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Everything posted by AwakeOnPhobos

  1. AwakeOnPhobos

    Cacowards 2021 Mentionation Thread

    I'll just give my +1 to the full version of Blade of Agony. It's probably the most impressive TC/standalone project I've ever seen and there's so much new stuff in it, it feels like it should count as a separate release from the 2016 one that already won a Cacoward.
  2. AwakeOnPhobos

    [Wolfenstein: Blade of Agony] Achievement Ideas? (p13)

    I was wondering about this as well. The Episode 1 release already got a Cacoward in 2016, but you could argue that not only are there two more episodes now, but the old maps have also seen a major overhaul, making it an almost completely different and improved mod.
  3. AwakeOnPhobos

    [Wolfenstein: Blade of Agony] Achievement Ideas? (p13)

    To get back on topic, I've just finished C1M3 saveless and it's been a while since a game made me sweat as much as when I had to repeatedly cross that central trench with all the hidden gun emplacements shooting at the player. Still enjoying the hell out of this, taking my time and exploring every nook and cranny. Definitely one of my favorite Doom-related releases of the recent past.
  4. AwakeOnPhobos

    [Wolfenstein: Blade of Agony] Achievement Ideas? (p13)

    So glad to see this completed and released! I'm only a little bit into the first proper level of the mod, but I can already tell this is going to be everything I hoped it would be. The attention to detail in the Allied HQ alone is mindboggling, the guns feel weighty and satisfying and it seems like there's going to be a ton of exploring to do. I've played all the (official) Wolfenstein games from 3D onwards, but this could turn out to be my favorite of them all. Congratulations on the release Tormentor & Realm667!
  5. AwakeOnPhobos

    New Wad - Attack on IO

    Played the first four maps of the wad so far and I'm very impressed. It looks great, it plays very smoothly and it challenges the player without going the full-scale slaughter route in every encounter. MAP03 is probably my favorite, but MAP04 definitely has the most fitting name: getting through that beginning sequence from a pistol start is not easy. Feels great once you do manage it, though. I had a blast playing through these and I'm very much looking forward to what the last map has to offer. Thank you for sharing your work with the community!
  6. AwakeOnPhobos

    Lullaby - Single level for GZDoom

    Easily one of the most beautiful maps I've ever seen. That twisted library section looks spectacular.
  7. AwakeOnPhobos

    Weapons and monsters in Mapwitch 2 - separate wad?

    Mapwich 2 uses Supercharge by @Tango. It should work with any wad that has vanilla monsters and weapons.
  8. AwakeOnPhobos

    Wads with a "Mirrors Edge" aesthetic?

    Assembly Line by @Regular Warren fits the bill I would say. It definitely has that grey concrete/colorful accents thing going on, similar to the last Mirror's Edge screenshot you posted. Beautiful map.
  9. AwakeOnPhobos

    Assembly Line 1.1 - A warm facility map

    This is a great debut map if I've ever seen one. The concrete/orange theme is such a memorable look and realized so well, I spent quite a bit of time just running around the arenas, gawking at the architecture. Absolutely stellar work on the visual aspect of this map. In terms of gameplay, I'd have to partially echo what @LVENdead said earlier: some of the encounters feel a bit too easy, because you can freely circle-strafe around the monsters a lot of the time. I feel like this is something the first Revenant/Arch-Vile arena (the one that gives you the backpack) did well to avoid, as the elevated viles will prevent you from just running circles around the revs and rocketing them to death. Definitely one of my favorite fights in the entire map. Neat idea to include jump-pads in some of the encounters as well, as that adds another layer to the combat. All in all, this was a visually stunning and gameplay-wise solid to great map. Not going to spoil anything about the ending obviously, but that was as unexpected as it was awesome. Again, for a debut release, this is incredible stuff. Thanks for sharing it with the community!
  10. AwakeOnPhobos


    I had the same issue earlier. You have to download the .pk3 version of OTEX from ukiro's website. Using the .wad from the /idgames archive will cause some textures not to show up.
  11. AwakeOnPhobos

    Deadtech (A Doom 2 community project - WIP)

    I didn't have this on my radar at all, but the screenshots in this thread look very promising, plus I love the "hell-infested techbase" theme. Looking forward to it!
  12. AwakeOnPhobos

