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  1. hey Doomworld, it's been a while, huh? well i apologize for not updating yall but there's been alot going on.

    i cant remember if i said this or not but i moved in with a friend and his kid...trying to keep him happy (hes going through some potentially life changing stuff) and managing the kid is a full time j-o-b, and that's not even mentioning taking care of myself.

    over the past few months i havent been slacking, though!!

    ive been learning some new programming languages such as python, assembly, and acs

    ive taken time to make my drawings look better. special shoutout to the person who told me to work on shading, as my art looks 10x better now :)

    so ive kinda-sorta resumed work on re: hexen, but its mostly just drawing weapon concepts right now and seeing what sticks.

    as far as combat goes, it took me forever to think back to old school games like battletoads and double dragon to fix the issue of the attacks being too heavy or too light. im going to do alot of resarch on this still, but im suprisingly pleased with the way its shaping. im not sure but i may even make my own sprites, instead of borrowing enemy sprites.


    ...folks its been a hell of a few months. my friends kid drives me up the fucking wall, and i cant seem to find any peace from him. in any case, im actually moving in with another friend down the street, for some peace and quiet. ive spent a good deal of time playing nintendo games and trying to learn the secrets of good game design....

    and that is where i am. kind of a mess mentally, i guess im not ready for kids yet. ive lost so much of the past few months its not funny. my phone, my puppy, and so much more...but im going to keep moving forward, and eventually make it.in fact, looking back on my old posts, i feel like i was just making excuses not to work(that was not the case)


    sorry if this doesnt make sense to alot of people, ive just had so much stress i needed to let out lately, and i guess this is the only outlet..

    so thanks for listening, im gonna grind to get the next version of re hexen out, but just do me a favor and be patient, please, since i dont know when it will be.


  2. Hitscanning_scumbag

    What is the oldest piece of video game hardware that you own?

    I have an IBM model 55 ps/2 that I've been trying to get working. I think yall know what for *loads shotgun with intent*
  3. Hitscanning_scumbag

    Custom Weapon Problem in Slade 3 (Solved)

    That's awesome dude! I was actually gonna suggest sprite markers next lol
  4. Hitscanning_scumbag

    Custom Weapon Problem in Slade 3 (Solved)

    Is This is a. Wad file? Or a. Pk3? If it's a .pk3 file, make sure you include it in your decorate file. If it's a .wad file, try typing "give ballista" and see if it shows up on screen. If so, great! It works, and your probably just need to write it into a keyconf or something. If not, then the wad is not reading that weapon for some reason. (wad files tend to be more finicky than pk3s imo, I don't mess with them much) Another thing you could try, as I mentioned earlier is to write a keyconf for it and see if that helps. Edit: I can't see anything wrong with your code. In fact for a beginner it looks a lot cleaner than mine when I started, so cudos. :)
  5. Hitscanning_scumbag

    Proximity mines?

    You could try this: Give the player a dummy inventory item, (like "iamtheplayerdontblowmeup") And have the mine check if the player is nearby using a_jumpifinventory? Should work, but I've been having a lot of trouble with give and take inventory lately, so I can't tell you for sure 😒
  6. Today I'm remembering that sometimes if you want creativity, you gotta stop once in a while 😒

  7. Hitscanning_scumbag

    What's 1 quirky thing about the place you live?

    Me. No but seriously the most quirky thing that happens in New Mexico is that the wind blows.
  8. Mengos brutal doom + doom the way id did = one memorable evening for me. God I had fun. 

  9. Today is one of the those days where it's really hard to work and focus. I did meet a milestone though! Finally got the starting weapons about 90% finished. All that's left is to fix the animations so they're not as floaty. Which is where I'm getting stuck. If anyone knows anything or has any tutorials regarding? Please. 


    I've also been studying other mods to see what works but I just can't seem to wrap my head around this today. 


