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  1. Vorknkx

    Do you get lost in maps?

    Almost never. Let's put it this way - I can't remember the faces and names of more than half of my coworkers, but I remember the layout of every Doom level I've ever played with near-perfect clarity :P
  2. Vorknkx

    Cheapest Traps in the IWADS?

    My pick would be Doom 2 MAP21 - the yellow skull room. You know the one. Since someone mentioned Plutonia MAP11 - there are actually grey (metal) lines on the walls that denote where a door-opening linedef is. So it's not just wild guessing.
  3. I was thinking about this as I was looking over my DOOM archives... which game and what version is the one that you've played the most over the years? (This can be measured as total hours played or as number of years when you had this version and played it regularly.) For me, it would be Doom 1, v1.666 - the very definition of classic. It was my primary version of D1 for about 10 years, until I finally got The Ultimate Doom. Overall, I've played Doom 2 and Final Doom less than D1. Even today, when I feel super-nostalgic, I fire up the old 1.666 in DOSBox. This is what gives me the purest feel of DOOM :) What about you, fellow marines?
  4. Vorknkx

    Which game/version have you played the most?

    Mentioning a source port is not a problem at all - I didn't think about them at first because the DOS versions are still the ones I have (statistically) played the most (and I suppose the same is true for most of the older Doomers)... this could change after a few years, though ;) So if you are a part of the newer generation and have worked primarily with source ports - that's a perfectly acceptable answer too. In fact, it will give us a more precise picture.
  5. Vorknkx

    Which game/version have you played the most?

    I mostly meant the IWAD version (e.g. Doom 1.2, Doom II 1.7a, TNT 1.9, etc.). Though feel free to mention PWAD's as well, if you know for sure which one you've played the most.
  6. Vorknkx

    Take Your Pick

    TNT because it's not just a WAD... it's a magical journey towards eternal solitude. (don't be alarmed, thinking about TNT always gets me in a poetic mood)
  7. Vorknkx

    Final Doom Game Cover

    Great find! And not surprising at all, considering that most fans consider Event Horizon to be the real Doom movie :D
  8. Vorknkx

    2016 Goals

    Stop being so lazy and write more Doom-related stories. And some Quake-related ones too ;)
  9. I play only with the keyboard and I absolutely HATE the fact that source ports allow mouselook, jumping and crouching. In my book, this is heresy. HA! :D
  10. Vorknkx

    Doom 3 - inspired by AvP 2?

    A few years ago I got in the mood to try something new and I turned my sight towards the Aliens versus Predator franchise, more specifically - AvP 2 (developed by Monolith, released in 2001). As I played and explored the game, I started to notice a surprisingly large number of similarities with Doom 3. In fact, it alsmost seems as if D3 was heavily inspired by AvP 2 in many ways. Here are some of the greatest similarities: 1. Both games take place within a colony on a distant planet (Mars / LV-1201), ran by an immoral mega-coproration (UAC / Weyland-Yutani). 2. In both games, the colony is invaded by a hostile force (demons / xenomorphs) and its occupants are wiped out. Colony is damaged beyond any hope for salvage. 3. Both games have a space marine as the main protagonist (note: AvP also has a Predator and an Alien player character, though we could consider them "secondary" protagonists). 4. Both games feature a villain who is an evil/mad scientist with a German-sounding name (Dr. Betruger / Dr. Eisenberg). 4a. Also, both games feature a high-ranking military character, who turns evil and is fought at some point in the game (Sergeant Kelly / General Rykov). 5. In both games, the "evil scientist" is revealed as non-human in the ending (Betruger turns out to be a demon / Eisenberg is an android). 6. Both games rely heavily upon finding various bits of "intel" (e-mails, personal logs, memos, etc.) to fill in various story-related details. The difference is that D3 allows you to collect those (in your PDA), whereas in AvP 2 you can only read them on the spot. 7. Both games feature the ruins of an ancient civilisation on the planet, which are somehow related to the invading bad guys. In both games, the final battle takes place within or close to ancient ruins. 8. In both games there are numerous hints of immoral and/or illegal activities taking place within the colony (with or without the knowledge of the mega-corp). 9. In both games, the "evil scientist" is being investigated by company officials in the early stages of the plot (Betruger by Elliot Swann / Eisenberg by unnamed female Weyland-Yutani auditor). 10. In both games, scientists have performed research and/or experiments on the invaders (experiments on demons at Delta labs / xenomorph experiments at the Forward Observation Pods). 11. Both games end with one (or very few survivors) barely escaping alive, abandoning the colony to its fate... 12. The story of the expansion pack revolves around an ancient artifact that everyone wants to get their hands on (the Primitive / unnamed ancient artifact). I could probably name some more, but these are the one that come to my mind right now... if you've played AvP 2, you might have felt these similarities too.
  11. Vorknkx

    Doom. It runs doom.

    EDIT: Ugh, nevermind, I should learn to read other people's replies before posting my own :P
  12. Vorknkx

    A question about the Cyberdemon

    Doom has less differentiation between "regular" enemies and bosses than, for example, Wolf 3D, where certain bosses end the episode on being killed (regardless of circumstances), and all of them in general follow slightly different rules than regular enemies. It's all about the situation - you can put a Cuberdemon (or a Spider) in any level you wish, yet you have to keep in mind that their death causes certain effects (especially on E2M8, E3M8 and E4M8). Same goes for Baron of Hell. I think Quake is in the same situation, though there are a few special cases to consider, like the special function for killing the first boss (Chthon) being specifically hardcoded to work only on E1M7, or the final boss requiring a telefrag to kill.
  13. Vorknkx

    So, what exactly happened at the end of TNT?

