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  1. TheWizard


    You just right click 'em and remove. Or click and drag 'em around.
  2. TheWizard

    What's your favorite chainsaw kill

    I like the berserker punch that makes them explode into giblets.
  3. TheWizard

    Haptic feedback in VR

    Even to just think the type of testing involved to even get to that point...
  4. TheWizard


    I will. IT'S SHOWTIME TALK TO THE HAND "hello world" YOU HAVE BEEN TERMINATED Github: https://github.com/lhartikk/ArnoldC
  5. TheWizard


    I remember finding an Arnold C where you code in Arnold one liners
  6. TheWizard

    Call of Doom ?

    I'd rather they don't make risky moves and release something because it seems "interesting". They should spend their time making a Doom sequel and focusing on Quake Champions. Call of Doom is not unique enough to appeal to the masses. It got scrapped because we're boredt of these kinds of games. Just being brutally honest. It's why Doom 16 actually became successful. Because it was unique. Think of all the people who never played Doom and picked up Doom 16, enjoyed it. You think they would have done the same to Call of Doom? I sure as hell doubt it. I'm sure Doom 16's success wasn't because it was a good Doom game. While yes it is a good Doom game, to most it's simply a good game. Let's be honest to ourselves here "a good Doom game" probably means absolutely nothing to all those gamers that never even played Doom. I truly believe if Doom 16 was released under a different name it still would have been successful. And if Call of Doom were to be released under a different name it wouldn't have been successful...because it looks boring.
  7. TheWizard

    Story telling elements Doom can excel at in the next game.

    It could be the one thing that truly breaks him down, starting with sadness and then followed by extreme anger and rage. He'll follow the hallucination out of desperation, leading him into shitty situations. It could be the demons fucking with his emotions as some sort of psychological attack. It's more brutal than physical torture.
  8. Which one is "Quad Damaged"? You mean Quad Machine? Or Audio Adrenaline from Q3?
  9. I love the original Doom soundtrack but Quake is my favorite series. Quake 2 and 3 have some of the best tracks I've ever heard in video games. But I'm not going to ignore Doom 2016. It's got some very memorable tracks that I know will instantly click into my head if I ever hear them several years from now, just like that little bit of Quake 2 music did to me. Maybe it's a subtle hint of what's to come for Quake Champions?
  10. I just watched the Doom live music performance. FUCK that was awesome, the Quake 2 track in there was really cool too! Thank you id software, and everyone involved. EDIT: You got the exact time where Marty mentions doomworld? I won't have time to watch the full 3 hours until Sunday (which I will do) EDIT 2: Found it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KsfK0jDwwT8
  11. TheWizard

    DOOM Nominated for The Game Awards.

    We're gonna win bigly! Drain the swamp!
  12. TheWizard

    How will id handle a Hell on Earth sequel?

    I would love to see a city like something out of The Fifth Element. Human wise, needs to have some sort of resistance going on, but most people are chained up, enslaved, tortured. It needs to be fucked up.
  13. TheWizard

    Dusk - Hexen + Quake + Doom

    What does that even mean
  14. TheWizard

    Why we must! (Wayne Barlowe ART)

    Great artwork, thanks! You might want to correct "threat" to be "thread" though. I got a good laugh, I was like "wow this is a very polite threat" XD
  15. TheWizard

    Ladies and Gentlemen... The Nintendo Switch.

    This, but remember, you're not a kid anymore. We as adults only have a little bit of time to play video games and that just happens to be when we're at home. Kids have a lot of time, with short attention spans