thing they hate more than each other is you (the player). UPDATE: Released DropBox Link https://www.dropbox.com/s/3b6e8297v6jnyhf/The Elder Runes of Discord.7z?dl=0
  7. Zemini

    The Elder Runes of Discord - BETA

    Additional Screenshots Look familiar? I tried to make E1M1 from memory. It didn't go very well but I kept this set piece. "Super" Lava has spill out of its containment. A Fire CacoDemon spawns near super heated sludge! Biodome A Eldritch Maze. Probably one of the hardest SlayerGates in the game. Expect some frustration. A foundry found within the Mars Core. Office Space. Glass is thankfully unbreakable. A cave found on Phobos. Within the refinery, a mysterious yellow liquid is stored as waste. On Deimos (before being swallowed by Hell) a portion of land was terraformed for a small colony. Another cave in a semi outdoor area. Some Demonic temples found. Necropolis. One of the Final levels. A poor attempt to make the Alpha Labs. Yes you visit some parts of Doom 3. SlayerGate: Cultists Base Arena The first level in the Earth Episode. It is empty but you can freely explore it. Hopefully I finish it this year.
  8. Name: The Elder Runes of Discord (Working Title) Format: UDMF Port: GZDoom: Jumping and Crouching can be used if needed. There should already be barriers where I do not want you to jump but the map can be completed without jumping. Do as you will. IWAD: DOOM2.WAD Game Type: Singleplayer (coop planned) Build Time: Hundreds of hours. Maybe thousands, I do not know. Started in 2014, but OG idea existed back in 1994 when I first started using DEU2. Sadly those maps are lost forever on some old computer in a landfill. Editors Used: DEU2, GZDoomBuilder (and prior DB type editors), Slade 3, Adobe Photoshop, Paint DROPBOX - https://www.dropbox.com/s/3b6e8297v6jnyhf/The Elder Runes of Discord.7z?dl=0 UPDATED - FIXED a switch that broke progress on E1M4 (MAP14) Read This before playing Gameplay Changes from Vanilla: Mapsets: First map is MAP01. After the intro level the player starts within a Quake 1 like hub where they can choose an episode. At the end of each episode the player goes back to the hub. Collect all 6 rune keys to access the final level (Not yet implemented). Each Episode is 6 levels which are about the size of a classic doom level. Play time is about 90-180 minutes per episode depending on difficulty and how much you want to explore. Finding slayer gates can take time for new players. Story Log (Map01) Intro Level (MAP02): Work in Progress. This level is a place holder but it should look familiar. The purpose here is to get overwhelmed and to "Die" much like E1M9. Hub (MAP03): Visit the store to get a free slayer token per episode play-through. I recommend saving up tokens for advanced weapons. Episode One: Maps 11-16, The Moon. Easiest Episode. Recommend starting here. Episode Two: Maps 21 - 26, Phobos Episode Three: Maps 31 - 36, Deimos Episode Four: Maps 41 - 46, Mars (SlayerGates not implemented and under construction). Episode Five: Maps 51-56, Earth (under construction). You are free to play a empty first level here. Free Slayer Tokens are available for testing the advanced weapons if you wish. Find the EXIT Teleport to take you back to the Hub. You can reenter this level as many times as desired for more Tokens. This is useful for testing later episodes. Episode Six: Venus (under construction and unavailable.) Final Level: Not Available. Difficulty Settings: Each difficulty determines Monster count. Easy: Hey Not too rough -> Hurt Me Plenty in terms of monster count. Medium: Hurt Me Plenty -> Ultra-Violence in terms of monster count. Hard: Ultra-Violence+ SlayerGates not tested extensively on this difficulty, beware. Music: Uses music from Doom, Doom2 and Final Doom. Textures: Classic Doom, many from realm667 and a few from Hexen and Heretic. There are also custom textures I created and/or recolored. Monsters: Tons of new custom enemies. A lot of them are recolors I made myself, others come from Realm667. I also rebalanced some vanilla monsters. Any vanilla monster that was changed enough will look visually different. Here is just a handful: Replaces the Former Human Trooper. Uses a rapid machinegun attack. The standard cacodemon has a chance to fire a yellow lightning orb which stuns the player. This is part of that attack animation so you know when to dodge. Blood Elemental replaces Pain. All elementals have had various adjustments. They still spit out souls (in this case Blood Souls) but also have a nasty projectile. All nobles can use different elemental attacks, this hell knight is attacking with a Blood Bolt with heals the Hell Knight for damage dealt. Frost variants of the Imp and Revenant. Their attacks will slow down the player briefly. The Fire Soul, replaces the Lost Soul. All Lost Soul behavior has changed slightly. Basically their melee attack is faster and they do not infight anymore! Weapons: Weapons have been overhauled. Advanced weapons are available within the hub for purchase. F1 Help Screen Items: All armor gives 50% reduction. There is also permanent health up upgrades. F1 Help Screen Damage Types: Certain monsters do different damage types. Their effects vary and are still undergoing internal testing. F1 Help Screen Additional Features: Fiend Secret Door: Killing all fiends within each level will open a secret door. Some