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  1. just posted a video on you tube and made me realize how long i've been quiet. sorry about that guys, i tend to focus and not say anything until its ready.


    but i have not been ready. i got sick of my computer, sick of nothing changing....


    anyway RE: Hexen is not dead. i know its been so long and i am sorry but i've not been working on it.  i've been working in general and today i am a manager!  so ill be working even more; but the love for game design is slowly coming back.

    I've decided i don't want my own company or anything like that i just want to make games in my free time.

    so with that said it may be a while longer yet before the next version of RE: Hexen is ready but it should include a lot of QOl updates and stuff I've wanted to do for a long time, as well as some notes I've made but haven't yet implemented.

    i also want to make a  map of cronos so everything can be a level where you can go back and forth where story permits.


    i wish i could tell you more, i really wish i could. but it would spoil all the cool ideas i have in mind.


    anyway sorry for being so quiet! ill try to speak up when i have something.

  2. Hitscanning_scumbag

    apogee - a doom 2 map

    Thanks for the feedback! In truth I wanted to make some different design choices that could work, but also turn the players head. I'll try to go with something more normal in the future.
  3. Hitscanning_scumbag

    apogee - a doom 2 map

    i welcome you all to try my first published doom map - Apogee! i spent a good amount of time trying to make it just perfect for yall,so i hope you enjoy! Q&A: why apogee? nor reason, just watching them on twitter a lot lately. how long did it take to make? roughly 3-4 days in all. custom textures, monsters...sounds? nope. all doom 2 assets. inspiration? i made the start as a way to test my doom skills but had trouble scaling it up proper, so i jsut made it as best as i could these questions seem stupid.... yeah probably, but it feels important to know... screenshots? https://photobucket.com/u/shutupkaren/a/aad6c4a5-34aa-441e-b7ea-849f5fbf1429 open to feedback/ critisism? im open to it! in fact its encouraged! apogee.wad.7z
  4. Hitscanning_scumbag

    apogee - a doom 2 map

    Project brutality really adds a certain dynamic to the level!
  5. Hitscanning_scumbag

    apogee - a doom 2 map

    Thanks mate! It is for gzdoom, untested on other ports...and jumping is allowed. I'll watch your videos after I finish typing
  6. I have this mod. I love it. Good work.
  7. Hitscanning_scumbag

    Post your Doom video! [but don't quote video]

    I've been playing doom the way id did.
  8. Hitscanning_scumbag

    new dehacked mod

    @nue its done
  9. Hitscanning_scumbag

    new dehacked mod

    hey guys. i made a small mod using Whacked That: - Speeds up some weapons by a tick or two -makes projectiles go faster -raises speed/aggressiveness of lost souls while cutting the health down - adds two pistols at start -adds the smooth chaingun frames -raises ammo carry capacity - and more! so i was playing vanilla doom the other night, and thought "i wish this shotgun fired just a hair faster" so i fixed it! realizing it removed the challenge, i upgraded the zombieman, demon, lost soul, and even the projectiles of the demons to make it more balanced. i found myself reasonably happy with it and thought you guys might too. bear in mind this is my first time with whacked, and there are some funny bugs im not sure how to fix, but ive done my best to make everything work and i will update this more in the future. criticism welcome. (ALSO! this is made for domo 1, and should run with any mod. you can run it with doom 2 if you like but i havent updated the armory/bestiary) Better weapons.zip Video:
  10. Hitscanning_scumbag

    new dehacked mod

    inb4 "wheres the screenshots?!" its mostly just regular doom sprites with one exception.
  11. Hitscanning_scumbag

    Re: Hexen Preview build released!

    Hey, thank you so much! Your input helps me go on, friend!
  12. Hitscanning_scumbag

    Re: Hexen Preview build released!

    Hey doomworld. Some of y'all may remember that a while ago i released a proof of concept build of Re:hexen. Well, I'm proud to announce, after a LOT of hard work I have created a preview build! Now nothing is set in stone but this helps get across more ideas in what i want to do. Download: https://hitscanning-scumbag.itch.io/re-hexen What is Re: Hexen? to start, for those who dont know, Hexen is a 90's FPS that ran on a modified version of the doom engine. Introducing many new features such as breakable glass, multiple classes and ACS Scripts. However, This game was not without it's faults. Centaurs Had shields that completely Halted game progress until they were dead, The Heresiarch Boss was a bit confusing, and no one knew where to go on the very second map, seven portals. It is here where Re: Hexen steps in. This Overhaul/gameplay mod Aims to fix many problems found within the world of hexen. To date I've added a new map, crisper sounds, And Special abilites for the different classes, which have also had thier height and speed altered accordingly. So why wait? The world of Kronos is brand new! New puzzles, New engagements, New Weapons! Download it today and try it for yourself!
  13. Hitscanning_scumbag

    Re: Hexen Preview build released!