    Cacowards 2021 Mentionation Thread

    Unhallowed by @CyanoBlugron Beautiful map with exactly the right balance of difficult but still doable gameplay. Released November 30th 2020, so I think it's eligible for the 2021 Cacowards.
  13. Absolutely awe-inspiring. The scale and ambition of this project is unbelievable and I couldn't be any more excited for it.
  14. I just noticed that the HUD is the exact same shape and design as that thing hanging from the ceiling in the hub map. Not sure if it has any significance beyond that, but that's a cool little detail!
  15. Everything about this is looking so ridiculously good, it's unbelievable. Just putting the hub map shots side by side with the starting point of E1M1 and thinking about how far Doom has come is awe-inspiring. Thank you to everyone involved in this project for proving that this game can still leave me speechless after 25 years of playing it.
  16. Literally went "holy shit" at the first screenshots, then just devolved into incoherent noise by the time I got to the bullet hell gif. Hats off to everyone involved in this project, you're doing incredible work.
  17. AwakeOnPhobos

    The Age of Hell: FPS game for GZDoom - DEMO OUT

    I really like how cold these screenshots feel, for lack of a better word. The grey brutalist architecture and ice blue highlights make for a unique combination. The new weapon looks absolutely badass, which should come as no surprise from the author of Hell-Forged. When you say "one of the new weapons", does that mean the entire arsenal is getting the Amuscaria treatment?
  18. AwakeOnPhobos

    [IDGAMES RELEASE] Alienated - 10 levels for GZDoom

    Just realized I mentioned this project in the Cacowards thread, but forgot to post in here. Echoing what other people have already said, this is a beautiful mapset with fun, balanced gameplay and using the AA textures to create some very striking visuals. Definitely one of my favorite releases in 2019!
  19. AwakeOnPhobos

    The Age of Hell: FPS game for GZDoom - DEMO OUT

    Looks like someone's been playing Control recently :D I was thinking that the architectural style of the Oldest House would be a perfect fit for Doom maps during my playthrough, and this screenshot certainly is proof positive of that. Great work as always, hype levels for this project keep going up and up.
  20. AwakeOnPhobos

    Cacowards 2019 Mentionation Thread

    + Alienated by Lorenz0 for its combination of gorgeous maps, underused Ancient Aliens texture set and just plain fun gameplay.
  21. AwakeOnPhobos

    The Age of Hell: FPS game for GZDoom - DEMO OUT

    That looks very different and like a definite upgrade over the old Map01 screenshots in the second post of this thread. Are you planning on reusing any ideas or architecture from the old maps when making the new ones?
  22. AwakeOnPhobos

    The Age of Hell: FPS game for GZDoom - DEMO OUT

    That is one sexy titlepic. The font reminds me of old MS-DOS adventure games for some reason, which is awesome. I've watched you work on this map and while the screenshots are impressive enough on their own, there's no way they can ever fully do it justice, considering all the crazy lighting/script wizardry you've shown off on stream.
  23. AwakeOnPhobos

    Cacowards 2019 Mentionation Thread

    Eviternity and OTEX have already been mentioned loads, and rightly so. They are both outstanding works and essentially what brought me back to Doom after a lengthy absence. Another release that absolutely floored me with the sheer scale and attention to detail in its levels is The Slaughter Spectrum by @Bridgeburner56.
  24. @Bridgeburner56 That's more or less what was happening, only the crowd wasn't very happy to be surfed D: Also, I forgot to mention this in my previous post: you were asking for bug reports on Erosion and on my first run, after I'd lifted the pillar blocking the exit portal with the yellow keycard, the level would not end no matter how many times I ran over the trigger lines. I tried it again just now, idclipping up onto the platform and giving myself the keycard and it worked without problems. Not sure if there's something later in the level that causes it to mess up or if I was just unlucky the first time. I'm on GZDoom 4.1.2 with a few mods like Nashgore and Smooth Weapons that shouldn't really interfere with this kind of thing.
  25. Just finished Collateral Damage, and of course it wouldn't be (partly) a Bridgeburner map without a monster count of 1600+ to greet you upon arrival. Great architecture and solid, difficult slaughter gameplay. The final arena almost gave me a heart attack, as I (kind of spoilerish if you haven't played the map yet) Good stuff!