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  1. Seidolon

    Repository Dump [temp mirror added]

    Here's a link to a zip containing 144 files I downloaded from R667 over the years: https://www.dropbox.com/s/30qeh9679k03pvj/R667.zip?dl=0
  2. Awesome feedback Lippeth! Very much appreciated! Hexen is a great game and it definitely deserves more user content, so I'm glad I can contribute!
  3. Thank you for the feedback and I'm glad you enjoy my content. You will be seeing more Hexen stuff from me in the future.
  4. It's my pleasure. Looking forward to hearing your feedback on my WADs!
  5. Afterlands is a 10 Level Single-Player Hub which is a sequel to Cyrgoth's Revenge. It is designed for GZDoom and Zandronum, and utilizes no new assets, meaning compatibility with any Hexen gameplay mod. While being Single-Player oriented, Afterlands can also be played in Co-op and Deathmatch modes, however due to the large map sizes, the latter is discouraged. Like in it's predecessors, there are numerous unmarked secrets throughout the span of the Hub, as well as two secret levels, one you can access early in the game, and another that is accessible towards the end of the WAD. DOWNLOAD: AFTLAND1.zip Credits: Level Design and Graphics: Seidolon Font used in Title Graphic: Ichor
  6. Seidolon

    HEXEN: Cyrgoth's Revenge - 8 Level Hub

    It's been long due, but I have finally got around to updating this to version 2. Download link updated in the OP. Changelog: - Added a hint message in the Liber Oscura room. - Cave door in the northwest area of the Veslund Mage Guild is now a stone door that is opened from the southeast area of the map. - Added portal sign for the Falgor Deadlands in Cyrgoth's Stronghold. - Added some more hint messages for finding the secret level. - Some other very minor changes. These changes should greatly reduce the confusion in solving the book puzzle in this wad. Thanks to all who gave feedback as well as my beta testers from the original release!
  7. Seidolon

    What's your favourite music type?

    I like stuff that scares crusty old religious people.
  8. Seidolon

    Hexen: Arcane Dungeons [RELEASE]

    There are no special key bindings for this mod. There are some options in the arcane dungeons options menu for you to check out. There are two commands that you can use in the console to cope with the limitations of the current dungeon generator. Those commands are in the OP. I do plan on adding more variety such as custom enemies, and more dungeon themes. I do plan on making my own rpg elements for this mod, which I agree would work very well with a dungeon generator. Instead of a score system, I was planning on adding intermittent boss levels and eventually a final level after a certain amount of dungeons completed. I don't believe he was taking any shots at you, but rather making a valid point that I can't please everyone. Once I change something, there will always be people who want it changed back to how it was before. I see how making chests breakable would be more practical, and I might consider making it a thing, but it would also make opening chests pointless, since everyone can just break it much faster to get the items, and it wouldn't be as immersive in my opinion.
  9. Seidolon

    HEXEN: Cyrgoth's Revenge - 8 Level Hub

    Ok, I was confused why some were having trouble with the Wyvern fight as the Fighter. I played through as all classes and never had trouble at that part. I use mouselook too, so maybe that makes things easier.
  10. Seidolon

    Hexen: Arcane Dungeons [RELEASE]

    Well that's too bad, because Neoworm sent me some sick chest models that I plan on using in this, and imo they look great. If you don't like conflicting graphical themes, then perhaps you shouldn't load an HD texture pack with a mod that uses custom assets. Not to sound rude or anything, but I don't think it's my job to limit my creative freedom with my mod because someone might load another person's mod with it.
  11. Seidolon

    Hexen: Arcane Dungeons [RELEASE]

    @ShadesMaster Nice. There is an option to invert the Y mouse movement for chests in the Arcane Dungeons options menu btw. @Doomenator I would disagree that sprites/voxels/models don't mix. To me they can each be used for certain things without spoiling the game.
  12. Seidolon

    Hexen: Arcane Dungeons [RELEASE]

    Thank you Neoworm. If you make an Iron Maiden opened sprite, you can it post here or message me. The falling skeleton isn't as important, and I would probably just make it spawn a sleeping corpse in front of it or put together a rough animation, but if you are interested in giving that a try, that would be very appreciated as well. You also have some 3D openable chests you say? That sounds very interesting. You can post it here or message me with it, either way works. Your help is very appreciated and credits will be given of course.
  13. Seidolon

    Hexen: Arcane Dungeons [RELEASE]