    The entire TNT feels like this for me - bitter, melancholic, brooding, distant, introspective. Plutonia is a savage battle for survival, while TNT is more like a journey through the barren fields of your tortured soul. As far as I remember, TNT's story states that the UAC survived Hell on Earth and continued its operations (on Io), whereas in Plutonia, the UAC is pretty much gone and is re-founded under strict government control. That's why I consider them to be two alternative (and unrelated) storylines.
  14. Vorknkx

    How would you describe Doom's aesthetic?

    For me, Doom's abstract nature is one of its best aesthetic features - video games are meant to be a distraction from our trivial lives, and thus less realistic games could actually give us more fun. When I play games with more realistic environments, I start to feel bored pretty quickly. Doom, on the other hand, keeps my imagination stimulated and hungry for more. Regarding DOOM2 - we could see it as an anti-utopia of sorts. It does seem pretty rough and cold for a futuristic world. In fact, I talked about this subject in one of my fan fiction pieces: "Humanity had always had great expectation for the future – everyone eagerly waited for the time when clean and bright cities would replace the cold concrete and rusty metal of the past. Reality, as always, delivered a rude awakening – progress came at a cost. There seemed to be more backbreaking work and toil for everyone, regardless of all the marvelous technological advancements. The spaceport and all the amazing new factories surely looked pretty, yet there always were little muddy holes filled with filth and soot. Humanity had reached for the stars, and yet was still unable to escape from its dirty roots."
  15. Vorknkx

    So, what exactly happened at the end of TNT?

    I think it was deliberately made vague, in order to make the player wonder (and make his own interpretations). I, for one, think the Marine passed out (or perhaps even died) from exhaustion after the fight and was simply dreaming. ... By the way, I've always thought that Icarus was, in a way, the sequel to Evilution... probably because its plot also has something to do with a spaceship. And speaking of speaceships, I've often thought that the last levels of Evilution (25 - 30) take place aboard that demonic ship.
  16. Vorknkx

    Doom 2 as a single episode?

    History lesson mode: Enabled This is what the gaming market was like back in the day - you'd release a shareware game with episodes (e.g. Wolf 3D and Doom), and if it turned out to be successful, you'd also release a "commercial" game, which is not split into episodes (Spear of Destiny and Doom II, respectively). The Blake Stone series followed the same pattern - shareware first game (Aliens of Gold) and a commercial sequel (Planet Strike). The Doom Bible also describes the game as having six episodes and a commercial sequel.
  17. Vorknkx

    Doom Board Game

    While I've never seen the official Doom board game, back at elementary school my friends and I used to play an improvised version of a "Doom board game", which was mostly inspired by Monopoly. Of course, you don't get to buy ordinary sites in this game, but rather demonic places (slaughterhouses, evil temples, weapon factories, haunted tombs, etc.). It was fun :)
  18. Vorknkx

    Favourite and least favourite DOOM levels?

    Favorites -- D1/UD: E1M3 E1M4 E1M7 E2M2 E2M6 E3M3 E3M5 E3M6 E4M2 E4M7 E4M9 D2: MAP10 MAP13 MAP15 MAP16 MAP20 MAP27 MAP28 NRFTL: All of them! Especially the secret map. FD - TNT MAP03 MAP06 MAP10 MAP14 MAP16 MAP26 MAP31 FD - PE MAP05 MAP06 MAP08 MAP09 MAP11 MAP17 MAP22 MAP25 MAP26 MAP29 <--- a masterpiece! As for least favorite... some other time ;)
  19. Vorknkx

    Favourite IWAD Doom music tracks

    D1/UD - Suspence, Sinister, Untitled D2 - The Demon's Dead, Waiting for Romero to Play TNT - all of them :)
  20. Vorknkx

    Final Doom Title

    The back of the original Final Doom box says was "This is it. The end. The final chapter of the Doom series. (...) It's time to finish what you started", which makes me think it was meant to be the last Doom... but not the last Doom for all time, but rather the last of the Doom games based on this engine. And indeed it was. As for the "cartridges for weapons" thing - I suppose they intended the game box to look like an ammo crate. Reference: http://www.mobygames.com/game/final-doom/cover-art/gameCoverId,3966/
  21. Vorknkx

    Ways that official levels could be better?

    You have a point - my level tastes have also changed somewhat over time. The Abandoned Mines, for example, used to be one of my least favorite levels, but nowadays I have a newfound appreciation for it. Same goes for Tenements.
  22. Vorknkx

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Ha - that's Hocus Pocus, isn't it? I've played the original platformer but never imagined someone would try to make it into a real 3D thing. Looks awesome!
  23. Vorknkx

    People actually liked Plutonia?

    I like Plutonia exactly because it feels so tough and gritty. Like I always say - Final Doom has two sides - the light side (Evilution - cool level design and impressive architecture architecture) and the dark side (Plutonia - crude, dark, tough, unforgiving). Together they make something great :)
  24. Vorknkx

    Ways that official levels could be better?

    Mostly because of the bare stone walls all over the place. And the layout is somewhat confusing to me, though I'm not sure why. At any rate, I rarely enjoy my visits to this level. Downtown and Industrial Zone give me a lot more fun.
  25. Vorknkx

    Ways that official levels could be better?

    I liked Doom 2's maps... except for "The Inmost Dens", which irritates me for some reason.