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  1. Working with Hexen UDMF

    1. How do I make it so when a object lands in a liquid flat, it doesn't do the splosh or drip sound? If the mass is less than 2 it does a drip but that is even more annoying. 2. I need lots and lots of sprites for landscaping and monsters. What is the best resource for these? Recoloring can only go so far. I might even consider looking to hire... 3. Hubs: Most of these maps are set up in massive hubs. Is there a limit to how many can be linked to another? Or should I just count on having hard exits at certain points? A open ended map is probably out of the question since the "habitat" maps I make are already massive. 4. What is the best way to implement a "Leveling" system? Right now I am fine with the Metroid/Zelda style of finding Health and damage bonuses. But some specialization might be fun too. Cheers
  2. Where are such place on Earth that has a elaborate catacombs/cathedral that would make a good doom level? Basically it wouldn't have to be some made up fantasy level. You might get buy some levels in the desert/arctic or anywhere humans are unable to live; but from the what we know, Earth is a pit. Maybe there will be a level/hub that is one large biodome which will act as variety.
  3. I am guessing that Earth is a overpopulated and polluted megalopolis. Most of it could take place in underground cities and large industrial factories. Blue skies and pretty forests probably do not really exist anymore except in secluded ares reserved for the 1%. Btw, what year does Doom 4 take place? If I were in charge, I would have the player play the first part in the cities with hell levels later one. Personally, I am all about the moon bases honestly.
  4. Looking to play and record your maps

    Just released. Check it out and feel free to record. They each take about 90 minutes to beat if you are good. https://www.doomworld.com/forum/topic/99291-the-moon-phobos-and-deimos/
  5. The Moon, Phobos and Deimos

    This is the first half of my MegaWad project. Currently untitled, the campaign will be broken up into six episodes with six levels each. I felt that six was the perfect length for each chapter. Five of the levels will be on the base, with the final level being in hell. If you have played my previous wad “Phobos Echoes”, I have broken up the wad and distributed levels throughout. Some have gone through some major changes, and others have just been updated and fixed. The remaining levels will be in the latter half of the campaign. Currently, I am just releasing the first three episodes for testing as the remaining three will be released for testing much later. Each one takes place on a different region in the solar system. EP1 – The Moon EP2 – Phobos EP2 – Deimos EP4 – Mars City EP5/EP6 – TBD Weapons and Monsters are currently placeholders. If I can ever get into pixel art, I might make my own at some point. Do not play with any mods that change the weapons or monsters for it will break the maps and flow. Should only be used with the latest version of GZDoom and DOOM2.WAD. Higher resolution is best. Difficulty for the most part only determines the monster numbers. Easy is almost HMP, while Medium is about UV. Hard hasn’t been tested enough for recommendation, but if you want a challenge feel free to try. Enjoy. Currently available as a separate download. EP1 https://www.dropbox.com/s/460oyh4m1v7orce/EPISODE1.7z?dl=0 EP2 https://www.dropbox.com/s/fxtw4n8u6t0v33q/EPISODE2.7z?dl=0 EP3 https://www.dropbox.com/s/h76n1gr84ypiscv/EPISODE3.7z?dl=0
  6. Help with my Hub!

    Doom2, but I am using both mapxx and exmx map names for sanity sake. Could that be part of the problem? I think i do see some strange problem on MAPINFO. I plan to test it out more tonight thanks.
  7. Help with my Hub!

    Do you know how Quake 1 works? If not I am making this... -----> MAP01 ---> E1M1, ect, and back to MAP00 MAP00 -----> MAP02 ---> E2M1, ect, and back to MAP00 ------>MAP03 ---> E3M1, ect, and back to MAP00 ect Seems pretty simple right? However things are not working when I either ACS teleport to a new map or do it as Linedeft 74. (FYI I can't teleport to ExMx Maps) It either skips the MAP levels and goes into ExMx, or it just decides to work... I need the MAPxx to have a intro txt on the intermission. I have spent several hours trying to get this to work - and even changed level numbers but I dont know why lindef 74 action doesn't work. I have attached my sample wad. Thanks. HUBTEST.7z
  8. So I put in the Heretic Pods and they work fine. However, the ones spawned by the generator do not have a death sound. Is there something I am missing?
  9. Not really a editing question, but I am in search of textures that represent Metal and Flesh. Skintek is a great example but I need more stuff. Any suggestions?
  10. Adding additional textures

    Well I been using Photoshop a lot for making new stuff. I can pretty much make a new monster variant in minutes. Far more useful then the recolor tool in slade. So I can just double click the texture1 file and export it out? I did that but I dont see where it went. I am just trying BIGDOOR1 as a example in the iwad. Under the wad itself it only has it just Door2_1
  11. Adding additional textures

    So I am having some issues adding more textures into my wad. Most of the time, I can just use TX_start/end, but a lot of the packs us PP_START/END and have a Texture1 and Pnames file with them. Therefore a lot of the textures come as pieces to a greater whole and therefor I have a lot more difficulty. 1. So how would I combine multiple patch texture whatevers into one wad? 2. How do I extract a FULL texture that is made up of patches from a wad or even a iwad like Doom.wad? I have been using adobe to "patch" them manually but with dozens, if not hundreds of textures that will take a lot of time. Thanks.
  12. What should Doom 5?'s Final Boss be?

    Either the current "Lord" of whatever age hell is in or a resurrected Titan. As for Doom Timeline, I always felt that Classic and 64 take places in a different multiverse, where as Doom 3 and Doom (2016) take place is another.
  13. Post your Doom textures!

    Decided to Spice up the TITEPIC from Classic Doom. Just colorized the demons/players and added a couple monsters. Going to use this for my MegaWad. I have the first 2 episodes beta read, 3rd is 70% done, 4th and 5th are about 5% done.
  14. Crusing Ceilings. What is the best way to make crushing ceiling stop .. then raise back to default? Otherwise the player will not be able to pass through them if they stop too low. Thanks.
  15. Before I start doing it, can I use ANIMDEF for a Interpic, Titlepic, ect? Or does that only work for in game textures/flats?