are easy to find, others are hidden. Fiends within SlayerGates do not count. Fiend SlayerGates: Episodes 1-3 have SlayerGates on levels 1-5. Finishing a SlayerGate rewards a single slayer token. In order to gain entry you must find six switches scattered (and hidden) throughout each level. Tokens are used at the shop within the hub. See the hub shop for items available to purchase. Switches Each arena will be unique. Here is the Blood Swamps. Classic Hell Arena inspired by the Doom Cover. Note on SlayerGate arenas; sometimes a monster does not port in right away and gets stuck in their closet. If this happens feel free to IDDT and see if one is pacing back and forth and over the teleport line. Not sure why this happens, but it is rare. The monster usually comes out eventually. Episode Finale: Each final level of each episode is a unique hell level. You have three objectives: 1. Defeat the final boss(es) and locate the exit portal. 2. Find and kill the Rune Keeper. They are imprisoned behind a elder door in each hell level. Green KeeperHarder Red Variant. 3. Killing the keeper opens up the Rune Door which holds the rune. Runes Testing Focus: The best feedback comes by youtube or twitch. That way I can see how each player approaches a problem and where adjustments maybe needed. If you plan on making videos, that will be most helpful and appreciated. Here is what needs to be tested most. Difficulty in finding Slayer Switches: As a tester, I hope you make at a attempt to find the slayer switches. It is important to see how long it takes and if things need to be adjusted. Finding the balance between easy and hard to find them is challenging. However feel free to give up and move on because that is also important information. Slayer gates: Are these challenging enough? On Hard difficulty they should feel like a pee wee league slaughter map. Level Layout: How do the monsters feel in the space provided? Are you having a difficulty time navigating the level? Are you having fun? Advanced Weapons: Do the advanced weapons trivialize encounters? Yes they do... Armor/Health/Ammo: Are you finding too much or too little health and ammo? The player should on average have about 100-200 armor at a given time. Some monsters and later difficulties/levels will do extra armor damage. Download Coming Soon after a final play test. I'll reply with a link on DropBox by the weekend. Known Issues: Story Logs NOT EDITED and NOT FINAL Super Chaingun (Painless) sound need further tuning Some monsters in slayergates do not port into the arena when they should. Not sure on what is causing this. Too much ammo on easier difficulties Too much armor on easier difficulties Damage Types need further balancing Monster Species and Damage Types needs further balancing BFG Upgrade currently unavailable Episode 1, Level 6 still needs further balance. ALL SlayerGates need further balancing on all difficulties SlayerGate Monster Teleports are currently static, plan to make them more dynamic. Base Weapon damage types and damage factors unavailable. Fire Elemental unavailable due to sprite issues. You may find a ! icon where one should be but I think I deleted all of those. Using ALL KEYS cheat can break scripts. Some mods are known to break the game. I have not play tested it with Brutal/PB and suggest not using any mods with this project. Known Issue found by streamer. E1M4, Switch is broken, does not open Main door back into Commerce City.
  9. Interesting effect, ill try it out when I get back to the builder.
  10. By breaking up do you mean more detail or changing the textures to create more contrast? I have tried the latter with the stock textures, nothing looked spectacular but I can explore that again.
  11. EP 3 Slayer Gates Another attempt at Doom 2016 Hell. Shit floats Poison Swamps Maykrland. Needs a lot of work obviously. Fiery Hell inspired by the Classic Doom Cover This one is a Elder maze, not very easy to get a screenshot out of it. Going to post my MegaWad soon, just need to write it all up.
  12. Zemini

    Do people actually hate the DLCs?

    I don't hate it but the biggest issue for me was the lore and how it seemed to contradict itself with each game. Should of really stuck with the 2016 mysteries and atmosphere in my opinion. Other than that, TAG2 was rushed to make the 1 year window. Should of polished it more and if anyone bitched, Force Majeure.
  13. Made this as a joke. Maybe a secret level in my wad?
  14. More Slayer Gate arenas - Each with their own theme Ice Cavern - Ice Damage also briefly chills the player. A bad attempt at making Doom 2016 Hell Steppe. Its fine for now. A ancient Labyrinth ihabited by hells highest minions. It is guarded by a belphegor, one of the ranking nobles. He shoots purple because purple. The city of Dis - where hell and flesh fuse together. This area is visted as a arena and becomes a full on level in episode 3. Inhabited by cyber variations of demons. A small lost city. Otherworldly creatures are held in prison here, guarded by wardens of hell.
  15. Zemini

    Which program to create sprites?

    I use adobe since i get it for free from work. But it has a very steep learning curb. TBH it is best use for recoloring established monsters and adding/removing cosmetics from other monsters(horns, arms, eyes). Creating sprites from scratch is beyond my capabilities.