    Yeah some of the ideas you mentioned above are stuff I plan on adding. Breaking chests sounds kinda interesting. I'm sure I could make it work, but it would make opening chests pretty redundant, and I spent a good chunk of time coding that. Other than that, I like the breakable barrels idea, since there are plenty of those throughout. I had breakable barrels in Brutal Hexen RPG, so I could just reuse that code. I am also thinking about adding in the iron maiden decoration object from vanilla Hexen to spawn in randomly. It would be interesting if you could open them up, and a skeleton falls out with some items as well. I would have to make some opened sprites for it, unless someone else has some or is willing to make them. About mod compatibility, yes unfortunately Arcane Dungeons is not compatible with gameplay mods, and I do not plan on making it compatible. I want to make my own RPG elements for it such as leveling up, learning spells, etc. I also want to make an eventual end to it as well, rather than just being infinite dungeons of monsters. I might get rid of the key voxels, especially since those are just left over from my really old unreleased version of this. I want to keep the teleporter and ceiling grate voxels however. I could fix them up since the sides look ugly with no variation. If anyone has more ideas on how to make this more interesting, please let me know. Thank you!
  14. Seidolon

    HEXEN: Cyrgoth's Revenge - 8 Level Hub

    Ok thank you I somehow must've over looked that. There should be plenty of mana in that area. A few quietus strikes as the Wyvern passes close by should get the job done.
  15. Hexen: Arcane Dungeons is a set of randomly generating levels, designed for GZDoom and Zandronum. It was originally due for release over 3 1/2 years ago, but due to me being busy with high school and being less experienced with ACS, I was not able to make it into a releasable state. I have remade the dungeon generator over the past couple weeks, and it is much higher quality now. The original draft of this was inspired by Nash's Random Dungeon Generator on the ZDoom Forums. The object of the game is to progress and see how far you can get. You must collect three keys in each dungeon to be able to use the exit teleporter and progress further on. The keys can be found on the ground, inside item chests (press use to open), and can be dropped from enemies. Enemy count increases each level, while resources stay the same amount, requiring the player to be cautious later on, while saving artifacts early on as well. There currently isn't an end to the amount of levels you can progress through, and the enemy count will keep increasing until presumably there is no more room to spawn enemies (don't worry, the generator can handle this). In the first room of each dungeon, no enemies will spawn, preventing the player from getting cheaply massacred instantly. This mod is single player oriented, but also supports cooperative play. It is highly recommended that you use key sharing, to prevent getting softlocked if a player disconnects with one of the keys. Also make sure to enable "Clients send full button info" in the server, as you need it to open the chests and activate the teleporters. Hexen: Arcane Dungeons is not perfect, however, and due to this, I have provided the player with a couple tools to help them in the case of a game-breaking situation. These problems will most likely be remedied in Version 2. Here are a couple console commands you can enter in the provided circumstance: - pukename fixgenerate - In the case that the level generator stalls, and refuses to complete generating, you can enter the code to restart it. - pukename escapedungeon- In the (unlikely) case that an incompletable level is generated, you can enter the code to finish the level. Just be sure that the level is actually unbeatable, since those keys can be tricky to find sometimes. There are 4 types of dungeons in total that you could find yourself in. Each one is a different environment which has a different type of special monster that spawns in addition to the common Ettins and Centaurs. - 1: Castle Dungeon. When playing in single-player this will always be the first level you start on. It contains dark brick-filled rooms and vats of lava in the floor. Here the special enemy you can encounter is the Afrit. - 2: Frozen Catacomb. This chilly catacomb is a frozen environment in which you can encounter pools of water and Wendigos as the special enemy. - 3: Ancient Labyrinth. Inside this lost labyrinth, you can expect to encounter many Chaos Serpents. - 4: Shadowy Crypt. In this monastery-like crypt, sometimes you will encounter pools of lava in the ground, but not all the time. Dark bishops are the natural inhabiants in this dungeon. Here is a gameplay video: Here's what the typical generated dungeon looks like: Screenshots: PLANNED FEATURES: - Add custom monsters/items. - Add locked chests, with keys that must be found or obtained from monsters. Not to replace normal chests. - Add a spawnable waypoint system for easier navigation. - Optimize the generator. - Add periodic "boss levels" after completing a certain amount of dungeons. - RPG elements. - Eventual conclusion/final level Hexen: Arcane Dungeons is not compatible with gameplay modifications, and most likely never will be. DOWNLOAD : ARCNDUNG.pk3 Edit: Bugfixed a problem with chests in Co-op not being usable after dying and respawning.