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  1. larrypotter

    The campaign is too long

    I have 22 hours clocked in(I die a lot) and I'm a bit further than you, but so far the campaign has been sick as hell. Every level is so creative and different than the other, there is a lot of variety of interesting arenas. I know I am close to the ending but I don't want it to end. I think there's a lot of value and great content in the game, totally worth the money.
  2. larrypotter

    The Little Things Thread

    I am really excited about that too. It was interesting that in one of the gameplay streams, maybe it was the Gamespot one, Marty Stratton said that first they made abstract levels out of gray boxes and then they played these and test them if they were fun, and finally the artists made them look like they make sense. Some people have complained that the level design is a little "boxy" but I think that's great because you can instantly detect which platforms or ledges you can climb and so forth.
  3. The art looks awesome and I love how much variety there is between all the locations/environments. I was one of the sceptics last year when I saw the first gameplay footage, but with each reveal, the game looks more awesome.
  4. larrypotter

    Lost Souls attack = kamikaze

    Where do you draw the line what subjects you can or can't make fun of and when you can make fun of them? People have freedom of speech and making fun about these kind of contemporary and sensitive subjects is what black comedy is about. If you make a joke about a past subject no one cares about then sure, nobody will be offended, but the joke wouldn't be funny anymore. And I'm personally libertarian politically, but I'd rather have a nationalist government in my country than get preached and censored by far left society.
  5. larrypotter

    Older Doomers Opinions

    This kind of old school game design is what I really miss when it comes to my childhood video games. It was cool to just explore maps, find random secrets or solve cryptic puzzles. I can't remember the last game that really captured that aspect of game design. New games have really made a step backwards in this regard. I remember when Hitman Absolution came out, one of the developers said that a big percentage of gamers won't play through the whole game. And that game was really streamlined. Does an average gamer really have that short of an attention span, so little time or too much other games to play?
  6. larrypotter

    What I think of the Beta.

    Maybe she is a woman in a man's body.
  7. larrypotter

    What I think of the Beta.

    Not having "pain sounds" is sad. It's just a small detail, I wonder why they didn't record any?
  8. larrypotter

    Does the game feel too "low-tech"?

    It doesn't feel too low tech to me. I think they completely nailed the setting of the game. These more industrial settings are cool, because you can have all sorts of traps like acid pools or lava in foundries.
  9. larrypotter

    DOOM - Fight Like Hell Cinematic Trailer

    Wow, this trailer was sick as hell. Even the music fit well imo in kind of an ironic way, though I think making it ridiculous or stupid on purpose wasn't the intention. In my opinion a trailer doesn't necessarily have to convey the atmosphere of the real game itself.
  10. larrypotter

    More artbook of DOOM screen shots .

    Wow, the hell concept looks good...
  11. larrypotter

    DOOM OST 10 second preview

    I listened this track yesterday, its awesome. I wish it was in the game.
  12. larrypotter

    DOOM OST 10 second preview

    Wikipedia says that industrial is a genre of electronic or experimental music. Yes you can make industrial without electronic instruments, but if you use electronic instruments, it's still industrial. Just like you can make pop music with electronic instruments or without them. Using one or another doesn't change a genre or make it hybrid, is what I meant, I was just nit picking. Sorry that I am getting a little off topic here.
  13. larrypotter

    DOOM OST 10 second preview

    Yeah, we have to play the game to see how good the levels are, but it looks like they got them right. I like that they are maze like and more abstract and also they look awesome visually. It's painful to see that they got so many things right but not the music.
  14. larrypotter

    DOOM OST 10 second preview

    Well yeah, but then You can say that about anything in Doom. "Let Doom evolve and be linear and with slow movement and cover mechanics like other modern shooters. Get with the times." I agree that Doom can't stay the same it was 22 years ago and it needs to evolve, but it shouldn't take steps backwards either.(The music is definitely a huge step backwards in this case). The way I see it, Id Software wants to capture the magic what made the first games great. The mistake with Doom 3 was exactly that it moved too far away from the originals and lost its identity.
  15. larrypotter

    DOOM OST 10 second preview

    No, it's industrial electronica djent with a dubstep influence. I mean, does this music have to be so, how to say it, "contemporary"? This dubstep/EDM/hipster fad will be over in a couple of years. On the other hand, original Doom music is a classic and timeless. That's a one reason why original Doom has aged so well. Also, isn't "industrial electronic hybrid" kind of a redundant genre? Industrial is already a subgenre of electronic.