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Status Updates posted by Hitscanning_scumbag

  1. I finally got all my issues fixed with the map. I wanna add some more architecture and fix the light levels then I'll release it.

  2. earlier i posted about  a map i made, basically im getting weird errors for no reason.

    it worked fine earlier, i don't understand it... anyway it will be a bit inb4 i can upload. sorry.

  3. hey alL! Re: Hexen is not dead, just on hold.

    i made a mini mod you can play if you like

    sorry for the long silence! i forgot my password and doomworld locks you out after 3 attempts for a whole day!

  4. Hey guys once again it's been a while. Just wanted to let you know that I'm intermittently working on re hexen, as I'm working on a couple of games behind the scenes and want to use the experience gained to give y'all the best graphics and story, etc that I can.

    Sorry I've been quiet, been dealing with a lot of depression, if I'm being honest...

    Got another oc though! A 64 bit aio with 8 gb ram and an i5 CPU. Not top of the line but it is another computer in case mine craps the bed. Thank you all for your support the project is NOT dead and hopefully will see some returns soon.


  5. Just in case yall didnt know, i published a preview build of RE: Hexen!



    More to come, stay tuned.

  6. a while ago i was looking for a doom mod and the best i could describe it as was "smooth, an had a guy yelling YOOOOOOI!"


    Found that mod today, Naku Naru. Heavily recommend.

  7. Personal:

    okay, so. i really wanna map today but my computer is being a huge pest and, in short i cant map right now. ive tried spiriting, and while i did get some done, im just not feeling it right now. so, idk maybe sounds? bugs? 

    im just so tired. i shouldn't have to fight my computer to do what i want.

    i mean, i know its old at this point but this computers got an i5. for just running doom and map editors that should be more than plenty.

    sorry for the mini rant i just...it gives me honest-to-god headaches, that and the big sad is hitting me again, but i cant afford to stop working for now, its helping me keep stable and people are looking forward to it.


    Rehexen news:


    The game is coming along well! ive gotten two  maps completely finished, and im trying to work on the third, fourth, and fifth.

    many features are already implemented into the game and im hoping to have a demo out soon. the demo will include the first two sets of weapons and the first hub.

    progess has, obviously, been slow (see personal news) but steady. 

    if all goes well i can have a demo out within...maybe 2 weeks to a month? assuming things dont go like the did today,


  8. got the computer back up! i am working on re hexen in what spare time i can find. having alot of acs troubles though

  9. Unfortunate update y'all. I'm having some troubles with the computer I have the main source file of re hexen backed up on. And at this point, it looks like I will have to reformat. Now I do have a backup of rehexen but its not as current so...idk. I'll figure something out I guess.

  10. well. no hitters. guess ill have to scare up some money and hire someone on fiverr or something


  11. did alot of work on re hexen, now i just need someone to help me with art.

  12. i tried uploading this on twitter, but the compression was awful. working on inter-activesfor_twitter.gif.1a007ee55edb278eff762bb8a5f0492b.gif:

    1. Hitscanning_scumbag


      ah, tried fixing it but im getting alot of trouble. im sorry if it's a little small.

  13. just saw that high noon drifter uses it's own set of cheat strings and now i need to know how it's done lmao


  14. just made it 10 seconds on e1m1! whoo, yeah baby!

  15. still working on re hexen but had a setback when i showed my uncle my progress and it was not nearly as much as it seemed. gonna keep going, im just...struggling right now.

  16. yall i am making so much progress on this thing. the fighters fists are almost perfect, the clerics death sounds are exquisite, and ive even replaced some eniron sounds to make the game alot more tense!

    its still miles from being done, but im really enjoying well its coming along!

  17. Update: rpgm game done, just waiting on feedback before I post it anywhere.

    Life update: since covid 2.0 is hitting there is no chance ill be getting to canada probably anytime soon, so, ive pulled my computer out of storage and am back to work on re: Hexen! Special shoutout to @Mengo for his help with coding, because ive searched for a long time to find some stuff online, such as pressing a button to kick, or something, and could not find it. Without thier help, this genuinely would have been impossible.

  18. wow its been...3 months since the last update. sorry about that, i do mean to post more than i do.

    about re hexen. It's coming along well!

    old news is that it has voice acting for daedlon now, but new, good news is that i have a professional making the music! I'm very impressed with his stuff and i cant wait to hear what he has for the game.


    ok, so there is a bit of bad news if you don't follow me on twitter. 

