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  1. I really REALLY wish there was modding and real map making for Doom 16. Snap Map only gets us so far.
  2. I agree about the Vulgars. They need some redesign. They were only different so players could grab onto their larger projectiles. If they add them in D4; their attack should change into something like the Vortigaunt in HL1.
  3. I haven't played MP for weeks. Kinda lost interest when hearing nothing regarding SP DLC.
  4. I would for PC. NOt going to buy a system for 1 game on a message board I visit twice a week.
  5. I did not see this coming. Will never own a switch until Metroid Prime 4 comes out however.
  6. Amiibos are cancer. Please no.
  7. I did a E1M1 remake but with different textures. Maybe ill share it when I get home. I am thinking about including it in my mega wad.
  8. Died after I woke up from my Sarcophagus. First or Second possessed.
  9. I wouldnt really call it a expansion. More like a puzzle game with some action in between.
  10. Well apparently Id never got that memo because they just made MP DLC for it. So yes they either can't handle making more, or just don't know what to do. As for VFR; I read about it and it does make some sense because you play as a robot and not the doom guy. Still though, it isn't a real Doom 2016 game. I think it would of been better if you played as a scientists doing experiments and excursions into hell - all happening prior to the the big incident.
  11. Well that was one big fucking let down. Doom is about fast movement and killing things. This VR game just looks like a on rails peice of shit. It is going to flop and Bethesda going to take that as indication that nobody wants more doom games. Time for Id to outsource for some real single-player content., They can't handle it apparently. What a waste of development time.
  12. My biggest problem only happens after a lot of mapping late into the night. I am unable to sleep very becauase I keep thinking Doom Builder shit such as raising and lowering sectors and drawing rooms. My mind just gets all jumbled.
  13. I would rather see a Netflix/HBO type series because Hollywood just makes shit now days. The UAC A story about a corporate spy who is tasked with industrial espionage against the UAC on Mars. As the main character climbs the tiered ranks; his loyalties and sanity are put the test as he discovers the corporations true (and strange) intentions.
  14. Most of us hope for DLC. A Doom 5 is unlikely this early on. What we really will get? More MP updates...or nothing at all.
  15. I doubt we will see shit but I hope I am wrong But I predict they will ship the Doom Marine statue that is suppose to available 2nd quarter.