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  1. Nothing to see here really. Rip Doom 4)
  2. id.dav

    DOOM 4 (Hell on Earth) Concept Art Findings

    Incredible stuff!!) Hi-tech and environments are awesome. But for me the best part of cancelled Doom 4 still remains objects turned into a skeletal-fleshy entity due to hell exposure)
  3. id.dav

    Original atmosphere is lost?

    Not only I 10000000% agreed, dlc 2 is a fucking abomination and should've never happened. DLC2 only proves that Hugo Martin MUST be removed from game direction once and for all, his authorities must be reduced to gameplay advisor only. I can't beleive there's such a HUUGE step in wrong direction compared not only to 16 but DE and dlc 1 as welll. Doom as a unique mystical experience is dead and we can all thank Hugo Martin for that, well done mate, well done!
  4. Yes I do, as game is a hostage of it's director now, who for some absolutely irrational reasons believe that Doom is a "power fantasy" - that's the core of the problem.
  5. id.dav

    What weapon would you retouch/replace?

    Agreed! Ballista and DE rocket launcher should gone! I'd accept gauss cannon with ballista's wide-slash shot though. I mean I'm against anything fantasy related..argent sword and etc. D16 weapon pack is perfect with its human created weapons and not some stupid looking rocket launcher with a skull.
  6. Thanks OP) Finally people started to realise things I was saying about right after DE release explaining why it is worse than 16 in almost every possible way! Better late than never)) I still beleive that the problem is Hugo Martin who is apparently took full control over game direction...don't get me wrong- he is a "nice guy", but I belive he thinks too much of himself and he is even listed as one of the story creators...really? A story director?...since when this guy became a lore expert in industry?? I beleive he is the reason game took this extremely stupid juvenile fantasy route in lore...absolutely hate it as this shit has no place in Doom! Artists should do scetches and let tallented sci-fi writers do the lore. And btw I'm not a fan of Blood swamps since I believe it is too generic in its "fantasy-medeival ruins kinda I've seen this million times before" aesthetics aproach. And where is a single blood pool in a Blood swamp area??? Holt, on the other hand, is defenately the best creation in dlc as it immanates evilness and disturbing vibe with atmospheric ambience and has one of the most amasing artistic design ever seen in games or films.
  7. Continue modding - shotgun and assault rifle damage slightly increased. Fists now deal damage, I set it to 35-45 - it takes 3 hits to stun a simple zombie, 4 or 5 to stun imp or soldier...it really compensates the ammo usage considering no chaisaw autorefill. Now I'm looking in to way of bringing back megasphere overdrive ability like in D16. Also this)):
  8. Already experimenting with simple modding. -Removed chainsaw autorefill -Shotgun ammo pickup increased to 10 as the ammo model shows 10 shells in it. Starting ammo count increased to 24 - upgrade gives +6. -Shotgun pop-rockets now cost 3 ammo. -Assault rifle ammo pickup reduced to 16 as the ammo model contains only 16 bullets. Starting ammo count increased to 80 - upgrade gives +25. Mods that I already use: -Nicer Loot Drops FX. -Gameplay overhaul. But it all needs testing, I like it so far...)
  9. id.dav

    Random Demon Campaign Mode

    I totally support random mode idea. It will breath new life into campaign for sure. It is actually what I was wondering after D16....why devs make a fixed spawn for all the areas throughout the game...it feels like an outdated design....of course random level layout would even be better.
  10. id.dav

    What do you want for DLC?

    More levels like Super Gore Nest, other things are great already, so anything ridiculous in terms of lore and locations will be fine))
  11. id.dav

    Favorite and disliked level

    And vote only proves that only SGoreN level in the game stands out of all...and is closer to D16 design than the rest of DE. And I have no idea why id chose a much more linear and boring aproach this time. As if D16 was highly critisized for its level design. Yes technically levels are bigger this time, but bigger in its linearity and not complexity. Level design is the most dissapointing aspect so far for me. Necravol was kind a let down, I expected something less generic from hell level. And the ascention in the second part was way less impressive than the one in Argent Tower. It seems they put so much work into visual variety that they forgot about really engoying level structure( And of course vusually only Urdak is trully outstanding, it is strange, alien and very atmospheric (espessially that big fucking great one in the water that scared the shit out of me)))
  12. id.dav

    Is anybody else seriously disappointed with Eternal?

    Guys! Guys! Do you remember Foundry - this amasing open-ended level wich can be easely marked as the masterpiece of modern level design. Do you remember Argent Facility with its complexity where different areas could be aproached from different directions? Do you remeber fantastic acsention in Argent tower? Or Kadingir Sanctum, Titan Realm, Necropolis - all of those had locked doors and keys to find. And now with all honesty tell me if you experienced anything like that in DE, exept probably the Super Gore Nest I think? I completed the game and it left me kind a wondering....how come that I bring, not a classic Doom, but D16 as an example of how to make things enjoyable?
  13. id.dav

    Doom Eternal mod support is a long term goal

    And before Doom 2016 release he said that snapmap is in no way a substitution for modding and those who want to dive deep into tech would have this opportunity via id studio I guess. Let's hope idtech7 isn't just for more geometry and texturing technics but also a modding wellcome tech)
  14. id.dav

    Reused Assets.

    Of course they are re-using stuff from Doom 4. Why not? There's a big difference between game asset and source material. Have you heard about ZBrush, MudBox? They could easely work upon already existing environmental stuff created for cancelled Doom. You can do anything you want with model in ZBrush, add more details and stuff then bake it in to 4K 8K textures and here you have modern day standart game asset.