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  1. Blasphemer discussion

    Funny. I felt like I was forgetting about something, Do we still have a list up of the things missing?
  2. Rework in FreeDM maps

    DM10 Considering it was a quick map made by somebody whom hasn't made a dm map before, I really didn't have too much of a clue on weapon and item placement initially.
  3. Rework in FreeDM maps

    I highly approve of this rework. Nice work!
  4. Rework in FreeDM maps

    Sure thing, Xin. Do what you like with dm10. I'm kinda wrapped up in College work again, so I actually ended up forgetting about the thing. ^^;
  5. Blasphemer discussion

    Err, Caco. Mind adjusting the offsets of the powered up "staff"? It seems a bit jarring for it to not be centered when you strike.
  6. CyberShade - Another Video

    Certainly one of my more favorite Doom engine mods, was support for this even added to Slade officially, or was a merge not done for that yet?
  7. DoomWare **Open Beta**

    This has certainly caught my eye. Looks like a lot of fun to play!
  8. Blasphemer discussion

    I remember that old Pinky that was like a blob monster. Dunno what that could fit over though.
  9. You could probably edited those a bit for some more techbase walls or etc, placing some wiring or so in that middle part if you cut it open.
  10. Is freedoom still being worked on?

    Unfortunately not. It's still vanilla.
  11. I'd go for shootable switches that lower down the head for a short bit of time, then it'll go back up.
  12. Rework in FreeDM maps

    Did the autobuild forgot to make a wad for them, or did it just not do one yet. The autobuild I just downloaded doesn't contain them yet.
  13. Rework in FreeDM maps

    Ehh. Never really saw the appeal of 50 shades of Greytall.
  14. What to do with SWATERx flats?

    Sorry. Misinformation on my end. Lack of sleep. ^^;
  15. Music should be MUS compatible

    Try FreeDoom.mid over shawn3 as it's a duplicate of shawn to my knowledge.