    Link Has been fixed! sorry about the confusion, it's my first time uploading on itch.io
  14. Hitscanning_scumbag

    camera head shake - SOLVED

    I figured it out! using A_SETROLL Does the job quite well, for anyone wondering!
  15. Hitscanning_scumbag

    camera head shake - SOLVED

    hey all. im trying to make it so when the player is hit by a melee attack the players camera moves off to either side and quickly jumps back...anyone know how to do this? I've been looking on google and the forums for an answer( all ive found is using either ACS or set_pitch roll) and havent yet found one i fully understand so, maybe someone explain it to me?
  16. Hitscanning_scumbag

    Artists needed (Non paid)

    hey guys, i could really use some help with my project if anyone will. I've got a lot on my plate and i need someone to re-draw the centaur from Hexen for me with a bloody stump instead of a shield. i cant pay you right now so ill understand if no one offers. what you will get is credit in my game as a huge help with artwork. thank you in advance for your help, if you want the files i can send them to you, contact me here or at my email. Email: Shutupkaren@tutanota.com
  17. Hitscanning_scumbag

    Games that you love solely for what they could've been

    oh, all the b games. But especially isle of the dead. Love the potential in that one. honorable mentions: Corridor 7 witchaven Hidden object games with a story there are more but i cant really think right now im working on something
  18. Hitscanning_scumbag


    Welcome To Re Hexen. This is my game-play mod, This is the first "real" release (earlier i released one as proof of concept) ive added brand new weapons with alt-fires (slot one only) ive included a lore page for those who have never played, and added some neat features (mage has autofire, fighter can combo, etc) The entire goal of this project is to make hexen much more accessable to people who took issue with the original game for one reason or another. so, make sure to read the readme for details on what i plan to do, what changed, and where this is going in the long run. ive also included a list of know bugs so please let me know if you find any not listed. https://drive.google.com/file/d/13KkDHQSqEhQNvqmoM7uvwthprgmU9u2S/view?usp=sharing Gonna use the google drive link so i can post some screenies for yall ok seems it will only let me upload one. so...https://imgur.com/a/uPacmTU there's the rest of the screenshots. i think you'll like it.
  19. Hitscanning_scumbag

    help me with my project, please!

    Hey all. got a few questions here. If this contradicts any rules I promise i didn't know about it. and will edit my post accordingly given the chance. i'm not here to cause trouble. Question 1: i cant seem to remember how to extend the effective range of a melee weapon, how do? -SOLVED! question 2: when choosing a difficulty i want to make it look like halo, meaning the text shows up Somewhere around the picture,(See attachment for example.) I've seen this done somewhere but i can't remember where. i think it has something to do with sbar or mapinfo. question 3: I'm trying to craft a resident evil 4 style inventory system, but so far i cant even get the image to show up in the right place...can anyone point me to a proper tutorial? -Solved! Hopefully it goes without saying but I have searching for a while trying to find the answers listed here. idk if i typed something wrong? but i cant find anything on google. any help appreciated.
  20. Hitscanning_scumbag

    help me with my project, please!

    i haven't uploaded yet. and i kinda cant. im still working on this problem and it's a buggy mess rn.
  21. Hitscanning_scumbag

    help me with my project, please!

    Update - solved question 3: a user by the name of xeno on zdoom forums has uploaded a project with a drag and drop inventory. will be asking him for permission to use.
  22. Hitscanning_scumbag

    My reloading function for my weapon is broken...

    i don't know the answer to this but i may be able to point you in the right direction, my first piece of advice is check the doom wiki, specifically sbarinfo https://zdoom.org/wiki/SBARINFO *NOTE THAT IT IS DEPRECIATED. for anything that may be incomplete or missing, then download some mods like combined arms, hxrtc hud, or brutal hexen to help you get the right idea of where you may be going wrong. my theories: 1: id draw a picture and put the text in that, otherwise you will just have to use acs to display a hud message(https://zdoom.org/wiki/HudMessage) or something. 2: probably have to use a modifier in your weapons code (https://zdoom.org/wiki/A_WeaponReady) Specifically WRF_NOBOB Hope this helps.
  23. Hitscanning_scumbag

    help me with my project, please!

    well, it's alright. tbt i was kinda expecting a fight, but you seem nice enough so. ill leave a comment that may or may not help on your thread, but since this is my thread please keep it relevant.
  24. Hitscanning_scumbag

    help me with my project, please!

    i checked, i dont. but i mean hijacking someones thread, dude? and when my question is unanswered? there are other ways around that man. you can bump your post, edit it or re doing but hijacking it seems scummy dude, js
  25. Hitscanning_scumbag

    help me with my project, please!

    i dont understand are you asking me to solve your thread on my thread?