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  1. BombChel


    Hey y'all, I was wondering if any of you old timers still have a copy of DesktopDoom, the zDoom based screensaver? The old doomworld URL is just a blank page (probably a casualty of the great AtomicGamer shutdown), and any links I've found are eroded away by the sands of time. My gf and I are messing around with WinXP on an old laptop and want to do stupid things, and what better stupid thing is there than putting Doom everywhere?
  2. BombChel

    GitHub now run by Maoists

    Basically everything Linguica said. This thread is a trainwreck and white people are not being oppressed by focus on cultural diversity.
  3. BombChel

    Using Doom graphics/textures in a stream

    Bad publicity is good publicity. :P
  4. Y'all think I could get in trouble if I used, say, a Doom texture as a part of the layout for a stream overlay I'm working on? Specifically I want to make an overlay that looks like the Doom HUD, though I'm making my own stbar so basically I just want to use the greenbrick texture as an overall background (like if you decreased screen-size in game). I'm sure I can find an "open" texture that is similar, but using this one feels so right. ;~;
  5. BombChel

    Post a picture of yourself!

    She's hella pretty so I'll take that as a compliment. ^_^
  6. BombChel

    Post a picture of yourself!

    MFW thinking pure and innocent thoughts: Take care of yourself? You haven't posted any pics, I think that should be for the rest of us to decide. :P
  7. BombChel


    I'm a professional moderator for a game network which I cannot name. It's great/terrible. My day is filled with bestiality and scat porn. And then I have to go to work! *rimshot.wav* hey-o
  8. BombChel

    What will you leave behind?

    Friends and family, who will remember me with fondness until they themselves pass. I don't really have any desire to a lasting "legacy." I live in the now, and live my life with the aim to make myself and those around me happy.
  9. BombChel

    Movies you enjoyed, but nobody else did?

    I'm gonna say it: The Matrix Sequels. They were good dumb fun, and anyone who says they suck is a poopsicle. The main problem with Suckerpunch was that the whole things was basically about rape, and every scene was some kind of metaphor for it. Expository or not, it was still uncomfortable in a lot of ways. Definitely some great visuals, though, including the attractive ladies. I enjoyed it on the surface, but don't care for it any more than that (if that makes sense).
  10. You can't trademark most common words either, like when Sony had to settle with "blu" for Blu-Ray technology instead of the word "blue." Probably the same reason that the aforementioned coin-op arcade had to be named "Let'z Play". I imagine that Sony'd probably be denied "Let's Play" for that reason even if they manage to worm around the arcade's claim.
  11. Looks like Let'z Play is (was?) a Coin-Op arcade in Marietta, GA: https://trademarks.justia.com/859/36/lp-let-z-play-85936053.html https://www.dandb.com/businessdirectory/letzplayofamericallc-marietta-ga-37357965.html Nothing to do with the Youtube term.
  12. BombChel

    Are flamewars bad?

    This. I don't really understand what I ever got out of them, aside from the occasional gratification that "I won." I've since realized that crass adage comparing flame wars to 'special olympics' is pretty much spot on. Though Doomworld has matured pretty decently, elsewhere on the internet isn't as calm as the OP seems to imply. As a professional moderator I see a lot every day, and honestly I'd say it's worse now. Back in ye olde forum days the flame wars were generally ABOUT something and the insults were just ad hominems, but there was some kind of discussion underneith. NOW the kids just get together and "roast" each other, nothing more than hurling verbal abuse for no reason. I don't really get it. Mosty it's just pathetic. I have to admit that I've been around DW quite a bit longer than my register date might imply, and I've seen the community go through some rough patches, but overall I'd agree: It's a relatively mature, respectful community. The "elders" around here aren't anywhere near as insular as some other communities I've been to. Which is good, it's part of what has kept the Doom community thriving all these years.
  13. BombChel

    You MUST play this Quake map pack.

    Shit, I have to much to do later and am not going to do it because of this. Looks incredible
  14. BombChel

    Steam Winter Sales 2015 Damage Report

    I bought Quake (1) and Unreal Tournament because I never actually ever owned Q1 (got it from the library and the PAK files just kind of followed me since :P), and I lost my UT99 GOTY disk recently. :( Also, I bought the first Just Cause because I got the JC Collection from Humble Bundle but already had the second one, so I gave it to someone else and bought the first one by itself instead. Shrug. Was only a dollar. Considering that I keep my eyes peeled out on other sites for deals year-round, Steam's sales don't really catch me like they used to.
  15. BombChel

    Being Organized

    I only buy those so I can look at a new cute kitten each month.