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  1. Zemini

    I'm Also Looking to Play and Record Your Maps

    Looks like I have my work cut out for me in the monster encounter department. My least favorite part about making maps is placing Things! Thanks for playing again. I am really worried about E1M6 ... the placement there is better, but it is kinda a "fuck you" level. When I first designed it, I always felt that Hell should be ... Hell but nobody likes to play a level that leaves a player frustrated and unhappy. Your going to love it! /sarcasm FYI my other hell levels E2M6 and E3M6 seems to be everyone's favorites.
  2. Do you want Linear levels like in classic or a Hub style like Hexen? Then there are games like Shadow Warrior 2 where you can go back and return to maps for side missions. Which is best for Coop? Or should the game just be singleplayer?
  3. Zemini

    I'm Also Looking to Play and Record Your Maps

    Most of my maps have a lot of optional content. Basically you are rewarded for exploring each nook in the map. The optional secrets are really important for continuous play. I assume you don't want to play this continuously? The game is more balanced around getting those HP ups (and weapons) from earlier levels. It will make the final level very hard since you are playing on difficulty 3. Thanks for playing. I do share that the biome domes are pretty much all the same and will brainstorm on a way to make them more unique.
  4. Zemini

    Doom 64 for Doom II - v1.1 out now!

    I just ripped the motherdemon out of the wad for my own megawad. Thanks!
  5. Zemini

    I'm Also Looking to Play and Record Your Maps

    There is a maximum health cap but I have set it high for now. I think I might also remove the hp bonus the orbs give you (brings you up to your soft cap) and just have it grant 10 health plus the bonus. HOwever I will have to remake the item in order to do that. Each level has 1-3 orbs in it. On average your maximum soft cap health by the end of a episode will be about 200. Perhaps 250 if you end up finding every one... which you wont first playthrough. Still needs to be balanced for Q1 style hub though. There are still secrets in the game. I am trying to figure out a way to add another set of categories (Kills, Items, Secrets) on the intermission screen. This has failed so I decided for now to just show the orbs since they are the most important. Most levels have about 4 additional secrets on average. Finding them usually means special keys, Soul spheres and/or getting better weapons earlier than normal. Special secret keys play a big part in the campaign.
  6. Zemini

    I'm Also Looking to Play and Record Your Maps

    Thanks for playing. FYI the maps are meant to be played as a campaign. YOu can try to "pistol start" each one but the later levels will prove to be very challenging on harder difficulties. You will need more health because of harder hitting monster variants. The guns are also placeholders. I can't make guns for the life of me. I am just sick of vanilla guns/monsters and needed new sounds and sprites. I might use the Doom 2016 weapon sprites and sounds in the future. In the early levels they are easier to find. Right now I have them placed for each episode but when the FULL 36 level wad is released and can be played like Quake, I will have to reexamine them. Otherwise base health will reach over 600...
  7. Zemini

    New Enemies?

    I bet we see a couple of the Doom 3 monsters or a couple lovecraftian variants of already established demons. If you look in the Doom Art book, you might get a clue on what to expect. There some leftover demons that never got implemented. My favorite is the Bruiser.
  8. I would like to see Phobos and Deimos as some sort of SP DLC.
  9. Zemini

    Your Doom 2016 Multiplayer Stats

    Trying to get slayer can actually be detrimental to your team at times esp in modes like Sector.
  10. Zemini

    I'm Also Looking to Play and Record Your Maps

    Does Drop Box work? https://www.dropbox.com/s/6ex9xn7a6zdf9wd/beta123.v.000.7z?dl=0 Some details: Requires GZDoom and Doom2.wad. The maps are balanced to where jumping isn't required. If you find a spot you shouldn't be able to jump to let me know. But I rarely use the jump key and haven't found many things that break the map. Don't use custom mods like Brutal Doom since it will break weapons and enemies. Each Episode is 6 levels. 5 Tech levels followed by a final Hell level. I would say each episode takes about 40-100 minutes each depending on how good you are. This wad only includes the first three Episodes - The Moon, Phobos and Deimos. Easy = Between Hey Not Too Rough and HMP Medium = About UV for the most part. Some parts are harder, esp the hell levels. Hard = Harder than UV, some Slaughter-lite mixed in. Vertigo seems to still think it was pretty easy, but as the map maker even I find it pretty hard ... and once again the Hell levels are a bitch. Health Orbs: Each give you 10 to maximum health. Find them! They will be very important for survival. I also placed them as the only secrets for right now. So your secret counter should be dependent on how many you find ... unless I bugged a thing or sector. Armor: All armor gives 50% reduction. Feel free to pick up every piece you see like armor shards. Weapons: You start with 3 guns and a worthless knife. MP5: Automatic machine gun good for zombies and weaker imp variants. M16: Semi Auto burst rifle, best for lost souls and sniping things form a large distance. It is 100% accurate. Shotgun, DBL Shotgun, Rocket Launcher, Plasma Rifle: Vanilla, unchanged. Heavy Machine Gun: Replaces the chaingun; very hard hitting and best used against larger monsters. BFG: Uses its own separate ammo, but otherwise vanilla. One final thing: Hell portals (big red stars) cause damage when used. I nerfed it to about 5-10 per trip but they can suck and some people who played my maps hate them, but some others love them. WIP obviously. EDIT: Fixed a bug, updated link.
  11. Zemini

