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  1. Yea like Dragonfly said, mapping takes place over the course of 2 hours each session. The person running that particular session will drop the resource pack at the top of the hour and everyone has 15 minutes to browse it to see if anything sparks their imagination, then the person running will drop the map themes/constraints and mapping starts. There is an extra 15 minutes after the 2 hours of mapping that is intended for testing and bugfixing, but some folks do that all throughout the session and use that time to put finishing touches on the map instead. After that, though, mapping is over. Some folks stick around to test each other's maps after, but other than that, that's what you can expect from joining a session!
  2. Heh, yeah that was one of my favorite "special features" from this pack. Unfortunately they don't work right in Crispy Doom for some reason, though; the monsters don't seem to take any damage from it. Works in everything else I tested with though :) I was certainly hoping this would be a blast from the past for some folks :D
  3. Whenever we get The Abyss Community Project out the door we're a shoe-in for the Mordeth Award lol
  4. 13 years ago, my old community ran a contest to see who could make the worst maps imaginable... And today I'm proud to present the compilation. What's that you say? Why did it take 13 years? Honestly, because I didn't know how to do it back then. But also, it took me this long to fully recover from the monster that we all created. Also it's kind of funny this way lol So, without further ado... Information: IWAD: Doom II New Levels: 21 + 2 Gameplay: Single Player (each map is intended for pistol start) Engine Requirements: Limit Removing Tested With: GZDoom 4.5.0, PrBoom+ 2.6.2, Crispy Doom 5.11.1 Known Bugs: Yes Download Link: https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/megawads/tabcmc Map Details: MAP01: "TEH MOST EP1C M4PZORZ EVAH" by Aaronjw MAP02: "DAVE01" by Eponasoft MAP03: "Shafted by the Man" by Reaper978 MAP04: "Calooby" by Jickle MAP05: "stupidwad.wad" by Deathdealer MAP06: "illJoke" by Ilya Seletsky (as potnop) MAP07: "Station of the Darkness" by leilei MAP08: "Shitty" by Annunakitty (as Nomad) MAP09: "best wad ever from doomworld BBS!" by Walter Confalonieri MAP10: "THIS AINT WOS (and The Enidrill)" by Paul Corfiatis MAP11: "Hell Gate" by Nixot MAP12: "Darkwave17, TH3 L33T M4P" by Darkwave0000 MAP13: "1994!" by Travers Dunne MAP14: "666 DEMONS" by Mr Freeze MAP15: "The Labyrinth of DOOM" - Pavera MAP16: "Oops! I Did It Again" by DarckRedd MAP17: "I must win this contest, or u will be BFG'ed." by LogicDeLuxe MAP18: "Down's" by Fatal MAP19: "HELCANYN" by Insanitybringer MAP20: "AASHITTY" by Wills MAP21: "SUCKMAP" by Gifty Also included, separately, in the pack are the two disqualified maps, "The Room of Doom" by arrrgh and "The Big Crap Bag" by JustSomeMusicGuy. See the "extras" folder for those. Notes: Each map was intended to be pistol-started but some of them you may find nearly impossible to do so. "Down's," for example, requires using the chainsaw to blow up several barrels and... good luck with that. Darkwave0000's map was the contest winner! Congrats on being the worst! A full recap of the competition results can be found posted by bumblequin (as Newt) in the contest thread. JSMG's map was disqualified, and couldn't be included in the compilation, because it contains DECORATE features. It's still a lot of fun anyway! arrrgh's map was disqualified because while it *technically* has an exit and is *technically* possible to complete, it's impossible to do without crashing the game, so you have been warned. Great job doing a terrible job! A zip containing the original, individual submissions can be downloaded via the following Mediafire link: http://www.mediafire.com/?4rnqz2nkwkn By the way, sorry about Fatal's map name and description in the info file. I'm presenting it as-is for historical preservation, but I don't condone making fun of people with disabilities. I think he, 13 years later, would find it pretty unchill now himself. Screenshots: Changes for this Compilation: MAP03: The exit needed to be altered because it would not trigger in non-limit removing ports. MAP08: Several untagged sectors made completing this on anything other than ZDoom derivatives impossible. (I also changed how the lift in the Cacodemon pen works so it's repeatable. Hey, it was my map anyway.) MAP13: The switch behind the blue door triggered the secret exit, but apparently there's a whole other, unreachable, wing of the map behind this switch, but it doesn't appear to be reachable and there are no monsters in it. I just changed this exit switch to be a normal exit since we have no secret maps in this lol MAP14: The original wad had a ton of unused resources (heh), they have been removed for the compilation. (EDIT: I fucked up and miscredited MAP06. I've updated the post, and will work on updating the download. Sorry about that!)
  5. Personally, I prefer the ASS to maple story power levelling
  6. My spring semester starts the 24th so my body is ready
  7. Annunakitty

    Valve announces handheld system: Steam Deck

    Neat! Looks like it's using SteamOS to run some games natively, so it's not just a handheld SteamLink either. Color me interested!
  8. Annunakitty

    How do I make a site like doomkid's doomshack.org

    You're missing autoplay at full volume on the MIDI, but sadly that's actually quite difficult to accomplish anymore without some heavy duty scripting. (But not really sadly, because ouch)
  9. Annunakitty

    It Came to Me in a Dream!

    I just woke up from a dream where I was on a forum (pretty sure it was here) where folks were talking about a Community TC Project and I thought that sounded like a fun idea, although an undertaking. My vote for setting was Hugo's House of Horrors lol Have any of you ever had interesting ideas come to you in dreams, or even made them a reality?
  10. Annunakitty

    The oldest active Doom member

    If Grouchbag is still kickin, I'd wager she's one of the oldest if not THE oldest Doomer I remember seeing around, if not then a solemn F for respects you rad granny! [edit]Looks like she's goin by @Widow now, but yeah she was 61 in 2012 so she's definitely giving @GreyGhost a run for his money :)
  11. Annunakitty

    Welcome back Doomworld!

    Does this have anything to do with the failed login attempt emails I got? I'm not too worried about unauthorized access to my account because I don't use the same password anywhere else, but those emails were still spooky to get.
  12. Annunakitty

    What are you listening to?

    The last week I've been bingeing Leprous' discography. Every single album slaps.
  13. Annunakitty

    Favorite Half-Life Alien?

    Hedy/Lamarr is a reference to the radio engineer slash bombshell actress Hedy Lamarr: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hedy_Lamarr So undoubtedly She
  14. Annunakitty

    Gaming just isn't as fun anymore

    Would you consider seeing a counselor? Anhedonia, or the inability or difficulty to experience pleasure, is a textbook sign of depression. I've been there, and it's okay to ask for help! Saw this too, and yeah. My friend, please consider seeing someone. You don't have to be bottomed out and suicidal to be suffering from depression, and it's better to seek help sooner than later.