    Maybe I'll do some pixel art for the game. Idk

  10. Hitscanning_scumbag

    Interesting error - solved

    Okay I switched out the card and it runs fine now. Consider this thread solved
  11. Hitscanning_scumbag

    Interesting error - solved

    Hey doom world. I had an interesting error that thought maybe yall had an answer to. When playing noises for thief 2 in slade 3 it bluescreen my computer with an error that say memory dump. Does this mean the formats are incorrect? System specs: Windows 7 Amd athalon 64 2800+ 32 bit 1.50 gb ram 300gb hdd Nvidia GeForce 4 mx 440 with apg8x Engine: Lzdoom
  12. Got some time with deluxe paint in. And I'm pretty proud of the way this guy came out! Gonna do some experiments and see where this goes... 


  13. Hitscanning_scumbag


    Doom world just showed me "xdarkmasterx quoted you in a topic: 'PSCHYO'" and for a second my overly tired brain was like... What did I say?
  14. Hitscanning_scumbag

    What should be DOOMified next?

    Some of apogees old games might be cool, I. E: Halloween Harry aka alien carnage Monster bash Mystic towers Hocus pocus has already been done (albeit not as this forum means, but looks cool nonetheless) I'm sure there's more games I can think of but. I got a killer headache rn
  15. Hitscanning_scumbag


    How does one load a mod with prboom? Drag and drop? I'd love to try this.
  16. Hitscanning_scumbag

    Is Plutonia fair?

    Haha. I love the challenge it provides.
  17. Hitscanning_scumbag

    Is Plutonia fair?

    Weirdly enough, I think GO2IT is my favorite level in the entire wad.
  18. Hitscanning_scumbag

    Can i run it ?

    @Yourfacedotcom I love that name tag. Freaking sweet
  19. Hitscanning_scumbag

    Is Plutonia fair?

    It's mostly fair. But there's some areas where cacos and elementals Show up behind you while you're not looking? Or even that one spot in map 5, I think, Where the archviles come out to play while I'm on the run from two barons like really why. That doesn't require skill, it's just a nasty trap, which I'm not a fan of.
  20. Hitscanning_scumbag

    Post a picture of yourself!

    Here goes nothing. My most recent picture, from like a year ago
  21. I'm taking the day off work. Pretty sure I overexerted myself yesterday. 

  22. Hitscanning_scumbag

    God damn i hate playing this game with a controller

    Ugh. Thank God someone else thinks this too. Back when I had a capable pc I got all way to kadn--kagdn--- To hell, the first time, and had a blast playing! Even through a lot of frustrating deaths I enjoyed myself enough to keep Pushing on. *HOWEVER* I bought doom on the switch because it was that or skyrim, and I was not AND WILL Not pay 60$ us for a game that old ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING TODDTHESDA Rant aside, I cannot play it! On switch I'm not even close to where I was. I'm like... Level 2? And it took me weeks of intermittent playing to get there. I just got no patience for it. I think I know what the issue is. On higher sensitivities it doesn't increase the analog sensitivity, it has doom/guy/slayer turning AT EXACTLY THE SAME FREAKING SPEED and then waits like 2 seconds before warping 360 degrees in the blink of an eye, WHO DOES THIS YOU GODLESS HEATHENS Sorry for all the "yelling", but God I've been wanting to vent about this for a while.
  23. Found a nice program for quickly cutting sprite sheets called shoebox. It's Def gonna cut time for monsters and stuff

  24. Today was, hard... Like, really hard, work wise. I got next to nothing done, but I think tomorrow I'll do some promo stuff. The release will still be a little more time, but I have always aspired to make 90's style box art. 

    Just something Bout it always sung to me. 

  25. Hitscanning_scumbag

    DOOM Retro v3.6.1 (updated August 16, 2020)

    Loved this port! Particularly because it runs well on my dinosaur! (pentium 4 iyww) I wish more mod support, but other than that I love It! Only two ports run flawlessly on my machine, yours and eternity. So this ramble is my way of saying thanks