    I am at a point in my life where i want to set down some roots somewhere, and I'm thinking Canada. 

     but, since I've been unemployed for the past three years i have no money, but i do have a roof over my head, for which i am exceedingly grateful. 

    anyway, because of the move I've had to put my computer in storage, and i am not able to work on re hexen as of now. but i may pull it out if I'm here for longer than i need to be.


    as of right now I'm working a RPG Maker game on my laptop. its got a lot of complex features like phone dialing, combination locks, and special puzzles.

    if anyone here has an interest in it, let me know by liking this status and ill upload a link in the comments. ill probably upload it in another post but it helps to know someone wants to see it. 


    anyway, I've gotta search for a proper ROTT source port...(i know, good luck right) so ill see yall soon.  i hope. god, i hope.

  19. ah, that's why my sounds were not working.

    The soundinfo Wiki Tells you to use sounds like this, at first:


    $Random Rocket_rev {Rev_Rock0 Rev_Rock1}

    Rev_Rock0 Rev_Rock0

    Rev_Rock1 Rev_Rock1


    And they do tell you the proper format:


    $Random Rev\Rocket {Rev_Rocket0 Rev_Rocket1}

    Rev_Rocket0 Mslfre0

    Rev_Rocket1 Mslfre1


    But my mistake was leaving half of that out.


    $Random Rev\Rocket {Rev_Rocket0 Rev_Rocket1}





    this gives the error "Unexpected end of file in sndinfo" if you're wondering.

    Thanks for the help, Combine_kegan and wildweasel!

  20. Having a lot of problems with with the mages jump info for some reason. i took out special characters, i shorted the names, and it's still not working. maybe for the player class it can only take one sound instead of two?


    Uh, ok, updates. 

    first of all, excited for autumn, which will be shortly in the states. It's been way too hot. 

    Regarding my game/mod: 

    Progress is slow but steady, i managed to get a couple of sounds working that were not working before. Sometimes it was a special character( i like to categorize my sounds as S_VSPIT "sounds_VenomSpit" for example) and i don't think Hexen likes that. that's a problem for me.

    as stated the mages jump is not working, I've gone online in the hopes that someone knows whats going on but. I find it hard to ask since most people are likely to point me toward the wiki page. 


    I've found some very choice sounds for the game, and that's why im trying so hard to incorporate them, along with the voice acting by the very talented Gianni Matragrano.


    The mod still needs a lot of work but the next update will include much better sounds and the next wave of weapons for each class. 


    to do:

    -Work on fighter intros and hits a little more

    -make sure all sounds are assigned properly and work well - the sounds alone should be one of the reasons why you want this mod.

    -fix the mage wand height

    -add voxels (Way down the line...ill need money for that)

    theres more but im gonna overwhelm myself if i try to figure this out right now. Alright, i took a break im getting back to work.

    1. Hitscanning_scumbag


      I solved the mage jump issue. Im not sure exactly what the difference is-

      $playeralias    Mplayer    male    *jump        MPJMP
      $playersound    Mplayer    male    *weaponlaugh    MP_wget


      So if you're like me you may be banging your head on the wall rn, but the answer is right in front of you, do you see it? how about a hint?





      replacing one of these with the other solves your problem. and the answer is...PlayerSound.

      I dont know why but this one stops the sound from running cold. I checked the wiki several times and several different forum threads before discovering this myself. i thought i would post it here in the hopes someone like me can figure it out

  21. Honestly so glad people are choosing ports other than gzdoom. Like yeah it's great in terms of mod support but there's such low vanilla compatibility even on strict and it mostly is just overhyped now imo. 

    Personally I think it was at its best when it was still 32 bit, but that's just me. 



  22. So the next version of re hexen is out. I don't claim it to be perfect but it's a much clearer vision of what I was going for. Things seem much better this time so, I'm pretty happy about that. 

  23. I want to say sorry for the silence, but it seems pointless as more silence is likely to follow. I've been working on reX and a project on the side that allows me to inventory a little clearer but am having limited success with. 


    I've been playing might and magic as well as dungeons and dragons, the crpg, to get a better idea of what the devs wanted for hexen. Alot of it is based on 2nd edition dnd if you didn't know 


    Might and magic is great. I've been having a blast playing through three, and figuring out the intracies of said game. 


    Regarding doom:

    Been playing it on chocolate for a while now.  I've been playing brutal doom vanilla, mostly for the shotgun, and even have been messing with whackED 2. 


    Hell revealed is a very fun mod to play through. Once you know where the demons are the waltz as you plow through them on higher and higher difficulties is so satisfying. 


    I suppose that's it from me for now.  Ive been waiting on my stimulus to afford more voice actors and improve my pc. 

    So uh, bye yall! For now... 

  24. oh yeah, i downloaded a modpack by @Doomkid and i gotta say, very well done.

    its a compilation of vanilla doom maps and utilities, including the hard find Simpsons doom.

    i am in love with the mod and gotta say thanks to he