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  1. AxelMoon

    Blasphemer discussion

    Looks pretty nice! Gotta say I'm happy this is slowly coming together. I'm gonna have to look into making more sounds, midis and whatnot then!
  2. AxelMoon

    Verdant Hollow - a single map wad

    Gotta say, played this map and I'm loving the atmosphere, progression and the Vania music. Very atmospheric! Really enjoyed this one!
  3. AxelMoon

    Freedoom-ified Doom Alpha Content?

    There was definitely one that I found on here and enjoyed quite a bit. I keep it on my autoload actually. Same with some of the more proposed handdrawn weapons like that shotgun and plasma. I did enjoy those takes as well. But there's still a lot missing from the attic unfortunately.
  4. AxelMoon

    Cyber Griffin

    A nice little concept, though it's a little silly to crouch in air. However, that does open the idea of rotating the crouch sprites for a jump animation. Concept seems pretty nice so far however, I'm liking it! I'd definitely wan to fix jumping or moving onto platforms however, sometimes I managed to get myself stuck trying to get off of one to grab he Megaarmor. Not stuck inside per say, but having to fiddle around to try and get off of it. Definitely keep at it however, I'd like to see more of this.
  5. Warning: It's still in Beta, while it may work and recover a good chunk of files use at your own risk! It's not often I post on any forums like these, but I had requested some support from Christophe GRENIER to see if I could have some module formats that were missing to see if they could be added to his program for recovery because I had lot a lot of work due to one of those damn problems when a drive goes RAW format on you. I lost a TON of work because of this and that infuriated me. The Drive was still accessible, and programs for recovery produced no results on the files I needed. Bummer! Then I noticed on PhotoRec/TestDisk's website that you can request support for things to be added, alright cool! So I exchanged a few emails with them here and there and back an forth and provided some source files for the MPTM tracker format. Support for that got added in beta 7.2! However, when I was preparing all of that I remembered that it didn't pick up any of my wad/pk3/pk7 files and within a few emails and test files provided, there is now support for recovery for all of these filetypes now. TestDisk/PhotoRec's website Wad files will recover as wad files obviously PK3 files will recover as .zip files PK7 files will recover as .7z files respectively The only issues with it currently are that it won't preserve the filename of the files, so you'd have to manually start searching through folders when you're recovering the file you're missing specifically. Filenames will recover in patterns like f110606104.wad or the such, so you definitely have to do a little bit of digging. However it's nice to know that you cna finally recover your stuff that you believe may have been lost for some time and save your bacon a bit. Just remember however that it's still in beta and not listed on the known filetypes yet for wads files on the wiki yet. It is however in 7.2 listed under "Doom" for the filetypes you wish to recover with the program. It's just a little something I wanted the community to know in the case someone's lost a ton of work and been franticly searching for it (or may have given up a search on something older and feel there's maybe still a smidgen of a chance to get it back. Note: Despite it's name, PhotoRec recovers way more than just photos. It's name doesn't really explain that too well, I know.
  6. AxelMoon

    Blasphemer discussion

    I should probably re-do or make newer sounds for some of the lower quality crap I've thrown in for placeholders honestly.
  7. Gotta say, this is some quality work so far, Wereknight. Well done! I'm certainly surprised to see this still truckin'
  8. AxelMoon

    Blasphemer discussion

    Hot damn, those are pretty interesting!
  9. AxelMoon

    Blasphemer discussion

    It's laid quite dormant. But I have been in the process of attempting of making some midis for the project. I just haven't gotten around to truly submit them if anything. Still needs some tuning up.
  10. AxelMoon

    Any Dsflame Ideas?

    The flamebringer voices were literally throwaways I edited that I was initially going to use somewhere else. It wouldn't make much sense at this point for em to stay, especially when the next "vile" doesn't even have a mouth. And an excuse to kick my own ass in-game. =P
  11. I really love that rifle over the pistol! It's a great looking replacement, and these assets you have going for the project is really quality looking stuff!
  12. I honestly love these! They're very unique!
  13. AxelMoon

    Raymoohawk's sprite edits

    They're sad to see new replacements are coming in, as they miss the older variants of the assets, from which the project was using for quite some time. Probably some of which, made the project known for what it was.
  14. AxelMoon

    Blasphemer discussion

    Funny. I felt like I was forgetting about something, Do we still have a list up of the things missing?
  15. AxelMoon

    Rework in FreeDM maps

    DM10 Considering it was a quick map made by somebody whom hasn't made a dm map before, I really didn't have too much of a clue on weapon and item placement initially.