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  1. id.dav

    Doom Eternal mod support is a long term goal

    And before Doom 2016 release he said that snapmap is in no way a substitution for modding and those who want to dive deep into tech would have this opportunity via id studio I guess. Let's hope idtech7 isn't just for more geometry and texturing technics but also a modding wellcome tech)
  2. id.dav

    Reused Assets.

    Of course they are re-using stuff from Doom 4. Why not? There's a big difference between game asset and source material. Have you heard about ZBrush, MudBox? They could easely work upon already existing environmental stuff created for cancelled Doom. You can do anything you want with model in ZBrush, add more details and stuff then bake it in to 4K 8K textures and here you have modern day standart game asset.
  3. id.dav

    Further E3 Teaser Breakdown

    Great trailer analisys)
  4. id.dav

    We got the demons!

    Healing of stabbed enemies sounds really cool)) Never even thought about it...good guess)) Could be)) Well this trailer looks unbelieveably awesome.....it's just how I imagined cancelled Doom 4 before we knew the call of doom BS.
  5. id.dav

    Noclip Documentary: DOOM Resurrected

    Really? And isn't summoner's behavior the SAME? And that is why he is very fun to fight with.
  6. id.dav

    Noclip Documentary: DOOM Resurrected

    Well as we can see it wasn't scrapped completely..what we have today is actually what was already in call of doom version. But yes that teleporting imp is fucking awesome! How could they scrap that idea?
  7. id.dav

    Noclip Documentary: DOOM Resurrected

    I pretty much share your feelings.
  8. id.dav

    Noclip Documentary: DOOM Resurrected

    Damn that id tech 5 doom iteration looks interesting...I mean 3 sec of real gameplay. I still disagree with all this mars setting decision(((
  9. id.dav

    Update 5 details .

    How exactly it is determined that denuvo was removed? Could it be that modding tools will finally be announced)))
  10. id.dav

    Hell Followed DLC

    Fantastic sreenshots! Am I the only one here who thinks that those assets from possible SP expansion....those look tooo good, why to use it for Mp only....and those riuns....I'm sorry that could be an earth based map in some ruined city))) Holy shit....3d artists at id are some crazy dudes....they must be obssesed with devil for sure XD. Just look at those details and design....I'm crying)))
  11. id.dav

    SnapMap update

    I'm pretty positive they are still using radiant, like Rage does. The question still is - is it a map SDK only....cos Rage tool kit isn't - id studio is an ultimate tool set to mess around with game tech. What if I want to use the following as a SnapMap prop? It is a game resolution asset with normal maps, no diffuse yet....but I can easely drop it to Rage tool kit and build a map with it. The question is how to share it for SnapMap across platforms?
  12. id.dav

    SnapMap update

    What? Waiting? Waiting for what?
  13. id.dav

    SnapMap update

    Holy shit.....notice that textures are always properly fit according to shape, unlike radiant's brushes where you always need to adjust texture allignment!))))))
  14. id.dav

    SnapMap update

    Just checked! Well guys...now we have some serious mapping here. My congratulations to everybody! I'm not jocking....yes we still sitting withing a prefab, but it is night and day difference with what we had at launch....what I really want now is casting shadows from lights.
  15. id.dav

    SnapMap update

    Wait wait wait......I'm just so lazy to launch SnapMap.....but are you seriously talking about actuall texturing of brushes? I mean I can now put a texture from texture list to a surface?