    I'm Also Looking to Play and Record Your Maps

    I am pretty close to releasing the next version of my mega wad so I am posting here to bookmark myself. Vertigo has played through most of them and I taken several of his suggestions. Right now there are 18 maps broken up into three 6 level episodes. Eventually all 6 level episodes (36 maps) will be linked through a Quake 1 style hub with a final boss level. This Wad does include custom weapons/monsters and does not play well with mods such as BD and custom huds (since you can't see the keys) and requires GZDoom in order to operate. Episodes 4,5,6 and still being built and won't be released for testing until 2019.
  12. Zemini

    I hope i'm not the only one noticed this

    Well he was out of his armor for awhile so his skin may of regained some of its pigment. I wore a leg cast for 6 weeks and it was the whitest nastiest shit I have ever seen. Took about a week before it looked normal.
  13. Zemini

    What improvements over Doom 2016 are you expecting?

    I am pretty confident we will see the classic zombie bads in Doom Eternal. Story wise the game can't really use possessed SEC and Scientists unless we go to UAC Headquarters or travel off planet to a moon base.
  14. Why not! Lets gets a Phobos, Deimos, Final Doom and DOom 64 prequel made for Doom Eternal. The more the better!
  15. Zemini

    New Armour?

    Pretty much this. He loses his armor and abilities like poor Samus and has to start upgrading all over again. I am guessing he finds the Marine Armor early in the game.
  16. Zemini

    I hope i'm not the only one noticed this

    Well if you have been in a suit for thousands of years, I am pretty sure your skin would look albino.
  17. Is it just me or do Heretic liquid flats look like trash? They are not very seamless so is there some flats I can use for my mod that might of fixed this? thanks.
  18. Zemini

    We got the demons!

    I saw arachnotrons, pain elemental and archviles!! Barons also have been upgraded! And those worms might be maggots? Wonder what else they will be adding. I hope to see some of the D3 demons.
  19. Zemini

    Looking to play and record your maps

    Made some major updates to my megawad. Need something to do to pass the time before Doom Eternal.
  20. Zemini

    Enemies you don't want to return

    Hell Razer is pretty much a exact duplicate of the Possessed Soldier. I would vote for a major change for him. Probably would of been better to give teh Soldier a a real machine gun.
  21. Zemini

    Classic Maps

    And the sprite weapons and sounds? Where would it end? Might as well just play classic doom at the point. I would of rather seen a total conversion - or at the very least give us the tools in SnapMap.
  22. Zemini

    Enemies you don't want to return

    It doesn't need to be the same enemy if the Arch-Vile resurrects the dead, while the Summoner summons lower level demons and/or heals them. Maybe the Arch-Vile can summon summoners as well! I hope we get to battle that out. Don't take it away from me!
  23. Zemini

    Classic Maps

    Classic maps would of been better if they skinned the maps with actual Doom 2016 textures. Yes it would look blocky as hell, but it already looks more silly seeing Classic textures up again the new enemies.
  24. Check out the Doom Art book for possible new demons types. You got the Gremlin - which appears to be a 4 legged spider like enemy. Probably comes in hordes. The Hell Gaurd (Twins) demonic concept art is amazing. Really wish they stuck with this version instead of some boring Hell Golem that is fueled by a parasite. There is a pretty cool baron concept that screams Bruiser which is massive fanged face and arms arms with a hunched over posture.
  25. I think a combination of linear and hubs would work. Perhaps a central hub which breaks up into small linear campaigns kinda like Quake 1. I do really want randomized monsters for replayability. In Shadow Warrior 2 you have Elite and Superior monster variants. It even goes to having elemental effects which is very Diablo like. Such a feature would be best for a New Game plus mode honestly, but with it would work well when players need to go back to another level. The first play through should probably be static for the sake of New Monster introductions; which for some reason are far more remember able than most games. I think we all can recollect our first Pinky and Baron encounter! And when I mean random, I mean like very small chances of seeing really strong monsters early in the game if dice happen to roll that way.