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  1. 6 weeks = ending November 7th. Not sure why it says the 29th. One of them must be wrong and/or they have something special in store DLC wise.
  2. It doesn't have a name yet. I posted it as 3 separate episodes called "Phobos Echoes" in one of the "I want to play your wads" threads. I can't remember which one. But my mega wad has changed quit a lot since then.
  3. My wad has over 30 custom monsters in it. Some made by me, others come from other user wads, iwads, and monster databases. Can't stop myself.
  4. Well i already broke the rules. I guess I could just change a pixel or two and call it my own. Only issue now is the texture name which isn't protected anyways. But TBH: Ill never finish my 32 level megawad therefore it will never be submitted.
  5. I have never heard of issues using other textures from wads, esp between ultimate and Doom 2. Half of the mods outh there and half the stuff from realm667 would be illegal.
  6. Zemini

    Share Your Sprites!

    Awesome! Any plans to finish the set? I would totally put this these fiend demons into my wads. They would fit very well.
  7. Zemini

    How do you handle damaging floors?

    I have a entire rainbow of liquids in my megawad. Would you like to know more? 1. Black (Black water) - no damage 2. Brown (Grey water) - no damage 3. Blue (Fresh water) - no damage 4. Green (Nukage) - 5% damage, Mean Green Nukage - 10% damage 5. Yellow (Electric Pseudo Waste) - 10% damage 6. Orange (Acid) - 10% damage 7. Purple (Demonic mystery only found in the necropolis) - 10% damage 8. Red (Hell Blood) - 10% damage 9. Lava - 20% damage, Cracked Lava - 5% damage 10. White (Ice) - No damage, and no animation 11. Hell Ice (found only in frozen hell) - 20% damage, cracked Hell Ice - 5% damage Some samples below
  8. Zemini

    Battlemode Multi-Purpose Thread

    I play about a hour or so a day. I am getting better but still getting pretty much get instant deleted by the FNF players.
  9. 1. Doing some map making again but I have a problem with my Upgrade Stamina. Is there a way for it to only give me Maximum HP and NOT heal fully? Using GZDoom and if not can it be scripted or something? 2. How many monsters and textures can be added to a wad before you get slowdowns? What about levels? My wad is nearing 100 MB 3. Anyone have a STRBAR made with more keys and ammo types that can be used?
  10. Zemini

    The Ancient Gods - Trailer and Release Date

    Hell Guard would be awesome but I would look at some of the other concept arts of him. In Doom 2016 he looks like a WoW Golem.
  11. Zemini

    End of the Doom Slayer's arc?

    He meant end of the story arc that started with 2016. He said that there are more stories to tell and they havn't made the best doom game yet. So maybe we get DLC3 or a Doom 6 ... or both!
  12. Zemini

    The Ancient Gods - Trailer and Release Date

    DLC could be 3 - 5 levels. 5 levels would be huge. Potential campaign layout... 1. Oceanic UAC Base 2. Blood Swamps Part 1 (Hell) 3. Blood Swamps Part 2 (Wraith/Quake temple area) 4. Return to Urdak 5. Forest of Urdak
  13. Eternal is harder than Doom 2016 but 2016 becomes harder after you master Eternal. 2016 has a lot more random variables that can be impossible to predict. Just compare the imps and you will know what I mean.
  14. Zemini

    The Seraphim's Goals and Identity

    The Samuel from 2016 still doesn't line up too the Samuel from Eternal. Could just be a retconn. With that said, I was under the impression that the Khan was already in allegiance to hell long before the Slayer entered the Divinity machine. Whenever the alliance started, it happened after the Doomguy arrived.
  15. Zemini

    Notes from Doom Eternal Panel

    So based on information that we have, the roadmap seems to be: Very Soon: Series 5 Super Gores Nest Master Level and challenges Pretty Soon: Series 6 Ranked Battlemode and challenges DLC #1 Still Soon: Future series DLC #1 if it isn't during series 6 New Demon and perhaps new map(s) More master levels (HoE and Exultia are likely next) Coming Later: Next Year DLC #2 New Demon and perhaps more maps Invasion mode Additional Master levels Whether we get a DLC3 remains to be seen. What I want most is a Coop PvE mode based in MP maps or new arena's.